Beginner Super Set

Complete 11 Beginner Dance Lesson Set (Online & DVD)

Swing Dancing – Cha-Cha – Double Two-Step – Couples Line Dancing – Two-Step – West Coast Swing – Hustle – Country Dancing – Nightclub Two-Step – Salsa – Waltz

ATTENTION: Beginner Dancers Who Want to Look Great, No Matter What Dance…

“How To Quickly Find the Beat And Look Great…
With A Time-Tested, Revolutionary System For Learning to Dance All Of The Most Popular Dances In 11 Easy Lessons…”

Sure, The Media Keeps Showing the Best of Ballroom Dancing, showing you clips of the HOURS of practice, grueling rehearsals, even injuries…

But Keep Reading This Message To Discover How You Can Learn the best of Ballroom, Country, Latin, and Swing Dancing with a proven System…Quickly and Easily

Best Part: You Can Do It At Home…On Your Own Schedule…

And Without the Hassle of Other People Watching!

And 85% Of The Work Is Already Done For You!!

If you love to dance…or already know how to dance ANY of the social dances…then get ready.  Because what you’re about to discover on this page is UNLIKE anything you’ve seen, read, heard, or possessed before.

Is dancing something that you’ve spent years wanting to enjoy, but for various reasons never had the time or resources? Are you looking for something new to learn with your significant other?   An activity that you can enjoy together, take everywhere with you, and use to fill a lifetime with memories…

This is your chance!  I’ll show you how to “Take it” shortly!

If you’re just getting started in dancing and are a “newbie”, then I’m about to prevent you from flushing fistfuls of money down the toilet…

…and wasting TONS of your time…to the point you want to throw up your hands and give up!

Dance studios are lined up with their hands out ready to take your money, fill your time, and show you all the dances you could learn…

…But YOU Could Spend Years and Tens of Thousands of Dollars and STILL BE A BEGINNER!

That is, unless you have a systematic, efficient, and affordable method to learn the most important dances, create effective and valuable muscle memory, and look great on the dance floor – fast.

Don’t have a system?  Well, you’re in luck.  Because today is going to be a true life-altering event for you. Check out this video about Shawn’s Beginner Super Set series here:

Listen: if you’ve tried the dance studio route, you know the drill.  Lessons, group classes, parties, cruises, you name it: it can be purchased.  It seems the only thing you can’t purchase is smooth moves for yourself.

As soon as you almost feel good about a step, BAM!!!  It’s time for a new move right before your lesson is over just to ensure you don’t master it (but it’ll whet your appetite).  Oh, and here’s someone else they want you to meet (to take up some of your time). Oh, and do you remember what we did last Tuesday (classic redirection to remind you that you need them)? There is usually a fancier step demonstrated for you to keep you moving, but how much true progress have you made?  Do you feel as though you are paying dues at a club rather than purchasing instruction?

It can be a grueling siege on your confidence and your pocketbook to constantly shell out more and more money, but still never seem to quite measure up.

And, do you ever feel like the dance steps you DO actually learn don’t seem to work anywhere outside of the studio…or with any partner other than your teacher.  Has it made you wonder if you just really can’t dance after all?

But what if you could spend more…heck even ALL…of your dance time out dancing…

…enjoying fun moves…

…meeting people…

…feeling great…

…looking even better…

…And learn all the great moves on your own schedule in a fraction of the time for the cost of a couple (as in 2 or 3) private lessons?

Think about what that would do for your life.  How much more you would enjoy dancing.  And the tension that’ll disappear when you have a proven system to learn all the dances you need with the easiest step by step lessons available.

Is such a simple approach to dancing possible? Even for someone who has no rhythm?

YES! And it is NOW easier than ever!

Why “Brute-Force” Rote Repetition Based Dance Lessons Just
Aren’t Going To Cut For You

Listen: becoming a passable, let alone good, dancer through sheer persistence, repetition, and thick-skinned immunity to feeling awkward during traditional classes and lessons just doesn’t work for the overwhelming majority of people.

