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Why? Because 85% of the work is already done for you. This is about as "cut-and-paste" as you can get…as you'll get the best of the best when it comes to beginner moves and easy, step-by-step instructions that take most of the "hard work" out of looking great on the dance floor.

Think about this: What would it be like if you were able to just get up and dance to any and every song that came on? How would you feel about yourself if you didn't have to say "NO" the next time someone asks you to dance and that you wouldn't be scared about getting up and out in front of your friends?

You'll get all this plus much more when you take action today and get your hands on the same dance videos that have helped thousands of dancers get started on the right path… and now look great doing it!!!

More than just the best dance videos, here's some of what you will get with your Beginner Super Set:

  • 11 Beginner Level DVDs with a full dance lesson on each, complete with exclusive rhythm and timing sections, comprehensive reviews, and coached practice time with music as Shawn and Joanna dance right along with you.

  • Each lesson is packed from start to finish with real world, hands-on information you can take straight to the dance floor.

  • The EASIEST Step-by-Step lessons that make every move crystal clear. You'll have everything there—all the tips, strategies, and beginner dance success secrets…right at your fingertips!

  • Full Dance-Perfect Soundtracks that are hand-picked by Shawn for variety and "danceability" – that special something that makes a song an especially good fit for a particular dance. Most of the dances in the Beginner Super Set are danced to a variety of music, and conversely each type of music (country, pop, blues, Latin, etc) have songs that are perfect for several dances. While you dance along with Shawn and Joanna during each lesson you are learning about dancing to music as well as just practicing steps.

First things first: Let's talk about the different dances you get in the Beginner Super Set…because that is what makes the Super Set such a mind-bending good deal. In fact, let's just say it right out:

The 11 DVD Beginner Super Set Will Be As Useful As Your Right Arm Throughout Your Days as a Beginner Dancer!

Words cannot adequately describe how much this Super Set is going to save you… TONS of time, money, and frustration. That's because you'll have all of the dances you want, AND each lesson is a hand-crafted lesson of beginner moves, Shawn-Trautman-Style.

This review is on Cha-Cha 101 (Shawn Trautman Instruction)
"..amazed how fast I'm progressing.."
"I was spending a fortune on private lessons. I came across Shawn's DVDs on Amazon and read the reviews. Because I had a multitude of questions, I called directly to the company and spoke directly to Shawn. The conversation was a long one...he answered every one of my questions...and then some! He even sent the DVDs over Labor Day Weekend. Now I still take private lessons; but I come home and practice with Shawn. My instructor is amazed how fast I'm progressing now. He keeps asking me what I'm doing...I'm not giving him my ace in the hole."-Janet S, Boston, MA

So What Do You Get With These Lessons?

11 of the Best Beginner Dance Videos on the market!

Country Dance 101 is a must-have survival guide for anyone who wants to kick up their heels and dance country-style! Shawn & Joanna Trautman put this easy to follow intro together for a fun lesson & overview of line dancing, two-step, triple 2-step along with several quick and easy ways to make each step count.

Couples Line Dancing 101 is a must-have for beginner dancers and it's one of the best beginner practice tools EVER! You will be dancing along in minutes, but let your nerves take a backseat and your confidence get a boost as you and your partner adjust to moving on the beat, practicing dance steps, and putting it all together with a dance partner during each of these dances. On top of all that, you will be dancing the Cactus Cha-Cha, Waltz Across Texas, 16 Step, Sweetheart Schottische, & the Barn Dance in minutes!

The sassy style of one of the most popular dances of all time is YOURS with Cha-Cha 101. This video as your first intro or a quick refresher for one of the most versatile social dances in the world. Fun and Easy Moves are yours and you'll be dance floor ready in no time.

Double 2-Step 101 is a winning ticket for country dancers. One of the most popular country dances, Double 2-Step is rolled out for you in simple step-by-step lessons on everything from rhythm to navigating a dance floor. This fun & easy dance is great exercise, energizing, and can be done to the majority of today's hot country dance hits!

Hustle 101 brings the best disco-style dancing to your living room with the SMOOTHEST steps EVER! Dance along in minutes with fun and easy instructions. Burn up the floor to the most "danceable" hustle of yesterday and today as you put it all together with Shawn and Joanna.

Nightclub 2-Step 101 makes a graceful and romantic slow dance a reality for beginners of all ages! Shawn & Joanna Trautman put this easy to follow intro together for a fun lesson on the beginner moves of Nightclub Two-Step that will have you dancing!

But that's not all… you'll receive 5 additional dance lesson DVDs chock full of moves, steps, tricks and beginner dance secrets that'll have your dancing successshooting through the roof!

We've all heard that "Walls have Ears", Well, Your Living Room Floor Will No Doubt Be Asking "Where Did You Get Rhythm All Of A Sudden?"!

