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→ Unlimited online dance lesson videos for those who want to know how to dance the most popular dances.

→ The fastest path to complete dance mastery. Online access to country, swing, west coast swing, line dancing, Latin, ballroom & more.

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Shawn Trautman's Dance Lessons are for people who...

...believe in themselves enough to act on their curiosity! What will you look like when you take to the dance floor after a couple of weeks worth of practice? What will your friends think when you get out there and dance the swing with a complete stranger and totally rock the floor? How shocked will your family be when you and your spouse rush to the dance floor and command their attention because of how much fun you're having? How much fun would that be if it happened every time you were out and not just once?

Are you curious? Do you want to know how amazing it feels to finish a full night of dancing, flushed, a little foot sore, but still vibrating with the energy of a dance floor filled with people enjoying themselves? Are you ready to experience the thrill of stepping on and off the dance floor with confidence because you know what you're doing? Do you want to know what it feels like to be noticed, in a good way, by all the people around you? The more you get in and use Shawn Trautman's Online+, the quicker the benefits of dancing kick in!

Unbeatable value

How much would you spend driving to dance lessons (gas, cover charges, private lessons, etc.) only to have to do it again the next week and then the next with little to show for it? Think of Online+ like an All-You-Can-Dance Buffet offered by a world-class chef that comes to you wherever you are! Click, Learn, Dance!

Professional dance lessons

Have you been frustrated by group lessons? You're not alone. We built an entire system in Online+ to ensure your frustration level is low and your success level is high.

Secret ingredients

You know how you just love that one meal that you get from your favorite restaurant but you don't know what all's in it? That's a good description of what dancing with Shawn Trautman is going to feel like. You'll learn, quickly, but you don't have to know the science behind the why. Suffice it to say you're going to love the new you! we'll sum it up for you: fast.  easy.  fun.

How much more is there?

With Online+ you get EVERYTHING... but wait, there's more! What if there's something you're not getting? Ask for clarification on any dance content we have and we'll deliver. Some of our best material is a direct result of real-life frustrations as we make it a point to make each dance lesson clear enough for everyone.

Available wherever you are

With downloadable or streaming lessons, if you have internet access you're in luck! No more waiting for customs to deliver packages. No dvd compatibility challenges. No traveling for a live class. You'll have instant access at your fingertips with Shawn's online lessons and you'll start learning within minutes.


57+ Lessons

How much can you handle? If you wanna' learn swing and two-step and then move on, you're set. If you want to dip into the ballroom dances and then line dancing, we've gotcha' covered! Disco night coming up and you want to learn the hustle. check! Latin night at the club and you need to know salsa & cha-cha, you're there! Start dancing today and benefit the rest of your life. Yes, it is that easy!

Where do we start?

There are TONS of options, but if you truly want to start at the "beginning" and set yourself up for smooth sailing, start with line dancing, specifically Club Line Dances or Line Dance 101.

Everything you need to rock the dance floor!

→ Dancing Success Starts HERE!®

  • Clear instruction, easy to follow paths for each dance, & unlimited lessons with support
  • Absolute beginner through advanced, we have the moves for you
  • Unlimited dance lesson videos & easy navigation with tracking software

Learn to dance w/ Shawn Trautman's easy to 'follow & learn from' dance lesson videos through Online+


49 Lessons
Ballroom Dance Online
Ballroom Dance DVDs

Nightclub Two-Step
Slow Dancing
Swing Dancing

Two-Step (Country)

111 Lessons
Two-Step Dance Online
Two-Step Dance DVDs

Absolute Beginner


56 Lessons
Country Dance Online
Country Dance DVDs

Couples Line Dancing
Line Dancing
Double (Triple) Two-Step
Swing Dancing
West Coast Swing
Slow Dancing
Swing Dancing


16 Lessons
Latin Dance Online
Latin Dance DVDs



20 Lessons
Swing Dance Online
Swing Dance DVDs

East Coast Swing


55 Lessons
Wedding Dance Online
Wedding Dance DVDs

Line Dancing
Slow Dancing
Swing Dancing
Tips for Photo & Video

Line Dancing

78 Lessons
Line Dancing Online
Line Dance DVDs

Absolute Beginner
Couples Line Dancing
Line Dancing
Electric Slide
Hip Hop Line Dance
Boot Scootin' Boogie
Tush Push
Cha-Cha Slide
& More!

