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A problem worth solving

by | Nov 26, 2020 | Life Lessons & Leadership | 0 comments

Shawn Trautman - Problem Solver

“Now that’s a problem worth solving!”

Solving problems is how I spend most of my time so it’s no surprise that a picture like this (with my ‘analyze then solve’ face) surfaces.

And, it’s where I get the most satisfaction.

Truth is, we all have problems. Like, everyone (no exceptions).

Problems aren’t the problem. Solutions are.

How we solve problems today has everything to do with what problems we solve tomorrow.

If we take shortcuts, chances are we’ll get to repeat the same problem again.

If we solve it but don’t get it completely right we’ll get to redo it in time. Maybe not tomorrow, but definitely before too long.

If we get it right by doing a bit of ‘homework’, it has a lasting effect.

This applies to almost everything, too.

Dance lessons, parenting, home repairs, auto repairs, finances, learning, sports, plumbing, coaching, customer service, building businesses, politics, food, sickness etc.

You can’t avoid problems, but your approach to solving them shapes the life you’ll get to lead.

If you want to have interesting problems or what some call ‘good problems’, take the time to solve the little ‘every day’ ones.
Every time you solve one, you immediately have an increase in satisfaction. You start to build connections of hows and whys. You slowly piece together the world around you.

Once you get through those ‘every day’ hurdles you’ll be much better equipped for the next level.

If you always pass your problems over to someone else, you’re making your life way more difficult and you’re missing out on valuable skills & lessons that will help you in the future.

Be a problem solver and you’ll enjoy life more. You won’t have fewer problems, you’ll just have problems you’ll look forward to solving.


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