Two-Step Moves & Patterns V6

"16 Brand-New Moves on this one DVD. Learn to Build Your Own Move Sequences!"

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Dance Instruction: Intermediate
Lesson Style: Country
Dance Video Focus: Two-Step
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Product Overview

This DVD takes 2-Step lessons to a whole to a New Level with 'Full-Length' patterns sure to impress the most seasoned 2-Steppers!

With over 16 moves and 3 'full-length' patterns, Shawn Trautman's latest 2-Step Lessons (Moves & Patterns Volume 6) are an unparalleled collection of dance material that has you “connecting the dots” and building move sequences in no time. With Moves & Patterns Volumes 1-5 under your belt, you’ve built a repertoire of moves, but the question becomes how to string them together.

With these 2-Step lessons, you'll not only master the steps, but you'll also focus in on movement connections and the flow of moves from one position to the next. These 2-Step Lessons on DVD are the easiest way to enhance your skills on the Country Dance floor.

  • Fascinating 2-Step Lessons
  • 3 FULL Length Patterns
  • 16 Awesome 2-Step Moves
  • Master Movement Connections
  • Fully grasp Lead & Follow cues
  • More effective & costs less over private lessons
  • Multiple camera angles
  • Great Exercise
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With over 16 moves and 3 'full-length' patterns, Shawn Trautman's 2-Step Lessons on this DVD are an absolute grab bag of cool material that every intermediate and advanced Two-Step dancer should have access to. This is 2-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 6 and it's set up perfectly for you to have success on the dance floor!

As you progress with your 2-Step lessons, you'll start accruing a bit of a repertoire of moves, but the question becomes how to string them together. This volume is where Shawn's underlying focus as you master steps, technique, moves and patterns is on movement connections and how one position flows into the next. This is the 2-Step lesson where you and your partner make huge steps toward understanding lead and follow cues as you master the material under Shawn and Nicole's tutelage.

As always during his country dance lessons, Shawn takes the time to give you valuable bonus material geared to take your newly acquired knowledge and honing it into artistry with a couple of options that will blow your socks off! Shawn's 2-Step Moves & Patterns has proved to be just as addictive as the others as you take your dancing from good to spectacular over the course of a lesson.

Shawn's Take

(This take is on the entire set of 2-Step Lessons (Moves & Patterns series), not just Volume 6. With a year on the market, we have heard the reviews on all of our new 2-Step lessons and the feedback is AWESOME! We are certain that these lessons are the best way to learn how to 2-Step, or to take your 2-Step skills to the next level. Be sure to check out the 2-Step Moves & Patterns video collection (8 DVDs) before you buy just one!

Here's what excites me about them. Each of these 2-step lessons is a complete hour plus video in and of itself. The 2-Step Moves & Patterns series is built on a very structured lesson plan that allows for multiple levels of success, yet the sum of each lesson is greater than the individual lessons themselves. In other words, yes, you'll get some incredible 2-Step patterns and moves throughout this series, but what you'll get that's even more powerful is the connection between all of them that will absolutely blow your mind. It's not just about learning new patterns, it's about a whole new way of thinking and dancing the two step to really make it enjoyable and easy to dance with anyone (assuming, of course, they know the basics).

This series is about connecting with people on multiple levels and really adding some depth to the 2-step. A leader can fully expect to know how to get into and out of every single pattern with ease by the end of the series while being extremely well-versed on how to lead in an effective manner, not one that 'manhandles' someone. A follower can fully expect to understand her role in the two-step like never before and be ready for many different situations as well. Followers should be able to help break down any miscommunications with her partner to help them as well as a result of these lessons.

No joke, this material is awesome! I'm quite certain I'll be picking my own brain by watching these videos anytime I have to teach a two-step lessons in the future. Shawn Trautman 2-Step Lessons

Customer Reviews
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5(based on 1 reviews)

By: Jazuumba
DVD: Two-Step Moves & Patterns V6
On: April 5, 2013

"WOW! The material in Trautman's video is really good stuff. Trautman/Frye present a series of moves with inside and outside turns starting out of the promenade position, working through torques and open releases, and eventually incorporate a windmill maneuver. When Frye, a national champion, pauses, looks at the camera, and says of the windmill maneuver, "it looks really fancy", you know you can take that to the bank! In his usual style, Trautman patiently walks you through the leads for each move, giving specific instructions for body/hand/foot positioning, which ultimately means you CAN lead this (guys), and follow this (gals) very successfully. On the back end of the video there is bonus material to challenge you. This material gives you an opportunity to come back, once you have the basic leads and steps down, to refine the moves in the pattern to produce an even more fluid and polished look.

I'm not saying that my dance partner and I picked it all up the first time through, but we worked diligently through the material, used the moves at our next country dance night, and had immediate and positive feedback from people who were there. To me, that is the ultimate endorsement."

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