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Picture Yourself Dancing is the best
Dance Lesson eBook on the market, bar none!

If you’re ready for a new, innovative, and exciting dance-training program that represents a dramatic departure from traditional dance instruction as it is currently known, then this book and DVD combo is perfect for you.

Auditory (audio), visual, and kinesthetic (physical) learning styles are all combined in this package to give you the best possible dance instruction that will have you dancing in just a couple of short hours. . .and we’re not talking about looking like you can dance, we’re talking about real lead-and-follow dancing. Unique features of this dance-training program include:

  • A thorough step-by-step four-color visual introduction to nine different social dances
  • Sections in each chapter that separate out leader’s and follower’s footwork
  • A six-W approach to each dance that quickly delivers the who, what, where, when, why, and wear of each dance
  • Full integration, including references, with a best-selling 75-minute beginner instructional DVD, from the Shawn Trautman Learn to Dance series

This unique dance-training program narrows the scope down to what’s essential for learning, starting with the incorporation of the three learning styles.

Speaking of the different learning styles, most people remember only about 20 percent of what they read, yet they remember closer to 60 percent of what they physically do. It’s been said, however, that the average person remembers 90 percent of what they see, hear, say, and do. If you just read this book, chances are you would be cheating your- self out of most of its value.

For this reason, the visual Picture Yourself series has taken this approach to learning. By introducing what learners need in an order that makes logical sense and by utilizing multi-sensory teaching techniques, this unique ebook and DVD combination enables learners who pace themselves and use the combo as instructed to achieve rapid results that won’t quickly be forgotten. Each of the senses carries its own unique attributes for learning, and most people are inclined to use one more than the others.

Now you can start reading in minutes with our downloadable e-book!

When you order this electronic copy of Picture Yourself Dancing, you can download and start reading immediately! Your copy of the Couples Ultimate Dance Sampler, the Shawn Trautman Instruction DVD that originally accompanied the paper version of Picture Yourself Dancing, will come via 1st Class mail along with your complimentary CD-Rom with a full PDF version of the book.

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  3. Couples Ultimate Dance Sampler (DVD)

Customer Reviews
Be Aware: These reviews are on Picture Yourself Dancing, the hardback book (that has always been accompanied by the DVD Couples Ultimate Dance Sampler). The product you are looking at is the downloadable 'E-book' & DVD combo. The original hardback version is no longer for sale.
Average Rating
4.2(based on 7 reviews)

By: Georgia
E-Book: Picture Yourself Dancing
On: May 22, 2006
Awesome Book

"I have one of the DVD's made by Mr. Trautman and thought I would try the book.

The book breaks down all the popular dances out there and makes them easy to do and follow. It has helpful hints on teaching the men how to drive and the women how to follow. It even has clues on what to wear when you go into any of the dance clubs.

The book even comes with one of the great Trautman DVDs so it is a true bargin!

Great book for the beginner and intermediate dancer."

By: songbird
E-Book: Picture Yourself Dancing
On: November 8, 2006
"Feels Like I'm Dancing With The Stars!"

"Read this book and you will feel like you are ready to dance with the stars! These instructors teach the dances in detail with pictures and they lead practice sessions for each dance on the DVD. Their professional approach makes it easy to learn a variety of steps. I like the video included with the book so much that I am now planning to buy some of the other dance DVD's produced by these instructors. It looks to me like this book and anything from the Trautman series of dance videos will be perfect for holiday gifts this year! "

By: Mrs. G
E-Book: Picture Yourself Dancing
On: July 12, 2010
Make learning how to dance easy!

"I have a little dance back ground but my husband to be has 2 left feet. He's a very analytical and logical learner whereas I am a visual learner. This book was perfect. It explained the how's, what's and why's of dancing. It teaches how to lead and follow in the simplest way. Along with the video it was the best way for my husband and I to learn how to dance for our wedding- and we looked great on the dance floor!! Great book for the beginner dancer!"

By: Love to Dance
E-Book: Picture Yourself Dancing
On: August 27, 2006
Learn to dance the easy way!

Picture Yourself Dancing is a perfect partner for the Learn to Dance Series of DVD lessons offered by Shawn and Joanna Trautman. These professionals provide a logical approach to learning all of the dance steps. In this book, they include a comprehensive history of each dance, as well as step-by-step instructions for the dances. The video included with the book shows you the way each dance should look and it helps you to develop your own individual dancing style. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning the total dance "picture". The vivid action photos and suggestions for dance attire inspire you to actually imagine yourself on the dance floor. Buy this book for anyone who loves to dance or who would like to learn, and include it as a companion to the Shawn Trautman Learn to Dance Series of DVD's!

By: Lee Lming
E-Book: Picture Yourself Dancing
On: June 2, 2006
A Little Disappointed

"Great literature on the history of dance. Great word discriptions on the steps but no foot pattern diagrams. The enclosed DVD is Couples Ultimate Dance Sampler which I already own. The DVD's are very good. All of the dances covered in the book are in one or the other of their several DVD's. If you have the DVD's you don't need the book."

By: Chris Collins
E-Book: Picture Yourself Dancing
On: December 16, 2010
Great Teachers

"I have been a classroom teacher for almost 40 years. I have been blessed to have helped train many teachers throughout the south. I think I know good teaching when I see it. I purchased Shawn's ''Dance Lessons 101'' dvd and "Picture Yourself Dancing" and I'd consider them both ''great teaching.'' It is a valuable tool for any dance student, especially a beginner like me! In the teaching business, I would call Shawn and his wife ''master teachers.''"