If you keep reading every single word of this message, Shawn Trautman could make your dancing more pleasant, productive, and FUN.  And he could do it virtually overnight—just as he has for THOUSANDS of people in every corner of the world.

His name is Shawn Trautman. Check out his more valuable-than-ever system for learning all of the best beginner moves for the 10 most popular ballroom, Latin, swing, and country dances.

Best part?  85% of the work is already done for you.  That’s right, Shawn has essentially REMOVED most of the “hard work” you have to do to start dancing thanks to his “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Dance” System.

Inspect it, examine it, and try it out.  Prove beyond all doubt that this system is game changing and capable of creating HUGE dance improvements for you for a full 30 days.

Entirely risk free. No joke.

If you aren’t “into it”, using it, drawing more from it day after day that you would wrestle six alligators buck-naked in a pit of hot coals to keep it…

…send it back.

Get this System. Put it to work. You’ll know…fast…that it DOES work.

But, if for ANY reason whatsoever, you disagree, you can simply return it and get a quick and easy refund.

This isn’t just a bunch of “hocus-pocus-poof-you’re-a-dancer” empty promises.  And Shawn’s not some “self-proclaimed insta-pro” who pretends to know what they’re talking about.  More on that later…

So, What The HECK is This System?

It’s Actually 3 Things In One…

First of all, this System (the 101 Series) is a comprehensive collection of dance lessons featuring the revolutionary, unique, and above-all effective Shawn Trautman Instruction method. Each dance lesson is designed to take you from zero to dancing in minutes.

Best part…this stuff is perfect for beginners of all ages and ability levels.  Old, young, coordinated, klutzy… these lessons are for you.

If you are learning with a dance partner, great!  The leader dances along with Shawn, and the follower matches Joanna.  If you are learning on your own, even better – you can get any “why-won’t-my-body-do-that” moments out of the way without an audience.

Even when couples use these dance lesson videos to learn together, the System offers the flexibility for one or both of the partners to get extra practice time with Shawn and Joanna independent of their dance partner – an instant peacemaker and frustration-reducer right there.

None of this is “last year’s Christmas gift wrapped in new paper”. Whatever you’ve gotten in dance lessons past, whatever you’ve watched on YouTube, whatever you think you know WILL be challenged.

You’ll discover a different, better, saner, more productive path to dancing success (regardless of previous failures) by having the dance ability to look and feel great regardless of the dance.

Think about it.  Knowing you look good on the dance floor. Getting out there feeling confident because you know the steps and moves without looking awkward.

Imagine how much happier you’ll be.  Think about walking into a nightclub or that class reunion with a smile…and not a grimace knowing you’re in for another multiple hour torture session of attempting to blend with the rug.

Best part: these strategies are presented and explained in 11 full-length dance lesson videos for easy reference. So you can refer to them again and again.

Details on that later…

REAL Moves for REAL People…Not “Flash and Trash” for Gymnasts and Pro’s…

Second, this Super System of 101 dance lesson videos is a jumbo super-sized… yet easily usable… TOOLBOX of ready-to-dance steps, moves and patterns.

This stuff is organized into 10 different dances (plus couples line dancing), with a full-length lesson on each, and one bonus dance lesson that covers the beginner steps of a couple of popular dances (You KNOW you are going to LOVE at least one!)….so you are not asked to watch, listen, learn and then left to your own devices to actually dance.

If you’re a sports fan, or even if you’re not, you know that you can’t just watch a pro basketball game (real time, of course) and then go out and not only slam dunk, but also execute each play perfectly… passes, fakes, blocks, and shots included! You need instructions – how to throw a ball, how to dribble a ball without it bouncing away, how to fake without traveling… the list goes on and on.

Well, Shawn not only show you every move you need as a beginner… he gives it all to you with clear step-by-step instructions you can easily and quickly do right along with him.

If you wanted equivalent content in private lessons at a studio with Shawn himself, you’d pay over $3,000.00, and many do. In fact, there’s a waiting list.

Shawn doesn’t have a lot of time for more private lessons…so he created his instruction videos. And obviously, he can only be in one place at a time.

