Two-Step Intermediate Vol. 1

"Country 2-Step DVDs | Intermediate Lessons on Video (DVD)"

DVD Specs
Dance Instruction: Intermediate
Lesson Style: Country
Dance Video Focus: Two-Step
MSRP: $39.99
Spring Fling Sale: $20.00

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Product Description
  • Dazzling assortment of Country 2-Step moves for any social dance floor
  • One of the best intermediate country 2-step DVDs out there!
  • Simplified explanations of challenging key concepts
  • Fast & easy 2-step lessons that fit your schedule
  • Guided practice time to music with the instructor
  • Product Description

    Time to step it up a notch as you learn some of the fun and challenging combinations in Two-Step from Shawn Trautman, world-class dance instructor and author, with one of the best country 2-step DVDs out there, 2-Step for Intermediate Dancers Volume 1.

    Intermediate Moves included in this DVD are:two-step-lesson

    • Inside Turns
    • Open Releases
    • Basket & Reverse Wraps
    • Cross-Bow to Pretzel
    • Neck Loops
    • And more...

    2-Step for Intermediate Dancers Volume 1 is packed with over 90 minutes of easy to follow instruction in a “what you see is what you dance” format. More than just basics and the moves listed above, you’ll learn about connection points, proper hand placements, creating the lead, transitions and combining moves. To further enhance the instruction, a full breakdown of footwork for each move from both the leader and follower perspectives is given.

    Filmed and produced with Picture-In-Picture technology from multiple camera angles, you'll be impressed at how simple this intermediate DVD makes country 2-Step for you.

    Joanna's Take

    Since we've filmed this 2-Step series, I've paid better attention to what people are dancing on the country dance floor. Shawn practically breathes in a country 2-Step quick quick slow slow rhythm. This dance is as natural to him as putting on a casual button-down shirt, pair of jeans, and cowboy boots to leave the house. I've only seen a small handful of professional dancers on the country western circuit that socially dance this dance at the level that Shawn does. On 2-Step for Intermediate Dancers Volume 1, Shawn gives you some of his signature moves, material you wouldn't have thought possible in Two-Step. I can say with confidence that people will be noticing you Two-Step (in a very good way) after you've mastered these moves.

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    By: Rick H
    DVD: Two-Step Intermediate Vol. 1
    These country 2-step DVDs are the best on the market!

    I recommend these country 2-step DVDs to anyone because the teaching method used by Shawn Trautman are done in a way that are easy to understand and makes it easy for any beginner to understand but at the same time someone who already has experience can learn from the DVDs also. The DVDs are taught so well that I feel if a beginner looked at one of Shawn's more advanced videos they could even learn from that.

    Hopefully this review will help someone not waste hundreds of dollars like I did buying bad DVDs. I wish I would have had this information and I would have bought Shawn's videos first and I would not have wasted all that money on bad videos."

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