Hot Country Dancing for Couples

Guaranteed to be the BEST Beginner Line Dance Instructions on DVD - Bar NONE!

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The only reason you'll be sitting & watching
is if y
ou've not yet learned these dances...

Hot Country Dancing for Couples includes the best country dance lessons on everything you need to make your first experience with dancing in a country nightclub a success. This DVD includes partner line dances as well as Two-Step and Swing and can be done with or without a partner.

  • The most popular country dances for couples
  • Smooth transitions every dancer should know
  • Fast and easy to use with step-by-step country dance lessons
  • Great combination of line and couples country dances

Shawn's Take
It's funny how many people take dances like The Barn Dance for granted. How hard could it be to get out there and twirl a girl this way then that way then kick a time or two then bump hips? Well, I'll say it like this: if you don't know how to do the dance and you get out there with everyone else, you're going to be just another disappointing partner in an otherwise enjoyable dance. Unfortunately, in dances like this one, it's easier to stand out by being good than it is to try to impress someone by nearly ripping their arms off because of how many turns you try to get them to do. That's the kind of thing you get by spending a couple of minutes learning the dances the right way. You learn your steps and you also learn about your partner's, which is equally important.
If you're new to country dancing, you'll want to add it in to your collection..

All in all, this country dance DVD is composed of some great dances and if you're new to country dancing, you'll want to add it in to your collection. It's good to know each of these dances just so you CAN participate when the time comes. Yes, you may really like to line dance, but that doesn't mean that you have to be 'left out' when one of these comes on. You'll know how to do the basics in two-step and swing and will know several partner dances that are played nearly every night. Also, learning them the right way will give you a very easy transition into any variations you might encounter.

Take a chance on this one if you're ready to add some new challenges and have some fun. That's truly what this video is about. Two-Step Dance Lessons Video & Instruction
Product Details

Hot Country Dancing for Couples is packed with easy to follow instruction on a number of great dances that all couples should know. Designed for beginners who've never danced, this "must have" DVD quickly gets you ready to step onto the dance floor with confidence as it's the kind of country dancing couples need to know. Better yet, having a partner is not required, although it may be easier if you have one available.

    Country Dance Lessons included in this DVD are:

  • Two-Step
  • East Coast Swing
  • Barn Dance (Wild, Wild, West)
  • Cactus Cha-Cha (Neon Moon)
  • Sweetheart Schottische
  • Ten Step

More than just what's listed above, you’ll learn all the 'little things' that will make you a great partner to dance with. To further enhance the instruction, a full breakdown of footwork for each move from both the leader and follower perspectives is given.

Filmed and produced with Picture-In-Picture technology from multiple camera angles, you'll be impressed at how simple this country dancing for couples DVD makes things for you.

Customer Reviews
Average Rating
4.8(based on 5 reviews)

By: Shane S. Preston (Reno, NV)
DVD: Hot Country Dancing for Couples
On: 10-5-07
This is what you're looking for

"I play in a country band in Reno and I was looking for some dvd's so I would know what the dancers were expecting out there when we play. I've had such a good time with these, I'm out dancing now! ...And it was relatively painless. This is the best series out there I've seen. I have 4 other ones. And they are very clear and well paced so you can keep up. These guys are really good at putting themselves in the dancers shoes and answering your questions before you ask them. These dvd's will save you alot of time and, in my case, embarassment. My girlfriend says she highly recommends these too. Good Luck."

By: Jill James
DVD: Hot Country Dancing for Couples
On: 5-8-08
Great for Beginners!

"This is the second DVD I have bought from the Trautman series. My fiance and I are preparing for our wedding and will be able to use several of these steps during the night. I can't believe we are having fun learning together instead of being frustrated with each other. Shawn breaks the steps down in such a way that we picked most of it up easily. (we're still practicing) Worth it.."

By: Rob Sheldon, KY
DVD: Hot Country Dancing for Couples
On: 7-15-08
Let's Go Country Dancing!

"Wow, we really liked this one! This one gives a number of specific dances to go through with a partner that are like line dances for couples. The Sweetheart Schottische and the Ten Step are fun to do and are the same dances they do here where we are. We found the instruction to be very easy to learn from and liked the speed of the teaching."

By: Dancing Queenie
DVD: Hot Country Dancing for Couples
On: 2-8-09
Perfect gift for my Aunt and Uncle

"My aunt and uncle are in their late 60's and took up line dancing at the community center about a year ago. Now they attend 3 times a week and sometimes help teach the classes.

As a gift, I decided to buy them a copy of this DVD and they absolutely love it. They haven't heard of before and are now asking me where they can get more dances. Fortunately, I was able to search and find more DVDs from the same instructors.

I couldn't believe it as they were using just the step sheets to try to learn the dances. Since they had past experience dancing other dances, they were able to easily pick up the lessons in this DVD after just a couple times through. Now they're even shopping at the local western store for shirts, hats, etc. and have been going to the Country Western night clubs once a week in addition to the community center.

Many thanks to Shawn and Joanna for creating theses DVDs and helping me give the perfect Xmas gift to someone I had no clue what to get!"

By: Bill B.
DVD: Hot Country Dancing for 4-25-09
Can get you where you want to go

"I've been teaching couples dancing (rumba, cha, foxtrot, waltz, etc.) since 1993 and have designed a few dance DVDs. I got this DVD because I have no expertise in these particular dances. And I'm glad that I bought it.

Some people learn primarily by seeing a lot, others by hearing a lot, and still others by doing a lot. Most people learn best by getting some of each. Shawn Trautman overtalks the instruction? Not at all. DVDs that attempt to present a lot of information in a relatively short amount of time, as this one does, are condensed learning presentations. So, the necessary and helpful repetition of information may seem too much to people such as Mr. Davis. But if Shawn cut his verbal instruction way back, then people who learn primarily from hearing would be shortchanged. It is better to offer the maximum of which the DVD is capable, and let the viewer focus on what works for him/her.

Shawn's presentation is very relaxed, even casual... as though he is a knowledgeable friend whom you invited into your house to teach you some dance basics. Friends don't try to impress; they try to help.

Would the DVD look different had I designed it? Sure, but it would be similar in more ways than it would be different. That's a matter of two teachers who have somewhat different approaches. There is no single correct method to teach dancing. Shawn's is certainly a valid technique.

The bottom line is: this DVD is a good introduction to the dances that are presented. People who buy it can expect to be successful in learning what is covered."

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