But Shawn is a passionate champion of social dancing as a whole, and top-quality beginner dance lessons in particular.

He hates seeing you floundering on the dance floor, or worse, not even getting out dancing.

It frustrates him to no end to see you “shoveled” outdated, antiquated, tired, ineffective, expensive, and useless dance lessons when you need REAL help.

So here he is. Having put together a TOOLBOX of “What Works Now” for you to dance, complete with hand picked dance music, fun lessons, practice time, and more…so that 85% of the work is already done for you!

You either just log on to our dedicated e-learning site or put in the DVD, stand up, and dance along with Shawn and Joanna.

You’ll not only find Shawn a down-to-earth breath of fresh air in an industry filled with temperamental artists, you’ll find the 101 Series he’s put together for you to be so different and so useful and so valuable…

You’ll Want To Meet Shawn
In Person To Thank Him!!

Of course, if you just want entertainment, don’t get Shawn’s 101 Series. Although Shawn’s a pretty entertaining fellow, these online lessons and DVDs are NOT something to just pop in, sit back, and watch while you eat popcorn.

They are meant to be USED.

Third:  These dance lessons cover everything you need to feel great in any dance environment.  That means you go out dancing…anywhere…knowing (not wondering, wishing, praying, hoping)…KNOWING that you will be able to get out on the dance floor, have fun, and look good…

…no matter what song is playing.

This Super Series of 101s is a collection of 10 of Shawn’s favorite dances from ballroom, country, Latin, and swing dancing.  These are the dances that get millions of people around the world dancing every day.

The dances in the 101 Series are time-tested and dancer-approved.  Many of them are popular in several music genres, giving you extra mileage on multiple dance floors.


This Incredible Set also has “built in” practice soundtracks…and ”built in” practice with Shawn’s careful coaching…setting you up for success and getting your senses completely engaged in the learning process.  These soundtracks alone are worth hundreds of dollars and will save you hours and hours in finding music and compiling play lists.

To clarify, you’ll be able to dance along with each one of the dance lesson videos (available in DVD and streaming/downloadable videos) – even after you’ve mastered all of the moves. Each lesson is chock full of hand-selected dance music appropriate for the dance taught.  The selection covers a variety of music, so you’ll be able to recognize which dance to do when in every setting.

Don’t worry, all the specifics are laid out at the end of this letter….so hang in there.  By this point you should be wondering:

“Will Shawn Trautman’s Beginner Dancer Survival Series work for me?”

Listen: there’s something here for everyone!   Shawn’s top-rated beginner dance lesson videos (and of course DVDs) are used by thousands of people in more than 47 countries, by thousands of people.  Though the demographics of Shawn’s beginner dance students are varied, the Beginner Dancer Survival Series is especially effective for the following students:

  • Empty Nesters who now are finally getting around to learning to dance
  • One-trick-pony dancers who want to dance to a larger variety of music
  • Schools looking for a comprehensive selection of social dances with a cohesive curriculum
  • Libraries
  • Anyone who has ever been on a dance floor, heard a great song and had to walk off because they didn’t know a dance that matched the music
  • And of course… Any beginner who says “I just want to learn to dance… I want it all, and I want it NOW!!!!”

Do any or all of these descriptions sound familiar?  If so,

These Lessons aren’t Pie-In-The-Sky-Ain’t-Never-Gonna-Happen-For-Me Routines…
Shawn’s Beginner Super Set (All 11 of the 101s) is PACKED With Fun, Easy, Real-People-Can-Do-It Steps & Moves!

Every one of the more than 50 lead & follow moves is from actual, real-life dancing, stuff that every beginner needs to know, and moves guaranteed to work every time.

Are you ready to get up and dance?  Are you tired of frustrating and expensive lessons?  Worse, are you tired of sitting on the sidelines while everyone else is out dancing and having fun?


If you answer “YES!” Click here to get going with your Beginner Super Set now…


What’s Included?

Save more than 40% with 11 Full-Length Beginner Lessons

Country Dance 101 includes beginner level Line Dancing (Flying Eights), Partner Line Dancing (The Sway), Two-Step, and Double/Triple Two-Step.

