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AT-AT in the Yard

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I thought for sure we were about to be under attack from one of those Star Wars AT-AT Walkers when I walked out my front door and saw this off to my right.

Come on, really? What’s an AT-AT? Surely, someone must know what it means? I know, but it’s better to try to think through it and figure it out.

And, while this was merely how we catch escaping canopies who try to leave via the jet-stream, the best part was my mom’s reaction to it.

You see, my dad and I set it up for her 2 days ago so she could have some outdoor time in the sun that wasn’t directly in the sun. Capeesh? Yeah, well, it’s movable and we had, in fact, moved it a couple of times so it being in a new place wouldn’t be that far out of the norm.

When asked about it yesterday, she said “oh, you mean you didn’t set it up like that? I thought it looked a bit strange and I wasn’t sure how I was going to use it?”

Truth be told, I’d have waited out there all day to catch a picture of her getting under it if I knew that was even a REMOTE possibility.

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