Two-Step Moves & Patterns V2

Wraps, Unwraps, Torque Turns, Underarm Turns & more - all on this one DVD!

Dance Instruction: Intermediate
Lesson Style: Country
Dance Video Focus: Two-Step

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Product Overview

From Wraps to Torque Turns, this Texas 2-Step
DVD is sure to make you the envy of any country dance floor!

This DVD continues Shawn's Two-Step Moves & Patterns Series with a solid ‘step’ into the world of intermediate progressive underarm turns & wrap/unwrap combinations.

Using his signature step-by-step instruction style, Shawn and Nicole will dance along with you as you master a wrap and release combination, and how to get into it from closed and two-hand hold positions.

Also, you'll learn how to exit from it back to closed dance position, how to add some style with a variety of exits and rhythm syncopations, & how to incorporate the underarm turns, torque turns, and wrap/unwrap combinations into your own personal social dance routine so the group of Moves and Patterns taught on this DVD join your Texas 2-Step repertoire in your long-term memory.

  • 3 Major Texas 2-Step Patterns
  • Variations of Wrap/Unwrap Combinations
  • Over 12 Cool Texas 2-Step Moves
  • 8 Essential Dance Techniques
  • 3 Bonus 'Challenge' Moves
  • Add STYLE w/ rhythm syncopations
  • Underarm & Torque turns
  • High Quality DVD

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Product Details

Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 2 presents three major intermediate Texas 2-Step patterns showcasing progressively more challenging variations of wrap and unwrap combinations. In typical Shawn Trautman style, while you are learning the 12+ moves that make up the patterns, you're also nearly effortlessly absorbing more than eight (8) essential dance and partner techniques on everything from hand positioning to turn execution for both the leader and the follower.

Hang on tight! Once you’re comfortable with the core of these Texas 2-Step lessons where Shawn and Nicole help you master the major intermediate Texas 2-Step patterns, Shawn throws in three bonus moves that are sure floor scorchers. All-in-all, Shawn Trautman's Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 2 is another smashing success, sure to make you the star of the dance floor, whether it's your living room or stadium sized honky-tonk deep in the heart of Texas!

Shawn's Take

This take is on the entire Two-Step Moves & Patterns series, not just Volume 2.

With a year on the market, we have heard the reviews on all of our new Two-Step DVDs and the feedback is AWESOME! We are certain that these videos are the best way to learn how to Two-Step, or to take your Two-Steppin skills to the next level. Be sure to check out the Two-Step Moves & Patterns video collection (8 DVDs) before you buy just one!

How to Texas 2-StepYes, you'll get some incredible patterns and moves throughout the series, but what you'll get that's even more powerful is...learn-Texas 2-Step

Here's what excites me about them. Each of these Texas 2-step videos is a complete hour plus lesson in and of itself. The 2-Step Moves & Patterns series is built on a very structured lesson plan that allows for multiple levels of success, yet the sum of each lesson is greater than the individual lessons themselves. In other words, yes, you'll get some incredible 2-Step patterns and moves throughout this series, but what you'll get that's even more powerful is the connection between all of them that will absolutely blow your mind. It's not just about learning new patterns, it's about a whole new way of thinking and dancing the two step to really make it enjoyable and easy to dance with anyone (assuming, of course, they know the basics).

This series is about connecting with people on multiple levels and really adding some depth to the 2-step. A leader can fully expect to know how to get into and out of every single pattern with ease by the end of the series while being extremely well-versed on how to lead in an effective manner, not one that 'manhandles' someone. A follower can fully expect to understand her role in the two-step like never before and be ready for many different situations as well. Followers should be able to help break down any miscommunications with her partner to help them as well as a result of these lessons.

No joke, this material is awesome! I'm quite certain I'll be picking my own brain by watching these videos anytime I have to teach Texas 2-step lessons in the future. Shawn Trautman's Texas 2-Step Dance Lessons

Customer Reviews
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5(based on 3 reviews)

By: Gary Lee
DVD: Two-Step Moves & Patterns V2
On: May 13, 2013
Nice Volume, Use the Tips & Tricks

Vol. 2 continues to build off Vol. 1., focusing on hand changes, special techniques for outside torque turns/ guy turn/ lady free turn/ wrap.

This is another of my favorite volumes because these moves are very popular in the country dance halls, which some guys do incorrectly. It's one thing to go through the motions on the dance floor, sure you can stumble through it on a dance floor, but it's quite another to hit the move with good hand placement, in step, with rhythm. Shawn and Nicole teach you key micro hand movements along with many tips that guys MUST do (and girls MUST learn what the guys are trying to do) in order for the moves to work properly.

You simply cannot pick up the subtle hand changes or hand placements by observing people on the dance floor because it all happens way too fast; the moves will be invisible to you. The instruction from Shawn and Nicole are superb, as usual! They breakdown these subtle moves piece by piece so you can perfect them.

Let me give you an example of what happens if you do NOT use the tips Shawn teaches in the video: When I practiced the sequence of dance moves (in Section 1 of the DVD, outside torque turn + 1 guy turn + lady free turn) over the weekend at my local country dance hall, the girls spun too fast, or too many times, or were confused. Why is that? Because "I" failed to execute the moves correctly! When I went back to the DVD to see what happened, I noticed I was not using the tips Shawn taught me! I needed to stop the girl from turning by using the little trick (for guys) Shawn taught in the video. That's why it's so important to use the tips Shawn/Nicole give you, otherwise you're just going through the basic motions. You should practice exactly what's in the DVDs, and go back to review to check if you've missed anything, often you'll see that extra tip you need to add into your moves.

By: Ronald A. Broadhurst
DVD: Two-Step Moves & Patterns V2
On: June 18, 2011
Shawn Trautman New Two-Step DVDs

Wow! I am really pleased with this latest set of Two-Step DVD videos from Shawn Trautman. I have several of his previous videos including the Basic Two-Step three DVD set. The first two DVDs of this intermediate level set that I have studied are just awesome. This second DVD in the series covers the cape and wrap patterns that will be the foundation for more patterns. The pattern moves are repeated several times and shown from different angles so that you can see all the subtleties of the different patterns presented. Then there are review and practice chapters on each DVD. And then there is a bonus chapter on each DVD with optional moves that can be added to the patterns presented before. I really feel that now I can go out on the dance floor and look like I know something about this dance. I am looking forward to the release of the remainder of this set of DVDs. I would highly recommend this new DVD set to anyone wanting to improve their Two-Step knowledge.

By: Lisbeth
DVD: Two-Step Moves & Patterns V2
On: July 11, 2011
Can't wait for the next Volume

In Volume 2 of Two-Step Moves & Patterns, Shawn breaks down wraps and turns that look complicated but within minutes you're dancing right along with him. Using my very basic knowledge of Two-Step, I was able to learn all the moves in a short time. Can't wait for the next Volume.

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