In minutes dance the Cactus Cha-Cha, Double Ten Step, Sweetheart Schottische, Barn Dance, and Waltz Across Texas with Shawn Trautman!

A beginner Cha-Cha course that will have you mastering the rhythm, timing, connection, basic steps, and more of Cha-Cha with ease.

Keep scrolling for more lessons. Are you excited yet?

Easy Beginner Double Two-Step lessons cover Rhythm, Timing, Connection, Style, Basic Steps and more.

A beginner disco dancing course that will have you mastering the rhythm, timing, connection, basic steps, and more of Hustle.

A beginner Nightclub 2Step course that will have you mastering the rhythm, timing, connection, basic steps, and more of Nightclub Two-Step with ease.

“I was spending a fortune on private lessons. I came across Shawn’s dance lessons on Amazon and read the reviews. Because I had a multitude of questions, I called directly to the company and spoke directly to Shawn. The conversation was a long one…he answered every one of my questions…and then some! He even sent the DVDs over Labor Day Weekend. Now I still take private lessons; but I come home and practice with Shawn. My instructor is amazed how fast I’m progressing now. He keeps asking me what I’m doing…I’m not giving him my ace in the hole.”
Janet S.

Amazing how fast I'm progressing...

A beginner Salsa course that will have you mastering the rhythm, timing, connection, basic steps, and more of Salsa with ease.

Two-Step 101 represents the Country Two-Step as a dance in part of Shawn Trautman’s revolutionary Beginner Dance 101 Series. This high-energy lesson is an excellent bridge between the slow and easy pace of Two-Step Basics and the more challenging tempo set in the intermediate Two-Step Moves and Patterns Series.

A beginner Swing Dancing course that will have you mastering the rhythm, timing, connection, basic steps, and more of East Coast Swing with ease.


“What drew me to buy Swing Dancing 101 were a few things. First, the website is very user friendly and full of info. So it was easy to make a choice. I am a true beginner at dancing, and this lesson helped me A LOT. There is plenty of detailed information about every little thing, starting with rhythm & timing. I was really struggling with that before (sigh), but now it makes sense to me! It’s a well made video with good picture quality, which is important to me. Another thing I liked is that you can tell the pair dancing are having fun and enjoying doing these lessons. It kept me entertained and interested. So it is easy to watch and stay focused. I am looking forward to watching it again, probably a few more times, to soak up all the fine points. I look forward to getting out on the town with these skills.:) ”
Anna V.

It Kept Me Entertained & Interested

A beginner Waltz course that will have you mastering the rhythm, timing, connection, basic steps, and more of Waltz with ease.

A beginner West Coast Swing course that will have you mastering the rhythm, timing, connection, basic steps, and more of West Coast Swing with ease.

You’ll get all this plus much more when you take action today and get your hands on the same dance videos that have helped thousands of dancers get started on the right path… and now look great doing it!!!
More than just the best dance videos, here’s some of what you will get with your Beginner Super Set:

11 Beginner Level dance lessons, complete with exclusive rhythm and timing sections, comprehensive reviews, and coached practice time with music as Shawn and Joanna dance right along with you.

Each lesson is packed from start to finish with real world, hands-on information you can take straight to the dance floor.

The EASIEST Step-by-Step lessons that make every move crystal clear. You’ll have everything there—all the tips, strategies, and beginner dance success secrets…right at your fingertips!

Full Dance-Perfect Soundtracks that are hand-picked by Shawn for variety and “danceability” – that special something that makes a song an especially good fit for a particular dance. Most of the dances in the Beginner Super Set are danced to a variety of music, and conversely each type of music (country, pop, blues, Latin, etc) have songs that are perfect for several dances. While you dance along with Shawn and Joanna during each lesson you are learning about dancing to music as well as just practicing steps.

PLUS, as a bonus for DVD orders, we will RUSH YOUR LEARNING SYSTEM TO YOU
at no additional charge, via USPS Priority Mail. All Online Lessons are available immediately!

Want more than Beginner Lessons?

Check Out Any of These Styles for More Great Lessons

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