West Coast Swing for Beginners V2

West Coast Swing Video: Dance Lessons & Instruction for Beginners

Dance Instruction: Beginner
Lesson Style: Ballroom, Country, Swing
Dance Video Focus: West Coast Swing

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Product Description Buckle your seatbelt! Several moves originating from the left side pass, several off the underarm pass, a few more to add on to your tuck turns, the two basic whip patterns, and a couple of fun bonus moves that you'll find only in the Shawn Trautman Dance Collection and much more are all taught in West Coast Swing for Beginners Volume 2.

This top rated West Coast Swing Video is for anyone comfortable with West Coast Swing basics and ready kick it up a notch! West Coast Swing for Beginners Volume 2 is professional, easy to follow, designed specifically for beginners and fun for anyone getting started with dance lessons who is ready to add a few more moves to their repertoire.

With amazingly clear instruction, multiple camera views, and beginner-friendly curriculum, Shawn and Joanna Trautman build your confidence and help get you moving on the dance floor. Filmed and presented with multiple camera angles and Picture-in-Picture technology, you'll be surprised at just how easily you learn with the right instruction. In addition to learning along with the instructors with split-screen formatting, you will also get to dance each dance with music alongside the instructors at the end of each section.

Customer Reviews
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4.5(based on 4 reviews)

By: D. Hood, Bella Vista, Arkansas
DVD: West Coast Swing for Beginners V2
Incredible West Coast Swing Lessons
"My wife and I attended a New Years Eve Dance two years ago and after watching some dancers, we were inspired to learn how to dance. After trying an expensive dance instructor who limited each dance session to one or two moves, we gave up and decided to look at dance DVDs on Amazon.com. After trying numerous DVD instructors, we discovered Shawn Trautman's DVDs had the best instructions and was the easiest to follow. West Coast Swing is a very difficult dance, but Shawn Trautman made it so easy that in very short time, we graduated from beginners to the intermediate dancers. Shawn and his wife, Joanna, are so thorough when giving the best complete explanation of each move. He also allows you to learn and practice each step before moving to the next step. You don't have to continually rewind and play over and over like so many other DVD instructors. Shawn and his wife explain and show in detail how each dance partner is to perform each step. Now, we are continually asked in various dance halls where did we learn how to dance? We wasted money buying many different DVDs by other instructors, which were very difficult to follow. He makes dancing so easy and it has become our favorite pastime. We feel so grateful that we bought Shawn's DVDs and have had lots of fun. Shawn Trautman videos prove to us that he is 'The very best West Coast Instructor'."

By: Radek, USMC
DVD: West Coast Swing for Beginners V2
Easy to Follow & Easy to Learn
"There are many reasons to recommend this product. What I liked best is that during the "practice" portion at the end, the screen did not go blank or have some pop up. The dance instructors still did the moves with you. They still counted it out, but they did so using more of a behind the scenes method. The instruction is based on the first DVD. If you already know and are comfortable with this type of dance, feel free to jump to the second. They did cover quite a bit in the first DVD that is still used here. A very good job. I enjoyed it quite a bit.."

By: Jane Ann Munroe, O. D., Brea, CA
DVD: West Coast Swing for Beginners V2
Comprehensive, Well-Organized, and User-Friendly!
"Other than dancing with my son at his wedding, I am a dancing "newbie"--so green that I was reluctant to go to a dance class! I have wanted to learn to dance for many years but never had a partner so I decided to take matters into my own hands and begin with DVD instruction. I made several unsuccessful phone calls with various suppliers until I happened upon Shawn Trautman's order department. An operator helped me personally select the first two DVD's to suit my needs and then long-story-short, I have purchased 12 DVD's to date. I received a personal email follow-up making sure that I had received the DVD's and that I was satisfied. Shawn Trautman's teaching style is comprehensive and clear allowing for plenty of practice time within the lesson. The DVD format has all chapters clearly labeled allowing for precise access to a desired spot in the lesson. He and his wife, Joanna, give the lessons with plenty of tips for men on how to lead effectively and for the women, how to follow responsively...also provided are the much-needed tips on how to look stylish and confident as you take your first steps on the dance floor. It's great for us who fit into the "fake it 'til you make it" category! I was cautioned by dancing friends to make sure the instruction I received was accurate as to avoid learning faulty technique. I have learned enough at home to Swing dance with several different partners and I have been complimented on my technique when I confess that I am a beginner. Thanks for the great product!"

By: R. Chisholm, Tampa, FL
DVD: West Coast Swing for Beginners V2
Swing to the Next Level!
"Vol 2 picked up right where Vol 1 left off. Before each lesson, a re-cap of the basic steps was provided and the new steps built upon the foundation that had already been set so we could move to the next level. The instructions were easy to follow and the modeling was beneficial for us to catch on to and keep up with. My husband and I are ready to go out dancing and show everyone our new moves. We could be contestants on Dance Fever (if it was still on the air). Great instructional video!"

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