Appreciation for Life’s Basic Experiences

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The older I get, the more I grow appreciation for life’s basic experiences.

In a five minute period here a short while ago while standing near an open window I wrote a few things that truly bring a smile to my face.

Here’s a few of mine to throw out there (in the order they popped into my head):

– Friendship, conversations & ideas

– Creating something of value

– Helping a person in need

– Reading a book that makes me laugh or think in some new way

– Laughing with someone I care about

– Traveling to a new place

– Making a new friendship

– Hearing good news about a friend

– Watching others succeed

– Seeing the look on someone’s face when I teach them something

– The changing of seasons

– Getting out and dancing on a night off

– Watching someone do something they’re passionate about

– Listing to an old, familiar song

– Star-gazing on a clear, dark night

– Sitting around a bonfire at night with friends

– Listening to the sounds of nature/wildlife

– Hearing that I’ve made an impact on someone’s life

– Thinking through & fixing a problem

– Knowing the world is better because I’m in it

– Sitting on a beach watching the sunrise/sunset

– Watching children laugh

– Hiking and/or exploring the outdoors with friends or family

– Learning new words and definitions

– Surprising others in some way

– Listening to good story tellers

– Road trips

– Photography and capturing moments

– Rooting on a favorite sports team

Now, I’ll bet yours are different than mine, but that we also have quite a few in common.

And, that we ALL have some things we all value that are similar.

If you get a chance, list out some of the things that bring a smile to your face just by thinking of them (if they’re the same as any of mine, say so – if they’re different, say so).

I mean, really… how different are we?


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