Two-Step Moves & Patterns V7

Taking Your Two-Step to an Unprecedented New Level!

Dance Instruction: Intermediate
Lesson Style: Country
Dance Video Focus: Two-Step

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Product Overview

If you want to learn two-step moves that'll impress crowds, look no further than this impressive Two-Step DVD!

Learn Two-Step the way it was intended to be danced with Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 7. As you tackle and take ownership of the 3 patterns and unprecedented 16 plus moves during this exhilarating Two-Step dance lesson there will be no stopping you! If you've mastered Shawn Trautman's intermediate Moves & Patterns Volumes 1-6 and are still hungry for more, then there's no reason to stop here!

Be proud of what you've done and your ability to learn two-step (not everyone makes it this far). Sure, the complexity of the moves on this video goes up a bit, but it's still certainly manageable. The patterns are longer, but you're well-prepared. Don't sweat it! It's time to learn two-step moves that will turn heads on the dance floor and really get your partners smiling!

  • Great Way to Learn Two-Step
  • *16* Leadable Two-Step Moves
  • 3 All-New Patterns
  • Longer & More Complex Moves
  • Detailed Technique Secrets
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • More Effective and Less Cost over private lessons

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If you've mastered Shawn Trautman's intermediate Moves & Patterns Volumes 1-6 and are still hungry for more, (and who wouldn't be? You're just really getting good at this quick quick slow slow stuff, after all!) then don't stop!

The Hesitation is the name of the game for Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 7, but as you tackle and take ownership of the 3 patterns and unprecedented 16 plus moves during this exhilarating lesson, there will be no stopping you! Take pride in your accomplishment as longer patterns, more complex moves, and more detailed technique secrets are revealed in this latest intermediate Two Step dance lesson.

As always, Shawn and Nicole Frye give you several bonus moves after the 3 primary patterns are taught that incorporate moves from other volumes along with a few new tricks that take your 3 master patterns and make the possibilities endless… Even though the "Hesitation" is the name of the game, there is certainly no stopping great dancing here with Shawn Trautman's intermediate dance lessons on Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 7!

Shawn's Take

(This take is on the entire series of DVDs that help you Learn Two-Step, not just Volume 7). With a year on the market, we have heard the reviews on all of our new Two-Step DVDs and the feedback is AWESOME! We are certain that these videos are the best way to learn Two-Step, or to take your Two-Step dance lessons to a whole new level. Be sure to check out the Two-Step Moves & Patterns video collection (8 DVDs) before you buy just one!

Here's what excites me about them. Each of these two-step videos is a complete hour plus lesson in and of itself. The Two-Step Moves & Patterns series is built on a very structured lesson plan that allows for multiple levels of success, yet the sum of each lesson is greater than the individual lessons themselves. In other words, yes, you'll get some incredible two-Step patterns and moves throughout this series, but what you'll get that's even more powerful is the connection between all of them that will absolutely blow your mind. It's not just about learning new patterns, it's about a whole new way of thinking and dancing the two step to really make it enjoyable and easy to dance with anyone (assuming, of course, they know the basics).

This series is about connecting with people on multiple levels and really adding some depth to the two-step. A leader can fully expect to know how to get into and out of every single pattern with ease by the end of the series while being extremely well-versed on how to lead in an effective manner, not one that 'manhandles' someone. A follower can fully expect to understand her role in the two-step like never before and be ready for many different situations as well. Followers should be able to help break down any miscommunications with her partner to help them as well as a result of these lessons.

No joke, this material is awesome! I'm quite certain I'll be picking my own brain by watching these videos anytime I have to teach a two-step dance lesson in the future. Learn two-step from Shawn Trautman

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By: Jazuumba
DVD: Two-Step Moves & Patterns V7
On: April 6, 2013
Easy to master

"Moves and Patterns Vol 7--Trautman/Frye present a bounty of graceful and cool moves in this DVD. Guys will particularly enjoy the challenge they are given in this material with what my dance partner and I call the SHINY RED BALL move. Ever seen a little kid's reaction to some beautiful, bright, shiny object--big eyes, ooohhs and aaahhs? That is the look we get from people watching this move; and, quite frankly, sometimes it even wows us into staring and ooohhing!

As always, with Trautman's video instruction, the moves are presented in easy to master sections where the leads are broken down and presented in painstaking detail from multiple angles. You work the individual pieces at your own pace and then go back and add on the next section. And, the bonus section of this DVD is really packed. Trautman demonstrates how to link moves presented in earlier volumes of this DVD set onto the back end of SHINY RED BALL to create longer, more interesting, and customizable patterns. With the completion of this volume, my dance partner and I are beginning to really feel confident linking together our favorite moves. This is what we were looking for in an instructional package--the ability to create our own "art" within the dance."

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