West Coast Swing

52 Lessons
West Coast Swing Online
West Coast Swing DVDs

Absolute Beginner

“Purchased so we could go dancing. And this makes it so easy. We used to just sit and watch from the side in amazement now we are out there two stepping it up! Date nights are much more exciting now!”
Elizabeth L.

(verified owner), Two-Step

Dancing made EASY!

“A great way to pick up new skills for the next dance! I love Shawn’s teaching & Joanna’s exuberance. The lesson setup makes it easy to go directly to the section you need to practice.”


(verified owner), Country Dancing

Great Dance Videos!

“I’ve walked out of 2 different line dance classes in the last month because I couldn’t follow the instructor. I chose these dance video lessons based on the reviews on Amazon and I’m pleased to report that my inability to learn was based on the instruction and not my inability to dance. I truly enjoyed these lessons and was able to keep up with everything they taught. I’m not one to write reviews, but I had to take a moment to say thanks for a wonderful product!”

Tom *******

(verified owner), Club Line Dances

It kept me entertained and interested.

“What drew me to try Shawn Trautman’s dance lessons were a few things. First, the website is very user friendly and full of info. So it was easy to make a choice. I am a true beginner at dancing, and this dvd helped me A LOT. There is plenty of detailed information about every little thing, starting with rhythm & timing. I was really struggling with that before (sigh), but now it makes sense to me! It’s a well made video with good picture quality, which is important to me. Another thing I liked is that you can tell the pair dancing are having fun and enjoying doing these lessons. It kept me entertained and interested. So it is easy to watch and stay focused. I am looking forward to watching it again, probably a few more times, to soak up all the fine points. I look forward to getting out on the town with these skills.”

Jesse C

(verified owner), Swing Dancing

One of the very best things I ever did!

“I purchased the 2-Step basics videos Vol. 1, 2, and 3 and it is one of the very best things I ever did! I liked the single focus and how in depth it got. After using these instructional videos for a couple of weeks, I went out and danced the 2-Step very well. Many of the women I danced with thought I was an experienced dancer. When I told them this was my first time, they could not believe it!! I have been a classroom teacher for forty years and I know the value of learning something right the first time! If you want to learn the 2-Step the right way, Shawn’s videos are the way too go!!”

Chris C.

(verified owner), Two-Step

Fabulous and Easy to follow

“These are fabulous dance videos, I found it very easy to follow along and learn the dances. The instructors are great, they take it slow and easy, but at the same time, offer options to spice up your moves later on, making this an ongoing learning experience. Would love to see what else these guys have out there.”

Michelle Ledford

(verified owner), Line Dancing

Now We’re Not Afraid of Getting on the Dance Floor!

“My husband and I have been in love with big band music for years. When we find a group that is playing locally, we are there. we enjoy the night out to watch the dancers and the music. We never knew where to begin with the dancing so we enviously watched. Too afraid to make fools of ourselves on the dance floor. Dance lessons at some of the facilities near us were out of our price range. I am so fortunate that I found this collection. I ordered the Swing Dance Volume I and II set. We had so much fun learning comfortably in our own home (and privacy) and it wasn’t long before we got up and out on to the dance floor ourselves. AND, we noticed we were NOT the least experienced dancers out there. The fun we have had since being able to listen to the music as well as dance is amazing. and all of it so affordable. The instruction is so simple and easy to follow. We were amazed. We loved it so much we gave Swing Dancing for Beginners Volume I on DVD as a gift to our best friends. I can’t wait to learn more. I highly recommend Shawn Trautman dance lessons to anyone considering learning to dance. We went from no skill at all to feeling comfortable and having so much fun with it!”

Lorrie Buschmann

(verified owner), Swing Dancing

From simple steps to exclusive style

“Shawn & Joanna make it seem so uncomplicated to learn how to Salsa, going from simple steps to an exclusive style using creative tips, that will help you master the beat of the music and have you dancing in no time. I highly recommend “Salsa 101″ to anybody like me that consider themselves to have two left feet and find dancing salsa very difficult, but fascinating.”

Gonzalo Z.

(verified owner), Salsa

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Get in. Start Dancing. If you're not 100% satisfied with these lessons, please contact us so we can get you what you need. Our goal is to get you dancing as quickly as possible.

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