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Some people are gifted with the 'it' factor, and when it comes to dance & getting people dancing, Shawn not only has 'it', he literally wrote the book. Shawn's Secret Formula was built by incorporating pieces from a wide-variety of related activities. Drawing on experiences from his competitive dancing & coaching in country, ballroom, swing & west coast swing, his MBA, corporate leadership training, & his expertise in program management, Shawn's DVDs were developed around the circumstances, emotions, feelings, and motives for taking dance lessons. Shawn knows the kinds of struggles you'll go through and goes to great lengths to minimize them and give you the right tools at the right time to ensure your success.

Shawn started dancing over two decades ago and has spent countless hours working with all age groups from seniors to baby-boomers, newlyweds, young adults, elementary school-aged kids & everything in between. Over the years, Shawn has watched many trends come and go in the dance industry and has made it his mission to ensure people are enjoying themselves while building strong foundations of each dance so that students are able to get out & dance with great confidence & ability shortly after starting.

Shawn's ability to connect with his audience in an empathetic manner is perhaps his strongest quality. With Shawn, it's not just about taking dance lessons, but it's everything that you'll be going through, feeling & thinking while you undergo the transition.

Shawn's careful not to talk down to you while providing you with an incredible teaching format that builds muscle memory and skills quickly and efficiently. You'll be surprised at how quickly you'll find yourself 'getting it' without realizing the path you took to get there as it's so well laid out.

World Renowned Dancer

Shawn Trautman Long before Shawn Trautman's success as a dance instructor, he was known for his dancing. Early in his dance career, Shawn was featured in countless newspapers, on NBCs Wes Side Story, the Jack Harris Show, and TNN's Club Dance as well as many others. Shawn is considered by many to have one of the best all-around leads on the social dance floor and is a favorite of many when it comes to line dancing. Shawn is continuously building on his dance repertoire by going out to all sorts of Dance venues on a regular basis. From Swing Dancing to Shawn's personal favorite, the Country Two-Step, Shawn loves going out for a night on the town with his dance partner and wife, Joanna Trautman. Luckily for Shawn, Joanna is just as social as himself, so when he switches partners for a dance she will often do the same. Shawn has such an outgoing and friendly personality that he can never say 'no' to someone asking him for a dance. His ability to 'lead' anyone is one of many reasons he is often pulled in every direction by women clamoring for a fantastic experience on the dance floor.

Shawn's natural instinct as a teacher is evident when he takes a break from dancing to give a couple some 'quick tips' to enhance their dancing experience. During these 'quick tip' lesson sessions in the middle of a packed nighclub it is not out of the ordinary to find a group of people surrounding Shawn and his new found students listening close to pick up a bit of his free advice.

Award Winning Instructor

Shawn Trautman is a top-rated dance instructor who understands just how difficult it can be for folks to get started in dancing. Time, money, confidence, body type, and ability are just some of the factors that come into play. Shawn addresses these factors and has a unique way of communicating steps and methods in easy to understand ways. His broad experience in both dance and advanced learning techniques makes his system of instruction easy and fun. Having won numerous Top Teacher awards, Shawn has honed his teaching skills to cater to the specific needs of dancers regardless of their skill or talent level. He can easily teach new dance students the basics or coach a world champion student on progressing with their dance technique and advanced choreography.

Shawn has trained and educated countless individuals, couples, and entire dance teams since 1991 and has had many students move on to world champion status. During the late 90’s through 2001, Shawn continued to enjoy success with his students both through private lessons and group classes while he pursued his undergraduate and graduate business management degrees as well as a career in program management.

In 2002, he found he had a vision for a new and very innovative way to teach students worldwide how to dance. Consequently, Shawn and his wife, Joanna, then launched an acclaimed line of popular and unique dance seminars called Dance Xpress and XI Dance. Through the course of a one-day seminar, Shawn and a team of instructors led groups of 20-100 people through sports-based curriculums and multi-media presentations. Even the most skeptical students were dancing with confidence by the end of the day. With the launch of Shawn Trautman’s Dance Collection in 2005, Shawn was able to take the personal feel of his private and group traditional dance lessons and combine it with the advanced learning techniques and up-to-date technology used in the XI Dance curriculum. His collection takes the dance lessons out of the studio and into every viewer’s living room making it easy for anyone to learn to dance.

