Two-Step for Beginners Volume 2

"Country 2-Step Video Lessons for Beginners (DVD)!"

DVD Specs
Dance Instruction: Beginner
Lesson Style: Country
Dance Video Focus: Two-Step
MSRP: $49.99
Spring Fling Sale: $20.00

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Product Description
  • Fun & easy Country 2-Step Video
  • Amazingly simple lessons that pick up where V1 left off
  • Several moves that are a "must" for social dancing
  • 2-Step Dance Instructions that get you moving
  • Access to dance hints & secrets of success at your fingertips
  • Put your boots back on and get ready to take on the town as you learn more moves on this Country 2-Step Video from Shawn Trautman, world-class dance instructor and author.

    This is 2-Step for Beginners Volume 2 and it's ready for anyone who already knows the basics taught in 2-Step Volume 1.

    2-Step Moves included in this DVD are:

    • Underarm Turns
    • Skater Torques
    • Outside Free Turns
    • Leader's Arm Loop
    • Side-to-Side Switches
    • And more...

    This country 2-Step video is packed with easy to follow dance instruction in a “what you see is what you dance” format. Designed for beginners who've never danced the Two-Step, this DVD series puts a strong focus on lead and follow dancing and learning the fundamentals.

    More than just basics and the moves. With this DVD you’ll learn about connection points, proper hand placements, creating the lead, transitions and combining moves.

    To further enhance the instruction, a full breakdown of footwork for each move from both the leader and follower perspectives is given.

    Filmed and produced with Picture-In-Picture technology from multiple camera angles, you'll be impressed at how simple this country 2-step video makes dancing for you.

    Customer Reviews
    Average Rating
    5(based on reviews)

    By: J. Sheffer
    DVD: Two-Step for Beginners Volume 2
    Can't beat it

    "My wife and I are new to ballroom dancing in the last year. We've taken some lessons, but found that we needed the extra help of videos that we can use on our own schedule in our home and we've tried a bunch of them.

    This DVD and the whole series of new videos from Shawn Trautman have been a godsend and much more useful to us than the others we've tried. We are actually doing the dances within a short time and having fun, rather than getting aggravated with one another.

    Trautman's emphasis on the differing roles of leader and follower and the very clear demonstrations of those roles have helped us enormously. These DVDs include much more music and time to practice the new steps than most videos, rather than just watching an instructor do a step and go to another step. We like this video a lot and strongly recommend it. On a side note, the logistics/timing of shipping and subsequent email communications with the company were, after many frustrations with other online outfits, the best we've seen."

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