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A Neat little story about cards

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Shawn Trautman Lessons - Life - Learning - Blogby SHAWN TRAUTMAN

Here’s a neat little story…

I watched, on-and-off, as my two eldest  girls spent nearly 20 hours hand writing Christmas wishes (on their hand-made Christmas cards) to all their friends and family who’ve helped support their business this last year.

They told me they were also going to send a “Thank You!” card for each recipient to give out to someone who did something special for them. 

Excellent idea, but a gamble from a business perspective.

I said to them that very few people will say anything in return, but it doesn’t mean they won’t notice or remember. I also said that if anyone mentions it online or purchases their cards it would be a huge plus for them (and a few people did, which was fantastic for them!!), but that you can’t send these out with expectations. 

They understood and wanted to invest their time and money anyway because they wanted to give back. 

“Go for it!” I said. 

And, one of the times when we were dropping the cards off at the post office I said “wouldn’t it be cool to get one of your own cards back in the mail?” 

Well, today, it happened!

We received a combination card to both Joanna & I as well as the girls and it was SOOO thoughtful (see pics). 


It was literally like we had opened a box of happiness as joy filled each of our faces when we read it and saw what had happened. Everyone here lit up!! 


So wonderful! It was exactly the kind of surprise we needed on a cold, dreary Saturday.



Okay… now, what kind of a dad would I be if I didn’t also shamelessly plug their store and business that they’re building to find all sorts of golf outings in 2021…

** If you want to send your own box of happiness in the form of a handmade thank-you card, please order some from them directly from their store:


** Next up is their Valentine’s cards – they’ll be ready in a couple of days. They’ll be selling them individually – perfect for your Valentine of choice! 


“A little love goes a long way!” 

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