Best Selling Author

Shawn Trautman Instruction Shawn and Joanna recently co-authored a unique dance instruction book called Picture Yourself Dancing, which can be found at Barnes & Noble, Borders, BJ's, and other retailers. Picture Yourself Dancing is a written from the perspective of the dancers themselves, and offers an account of their knowledge and understanding of dancing with nearly two decades of experience.The book provides easy-to-follow 'learn how to dance' instructions for anyone, although Picture Yourself Dancing was written specifically for beginners with very little or no dancing experience.Shawn and Joanna assist the reader as they explore advanced learning techniques and dance floor basics while jumpstarting their dancing.

Picture Yourself Dancing examines the world and etiquette of social couples dancing and provides an in-depth look to dance cultures to prepare you for the dance floor in various dance communities including Ballroom, Country, Latin, and Swing. In addition, there’s also a section dedicated to preparing to dance for weddings that gives a very detailed look at the necessary elements that every couple should consider when getting married. Last, the book was packaged and written in conjunction with the Trautman’s original product for beginner couples, the Couples Ultimate Dance Sampler.

Industry Shaping Innovator

Shawn Trautman Instruction Shawn has developed one of the most original and successful dance instruction methods for teaching new dancers. Shawn Trautman's Dance Collection has taught countless numbers of people how to dance in the comfort of their own homes since early 2005 and is now one of the best-selling dance lesson collections worldwide. His dance lesson videos make it easy to learn how to dance with brand-unique features such as the “what you see is what you dance” format, close-up shots of the feet and tips for leaders and followers.

Shawn does an excellent job of clearly communicated instructions, and split-screen technology helps you see the instruction from several different angles.

Shawn is a consultant, corporate trainer, choreographer, and public speaker on many different forms of lead-and-follow dance, as well as line dancing. He continues to constantly improve the quality of his products and continues to produce instructional DVDs, teaching both private and group classes, and designing curricula. In addition to holding an MBA in organizational leadership and communication, Shawn has an extensive project management and planning background with the defense industry, the Federal Government, and the commercial sector where Shawn is the founder and CEO of Dance Videos Direct.

Shawn's Exclusive!

Teaching dance is much more than showing someone footprints of where to step or how to spin as fast as possible. It's about partnering, connection points, foot positions, music, timing, leading, following, etiquette, having fun and personalized attention from the instructor - all at the same time.

Learn dancing todayeverything you need to be successful on the dance floor...learn-dance-fun

My DVDs are the only ones that bring all of these concepts together as if I were standing right there with you. My goal is to teach you everything you need to be successful on the dance floor using fast, easy, efficient, and fun methods that you won't find anywhere else. Learn how to dance with any of my DVDs today and find out for yourself.

Shawn Trautman's Learn How to Dance Instruction

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Who is Shawn Trautman & Why Should I Care? What is Shawn Trautman Instruction? Where can I find Shawn Trautman Dance Lesson DVDs? When & how can I ask Shawn Trautman questions? Why should I choose Shawn Trautman's Dance Collection?

Who is Shawn Trautman & Why Should I Care?

Who is Shawn Trautman? Shawn Trautman is one of the best dance teachers in the world… And, as with any good story, it’s best to start at the beginning.

The easiest way to give you a feel for who Shawn Trautman is and the forces that have shaped his character and natural abilities is to look back to his childhood. Was Shawn one of those children positively “born dancing”? No. Shawn spent the majority of his time (when not eating and sleeping) playing any and every sport available to him. Natural athleticism combined with tenacity and a phenomenal work ethic born at an early age made Shawn a success at every sport he attempted. As he mastered various sports, played on different teams, and mastered a wide variety of skills Shawn developed leadership abilities, physical coordination, and a work ethic that have continued to serve him as a dancer and a teacher.

As Shawn launched his dance career on the Country Western Circuit and simultaneously operated a country nightclub, his dance skills progressed and began to meld with his work ethic, his natural athleticism, and interpersonal leadership abilities. In short, Shawn learned how to dance; but as he learned, he learned every dance from the inside out and then developed a way to teach his friends and students how to replicate each movement.

Shawn discovered a true passion for teaching beginners and identifying what can transform a klutz into a confident dancer and how to help the rhythm-less find the beat. Even from the early days of his teaching, his classes have been filled with laughter and energy as Shawn’s students learn to get up and dance. He continues to show his class quickly what they are doing, allowing them to decide if that is how they want to look. He follows each demonstration with a bite-sized coaching tip that allows the class to fix themselves, become aware of the pitfall, and consciously avoid a repeat.

