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Can’t See The Forest

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What’s riskier… Arguing about something or just letting things go?

Depends, right?

Are we talking a brief 20 second argument because someone cut someone else in a line or are we talking about a daily struggle that never seems to end?

If it’s about <> it has it’s own cost.

Time. Energy. Opportunity cost.

Turns out, the risk might simply be in what we lose by focusing on the wrong thing. You know the whole “can’t see the forest for the trees!” statement? Yeah, well, it matters now more than ever.

Whatever fight you’re fighting or battle you’re battling, I’d like to suggest stepping back, detaching, and taking a broader look. Unless, of course, you can already see it. And, it doesn’t matter which side you’re on, politically, there’s some serious shit going on right now that has the potential to affect everyone… and fast.

((oh, and, before I go further, let me clarify that all the problems above are important. They’ll just seem trivial once you see the big picture.))

Interestingly, I received a great deal of feedback last week regarding my current “social” dilemma. Perhaps you were one of many who commented, sent private messages, emails or left voicemails? If so, know that I’m super appreciative. I read every word and processed all the thoughts, concerns and advice. To the surprise of many, I’m personally fine. My dilemma was relating to being able to help others see and prepare for all that’s going on and how many of my friends are completely oblivious to is (I’m envious in a way).

What on “earth” am I talking about? Yes, that.

I’ve struggled with how to articulate some of this and, over the last several days, I’ve come to some realizations that maybe, just maybe, I should just share a bit about what I’m doing and have put into place.

Below, I’ll look at a number of higher level issues going on in the world and, knowing I can’t change them, I’ll talk about the potential risks our family faces and how and some of what we’ve done. My own personal assessment is just that and you may assess your own risk differently. This is merely how I’m moving forward while knowing there’s both a chance that all or none of these things come to fruition. I personally see the probability of them happening as high enough to take action.

In other words, this is my “risk management project” in a daily life setting. Risk management involves identifying threats, evaluating likelihood of events, mitigation plans, continuous monitoring and some type of communication plan.

We all do pieces of this, intuitively, but most of the time it’s more of a knee-jerk reaction to something happening and then we go from there. Mine is a little more proactive over the last year, but truth be told, there’s no one right way. You get to choose what you see, take in, plan for, react to, or whatever. So, here’s a high-level breakdown of several focus areas on my radar right now.


A layer deeper, it’s the same but has threats and/or risks after each. And, again, these are the ones I’m looking at for me and my family – clearly there are more than just this that we should all try to understand and think through. If you’re not sure on any of them, search the topics online using a browser such as DuckDuckGo.

Air: chemtrails, radiation / frequencies (hopefully you know what from), insecticides, pesticides, airborne viruses, pollen / molds, technologies, airborne pathogens.

Food: potential food shortage on the horizon, rising food prices, bioengineered foods.

Water: fluoride, contaminants, BPA, worldwide supply – potential restrictions on usage.

Power: long-term power outage related to national grid, rising prices.

Money: inflation, access, digital currencies, stock market, potential collapse of U.S. dollar.

Gas: potential for shortage, rising prices, “climate issues”, push to make it obsolete.

Okay, so that’s my level two. I went a level deeper and have some type of mitigation plan for each. I was planning on putting it here in this post, but it might be best “to not to” here. If you want to continue this conversation via Messenger or email, let’s talk about solutions and taking care of what we can.

Now… as for “What’s riskier… Arguing about something or just letting things go?”… If you’re thinking “whatever happens, happens,” that’s cool – don’t keep this going. My take is that being aware and having some type of plan is better than being blindsided and scrambling.

In other words, keep on keepin’ on, or stop, drop and roll and prepare like it’s a fire drill that just might not be a drill.

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