Wedding Party Pack: Latin (5 DVDs & FREE Shipping!)

Perfect Choice for those preparing for a Wedding or Event w/ Latin Music.

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Product Description

Add some red-hot dancing to your reception and save big with these top rated wedding dance lesson DVDs!

  • Fast & easy dance lessons perfect for latin themed weddings
  • Tips to make you look fantastic in front of others at the event
  • Great selection of slow dances & party dances including Salsa & Cha-Cha
  • Enough material to get brides, grooms, & guests dancing & having fun!
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The Wedding Party Pack, Latin Style includes the newly released Cha-Cha 101 & Salsa 101 to give you some great, upbeat dance styles to show off with at your event. In addition, you'll also get some great dances in Party Line Dances so you won't have to sit out when some of these classics are played (Electric Slide, Cotton Eyed Joe, Macarena, etc.). Last, you'll get a full tutorial on slow dancing with style as you go through the two volumes of Slow Dancing for Beginners. This is SO much more than standing & swaying - it's full professional lessons on everything from how to hold your partner to how to do dips & tricks and everything in between. If you're going to be dancing in front of others and there are cameras there, you don't want to overlook this set.

Dance Lesson Videos in this set
  • Party Line Dances
  • Salsa 101
  • Slow Dancing for Beginners Volume 1
  • Slow Dancing for Beginners Volume 2
  • Cha-Cha 101

Learn the basics of lead and follow dancing from a complete beginner’s perspective. Key features of the DVDs include multiple camera angles, picture-in-picture formatting, and practice time with music alongside the instructors for each step taught. Order this great collection of wedding dance lessons as a set today & save! If you're looking for the best wedding dance lesson DVDs on the market your are luck, you've just found them!

Customer Reviews
Average Rating
5(based on 8 reviews)

By: Janet S
DVD: Cha-Cha 101
On: January 16, 2013
I was spending a fortune on private lessons
"I came across Shawn's cha-cha video on Amazon and read the reviews. Because I had a multitude of questions, I called the directly to the company and spoke directly to Shawn. The conversation was a long one... he answered every one of my questions... and then some! Now I still take private lessons; but I come home and practice with Shawn. My instructor is amazed how fast I'm progressing now. He keeps asking me what I'm doing... I'm not giving him my ace in the hole."

By: Dave Gibson
DVD: Cha-Cha 101
On: December 29, 2011
Instruction is incredible
"This is a wonderful series from a truly talented dance professional. Instruction is incredible, quality and content of the DVDs are outstanding. If you have a passion to learn Cha-Cha, Salsa or Swing, for example, Mr. Trautman and his series is where you need to turn. I wholeheartedly endorse these instructional tapes. You will enjoy/have fun learning these incredible lessons. Customer service -outstanding!"

By: E. Newkirk
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: March 17, 2013
Shawn is a great instructor!
"This is a wonderful DVD for learning how to line dance. Coming from a person that has never line danced before, I was thrilled to get instructions from a "real" dancer who can convey the steps and practice all in one DVD. Shawn Trautman is a great instructor and coach for a variety of line dances. In addition to wanting to learn more line dances, practicing with this particular DVD has made me want to own all of his dance videos."

By: Matytilda
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: November 16, 2012
Basic and fun!
"Basic and fun! I work at a School for Children and Adults with Severe Disabilities. We are constantly looking for new dance steps for our PE class. I ordered the DVD for one of our staff. She is using it to learn and then teach the steps to the students. We feel the instruction is basic enough for our students and fun for the staff."

By: Tom Hino., Adelanto, CA
DVD: Slow Dancing for Beginners V.1
On: May 3, 2013
The breakdown of the steps is what I like the most!
"Always wished I could dance, never took the time to learn... missed a lot! Wish I'd started earlier, appreicate the quality and breakdown of your instruction. Was enjoying a dance class at our local college, but conflicted with my work schedule, and unlike your dvds I could not always say wait I need to see that again. I do wish you were local, you have an obvious love of dance, and it would be great to take a class from the two of you. Thanks. PS - The breakdown of the steps is what I liked most. Bought both the Slow Dancing for Beginners DVD and Dance Lessons 101."

By: T. Verboon
DVD: Slow Dancing Beginners V.2
On: October 27, 2011
Just right for us
"Just what we were looking for to prepare for our daughter's wedding. We haven't ever danced before. The style of the instruction works for us."

By: Teresa E
DVD: Salsa 101
On: August 29, 2012
easy to follow instructions
"Waiting for Volume 2! I loved the easy to follow instructions, that several steps were taught, and the moves were easy to perform on a crowded dance floor and still looked good."

By: Rigoberto C
DVD: Salsa 101
On: June 18, 2012
excellent for beginners
"Being possibly the only Cuban guy in the world who can't dance Salsa, I found this video to be excellent for beginners. The moves are taught very slowly to start off with and then repeated over and over again to give you a chance to learn them as you participate along with the video. Although I was already taking introductory Salsa lessons prior to purchasing the video, I found the video to be a great supplement because, let's face it, once you leave the dance studio and go back to your regular life you pretty much forget everything you learned."

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