Two-Step Advanced Volume 2

"4 New Patterns, 6 Advanced Concepts, & Over 20 New MOVES in this one DVD!"

DVD Specs
Dance Instruction: Advanced
Lesson Style: Country
Dance Video Focus: Two-Step
MSRP: $49.99
Monster Savings: $34.99

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Product Overview

The most advanced 2-Step Dance Video out there!

Here it is, Shawn Trautman's Advanced 2-Step Volume 2, where 2-Step truly comes to life. Check this one out and take a look at everything you can do once you've put all the pieces together. Is it as simple as it seems? Not even close! What you'll quickly learn, though, is just how simple it all seems once Shawn & Nicole break it all down for you. The intricate 2-Step moves that you'll get out of this dance video will be more than enough to make any and every dance from here out a positive experience. See more below...

  • High Quality 2-Step Dance Video
  • 4 New 2-Step Patterns
  • Over 22 MOVES!
  • 6 Advanced Concepts
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Great Exercise
  • Easy to Follow Format
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Product Details

This is Shawn Trautman's Two Step Advanced Volume 2, where every move is more than it appears at first glance.

Shawn and Nicole will take you step by step through a total of 4 patterns over the three sections as this lesson includes a version that combines all three patterns into a 'super pattern' for ultra-impressiveness. As you master the 22 plus moves you will be assimilating more than 6 advanced concepts and skills in footwork, hand changes, timing, and connection points.

Once you've moved past the main body of the lesson and completed your coached practice time, it's time to crank it up with more than 3 bonus moves that make some of the steps and moves from the main lesson really pop. Fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, and get ready for a complete departure from the ho-hum and the status quo with this complex, yet easy to follow 2-Step Dance Video!

Customer Reviews
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By: Ben D., Omaha, NB
Prduct: Shawn's Country Two-Stepping Series
Great Production Value!!

"I wanted to say that I really like the DVDs. I have gone thru 4 of the moves and patterns DVDs and also done one of the Advanced moves and patterns discs. I think the videos are done well and have a great production value! There are a few places to country dance out here in Omaha. And they play a lot of two-step and triple-step songs as well has have some simple dance lessons early in the evening. They also do line dances and Stationary cha-cha is always fun. I purchased these DVDs because I figured I could learn a lot of different moves on my own time for a decent price. I have also looked at private lessons but they cost anywhere from 35-50 dollars. Overall I like these patterns and think they will add a lot to my dancing palate! I hope that you will come out with more Advanced Two-Step Patterns DVD’s. I would also be interested in a Cha-Cha Patterns set! Thanks again."

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