May 2018 Coupon Codes & Promotions

Spring Fling Sale - now through May 15th.
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May 2018 Specials: From Cha-Cha to Line Dancing, select your favorite dances to start (Country Starter Pack, 2-Step Six Pack, West Coast Swing Mastery System, etc.) or choose from over 60 DVDs to create your own 6 DVD multi-pack! Each set is on sale now!

Build-Your-Own 6 Pack
Custom 6-Pack

Whatever your situation, we are certain that you can put together exactly what need with this Custom 6-Pack. We have a large number of presorted multi-packs here on, but only with this product can you choose any 6 DVDs we offer and pay one low price.

DVDs in this set:

    YOUR CHOICE! Choose any six of Shawn Trautman's Top Rated Dance Lesson DVDs