Experiences like these group lesson coaching sessions and raving lifetime successes of other students have set Shawn apart in a world of dancers and dance teachers who maintain a status quo of vanilla instruction based around rote repetition of steps and patterns. Shawn’s philosophy that EVERYTHING is learned including such intangibles as rhythm and smooth, controlled movements, has made personal success on the dance floor attainable for every dancer who wants to put Shawn in as their teacher.

Students around the world have found dancing success by following Shawn’s clear step-by-step instructions. Shawn’s philosophies, teaching methods, leadership skills, and personality have translated well onto video. Shawn offers an unrivaled SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on all of his instructional DVDs to give students additional confidence as they embark on a new adventure of learning to dance in the comfort of their own home.

If you're considering taking lessons from another instructor or purchasing a competing DVD, Shawn encourages you to do as much fact-checking, or “shopping homework” as you can on the instructor you're buying from and what all you get in the video lesson. Instructors who throw a DVD together just to 'have one available' are usually doing much more harm than good to dancers who purchase. If you try a different dance instruction or fitness product and find yourself frustrated and thinking that it’s just you, and you’re just not cut out to dance, think again. It’s the lesson. Remember, everything is learned, and all it takes is the right lesson to get you moving on the right beat without tripping over your feet!

To summarize, Shawn is an unrivaled dance instructor formed by a lifetime of character development and leadership application in combination with decades of specialized dance training. Why is this important to you? Shawn is the best qualified instructor to get you looking good on the dance floor. He not only understands how to dance, he understands what you need to be thinking to get your body moving correctly, and most importantly, he shows and tells you exactly what you need to see and hear in order to get dancing.

What is Shawn Trautman Instruction?

The Shawn Trautman Instruction Method is a unique and innovative approach to dance lessons that has revolutionized dance instruction for countless dancers around the world. Shawn Trautman Instruction starts with Shawn Trautman and has grown to encompass an entire brand of live classes, private lesson curricula, and the top-rated dance lesson DVD bestsellers of Shawn Trautman's Dance Collection. The Shawn Trautman Instruction Method was born out of necessity and opportunity and has grown and matured over the last 20 years as Shawn’s students grew from a circle of friends in the living room to virtual students based around the globe, all of whom found unparalleled success with Shawn Trautman Instruction.

The origins of Shawn Trautman Instruction can be found in Shawn’s roots as a dancer and teacher, which trace back to when he was in high school. As a teenager, Shawn's priorities included playing football and impressing girls, probably in that order. During his junior year of high school Shawn was playing varsity football as a wide receiver (for all you non-sports experts, this is a position that relies heavily on speed, agility, and extremely fine-tuned hand-eye coordination), when he received a football career-ending injury to his larynx. Left with time on his hands and one of his dreams up in proverbial smoke, Shawn refocused his considerable energy on his other adolescent priority, impressing girls.

As this was the early 1990's in the Southern United States, Country music and dancing were experiencing a renaissance. After his first night of country dancing, Shawn was hooked. The athlete in him was challenged by the coordination and agility required by line dancing, and the teenage guy in him took due note of the popularity of the guys who knew the moves. Soon Shawn was out dancing almost every night, teaching friends in his living room during the afternoon, and recording and analyzing any video footage of country dancing he could get his hands on. From there, he jumped into the world of ballroom dance as well as swing dancing.

Although he enjoyed the dances themselves, he was frustrated and stymied by the stunted progress he was allowed to make as well as the teaching techniques pervasive on each circuit. Over the next few years, as Shawn completed high school and operated a country nightclub, Shawn began to develop his own teaching style by breaking down each movement he saw, and figuring out exactly what had to happen mentally and physically to make it occur. A feat in and of itself, Shawn applied more of his natural affinity for communication and teaching, and figured out what he needed to say to get someone else to replicate the movement, whether it was a line dance step, a lead in West Coast Swing, or a pivot technique used by a follower during a complex Two-Step pattern.

For the next few years, Shawn continued to teach private lessons and packed (over 150 students per class) group classes as he worked his way through an undergraduate degree in Marketing and an MBA with a focus on leadership and training trainers. Upon graduation, Shawn pursued a position as a government contractor in program management and received additional training and experience in Advanced Learning Techniques and Adult Education.

With an overflowing work schedule, a new young wife, and a baby on the way, private lessons were no longer feasible, though the demand had only increased. This situation inspired Shawn to develop his Dance Xpress 1 Day Dance Seminars with his wife Joanna. These were a hit in the Tampa Bay Area, Shawn and Joanna and a team of instructors took students from no dance experience to moving confidently during an 8 hour intensive complete with multi-media presentations, full nightclub DJ atmosphere and multi-sensory sports drills that trained the brain and the body to move with the beat.