Are you wondering who and what ARMY of mallet-wielding marching band drummers are going to pound the beat into your feet? NO WORRIES!!!! We tried that, but it wasn't as effective as we'd hoped. So, instead Shawn created the 101 Style Beginner Dance Lessons. Better success rate, cheaper shipping. You're gonna love them (the DVDs that is).

This review is on Country Dance 101 (Shawn Trautman Instruction)
"At 50 years old I wanted to learn to dance.!"
"At 50 years old I wanted to learn to dance. Shawn Trautman & his wife Joanna are teaching me to do just that. Country Dance 101 goes into detail and shows the dances in all positions, for both men and women. I am dancing! Thank you Shawn and Joanna. I will be ordering more lessons..."-S. Douglas, AR

Shawn has 5 more how to dance lesson DVDs in his Beginner Super Set that have not yet been revealed… Read on for more dance videos, more fun, and more great moves!

Salsa 101 is the best way to get into a fun social dance that everyone loves! Never danced before? Join right in! You will be confident and comfortable with the best Salsa concepts from around the world. Dance along with the easiest to follow methods for truly effortless lead-and-follow dancing!

Swing Dancing 101 is a must-have for anyone ready to boogie to big band OR country swing music. You will be shaking a leg with style in minutes with this easy to follow introduction to the boogie-on-down world of single time and triple time swing. This unparalleled lesson will have you grinning as fast as it gets you bopping!

Welcome the "King of Country Dancing" into your living room with a royal introduction on Two-Step 101. In just one fun lesson you will have the best beginner two-step moves that will have you dancing just minutes into it. Follow Shawn & Joanna as they quickly guide you to mastery as you learn to dance the all-time classic Texas 2-Step!

Discover your inner royalty with Waltz 101. Dive into a study of gracefulness with this perfect starting point for both Country Waltz and Ballroom Waltz. If you are ready to impress with a timeless romantic dance that will sweep your partner away, this is your NEW FAVORITE DANCE LESSON. Get just the right look & style to make this dance your own in either ballroom or country settings with the fun and easy-to-follow lessons on Waltz 101.

West Coast Swing 101 is a must-have for anyone ready to step out to the smooth driving beat of WC swing music! Jump in to this easy to follow intro to the most challenging social dance out there. If you've ever found yourself frustrated or completely awed by West Coast Swing, thinking "this dance is just NOT FOR ME" think again. Dance along with this DVD and let Shawn show you why West Coast Swing is considered to be "the dancer's dance."

Are you ready to start dancing? Do any of these dances make your toes itch for a dance floor?

If so, you are not alone!

These lessons are for real and they're the dance videos that are revolutionizing social dancing for students around the world.

This review is on Swing Dancing 101
It kept me entertained and interested.
"What drew me to buy Swing Dancing 101 were a few things. First, the website is very user friendly and full of info. So it was easy to make a choice. I am a true beginner at dancing, and this DVD helped me A LOT. There is plenty of detailed information about every little thing, starting with rhythm & timing. I was really struggling with that before (sigh), but now it makes sense to me! It's a well made video with good picture quality, which is important to me. Another thing I liked is that you can tell the pair dancing are having fun and enjoying doing these lessons. It kept me entertained and interested. So it is easy to watch and stay focused. I am looking forward to watching it again, probably a few more times, to soak up all the fine points. I look forward to getting out on the town with these skills." :) Jesse C., Victoria, B.C.

The secret to students' success is in Shawn's unique Instruction Method . His system for getting you from awkward and stiff, stuck in one spot, to smoothly stepping from one move to the next is tried, true, organized, and easy to follow.

This review is on Salsa 101 (Shawn Trautman Instruction)
"From simple steps to exclusive style..."
"Shawn & Joanna make it seem so uncomplicated to learn how to Salsa, going from simple steps to an exclusive style using creative tips, that will help you master the beat of the music and have you dancing in no time. I highly recommend "Salsa 101" to anybody like me that consider themselves to have two left feet and find dancing salsa very difficult, but fascinating." -Gonzalo Z., FL

These are real people, folks that just wanted to dance and look good doing it. If they can find success with Shawn and the dance lesson DVDs included in the Beginner Super Set, so can you.

Your Beginner Super Set is a true life-altering dance experience that will change the way you feel about yourself out on the dance floor as quickly as it alters the way you look and move. When your Beginner Super Set arrives, you will hold in your hands your keys for a life-style makeover – no time like the present to get started!

Who knows when, or if, such an opportunity will present itself to you again? Seize the moment by ordering your Beginner Super Set below or phone us at 1-877-326-2301 or 1-877-DANCE-01.

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Beginner Super Set (11 DVDs)

"This is the MOST COMPLETE SET of Dance Videos for Beginners!"

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