As Shawn and Joanna's family grew, these seminars were no longer an option, and Shawn and Joanna found themselves back at the drawing board to meet the demand for Shawn's unique teaching style and un-rivaled results. Shawn turned his focus on Dance Lesson DVDs as the medium to take his instruction to students around the world regardless of their schedules or locations. This launched the next chapter of the Shawn Trautman Instruction story as Shawn adapted his teaching style to optimize the strengths of video, and minimize the drawbacks of not being physically present in person.

Shawn Trautman Instruction in summary, is a global brand of dance instruction that employs a winning combination of dance technique, advanced learning techniques, adult education standards, and Shawn’s exclusive charisma that is guaranteed to get you looking good on the dance floor. It is present in all of Shawn’s instruction experiences, whether they are private lessons, or group classes, but Shawn Trautman Instruction is the cornerstone of the best-selling top-rated Shawn Trautman's Dance Collection.

Where can I find Shawn Trautman Dance Lesson DVDs?

Shawn Trautman Dance Lesson DVDs can be found on many sites online as well as several brick & mortar stores throughout the U.S. and several countries around the world. Shawn's 'main' retail site is right here at shawntrautman.com and he's very involved in the day-to-day activities and overall site development. Shawntrautman.com has a number of exclusives including the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Free Same-Day Shipping, a full selection of the previews, promotional discounts (if you're a newsletter subscriber), and money-saving multi-packs (combo deals).

If you're an Amazon.com aficionado, you'll be glad to know that all of Shawn's individual DVDs are currently listed there, as well as a couple of the multi-packs. There are several hundred reviews on there and Shawn clearly has the top-rated dance lesson DVDs there with plenty of acclaim. Other sites that carry Shawn's products include ActiveVideos.com, BN.com, CentralHome.com, DanceCrazy.com, Sheplers.com, and DanceVideosDirect.com.

For brick & mortar stores, Shawn Trautman Instruction DVDs can still be found in quite a few. First and foremost, they're in over 300 country western stores in the U.S. including RCC Western Wear Stores, Sheplers, and Spencer's Western Wear just to name a few. Shawn's DVDs can also be found in many Barnes & Noble stores and over 2,000 libraries throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Our recommendation is to make your purchase either through ShawnTrautman.com or via phone (877-326-2301) as our studio is the place ALL DVDs start out anyway. Please call us and let us earn your business by how we treat you!

When & how can I ask Shawn Trautman questions?

Getting direct access to your instructor is critical at times. Shawn understands this and makes himself available 7-days a week to answer emails, respond to phone calls, and reply to Facebook messages. If you have a question prior to ordering and need a better understanding of the product itself or you want to talk directly with the instructor that created it, please contact Shawn here (either by phone or by email).

To connect with Shawn directly on Facebook, go to facebook.com/shawntrautman101, like the page and submit a message or post on the timeline itself and Shawn will quickly respond.

No matter who it is you're taking lessons from, make sure you'll have access to them after you get started!

Why should I choose Shawn Trautman's Dance Collection?

Do you want to look good dancing? Do you want confidence that comes with ability on the dance floor? Do you want the best dance lessons, in-person or on video on the market? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to choose Shawn Trautman’s Dance Collection.

Simply stated, Shawn Trautman’s Dance Collection offers the best instruction you'll find either online or in-person! Whether you are an in-person student here in Clearwater, Florida, or you hail from Canada, Spain or Australia, we use Shawn Trautman’s Dance Collection DVDs as the foundation for your dance experience.

This carefully crafted series is comprised of a large selection of dance lessons DVDs, each one a hand-crafted dance lesson with a cohesive curriculum and soundtrack that eases you into each dance or sequence of movements.

Each DVD in Shawn Trautman’s Dance Collection employs the best of the Shawn Trautman Instruction Model to create great muscle memory and maximize your dance lesson experience.

The step-by-step instructions, combined with great dance music, Shawn Trautman’s unique take on dancing, and exclusive tips for line dancers, leaders, and followers (depending on the dance), create a winning combination exclusive to the Shawn Trautman Dance Collection that is GUARANTEED to get you dancing. In summary, if you want to look and feel good out on the dance floor Shawn Trautman’s Dance Collection is the way to go. Basically, Shawn and his team “bottled up” the best of the Shawn Trautman Instruction method, applied it to specifically selected moves, steps, and patterns to create each DVD, and created a collection guaranteed to give you dancing success!

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