Dance Lessons 101: The Basics and Beyond!

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Dance Lessons 101 is the ONE single DVD you absolutely MUST see if you're new to dancing or you've just started your lessons...

Featuring the easiest to follow lessons, Dance Lessons 101 was made for beginners and sets you up for success, quickly! This instruction video covers what first-time dancers need to know about dancing without tons of technical jargon in a way that you'll just love and gets you dancing along in just minutes.

  • The #1 rated Dance Lesson DVD
  • All-in-One w/ step-by step lessons
  • More Effective and lower cost than private lessons
  • Dozens of Tips & Tricks
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Easy to follow instruction video
  • No Needless technical jargon
Product Preview
Shawn's Exclusive!

I developed Dance Lessons 101 to be a stand-alone introduction to couples dancing and that's exactly what it is. If you've never danced, order and go through Dance Lessons 101 first! When people ask me for private lessons, I always recommend they go through this DVD first - it saves SO much time and frustration, both for the student and the teacher. Truly, there's just so much you can get out of it as it's for people who may have never danced before.

We made sure each dance we taught had enough material to get you started while having fun...

This DVD teaches you how to dance the 8 core dances and each of the dances have their own chapter so it's easy to navigate to the one you're working on. I strongly recommend starting with the Slow Dance chapter first - what you learn there carries on to all the others. When we designed the lessons, we made sure each dance we taught had enough material to get you started while having fun, and to give you a good feel for the dance... and that's exactly what we did!

If you're not sure if your partner will like dancing, Dance Lessons 101 is absolutely the one instruction video you should try! Joanna and I are very straightforward, casual, and easy to follow along with. There's no frilly costumes, overdone stereotypes, obnoxious music, or fast 'show 'em once' instruction that you'll find on other DVDs (believe me, I've seen way too many of them).

I promise you, if you start with Dance Lessons 101, you'll have a solid foundation that you'll build off of for years to come!
Shawn Trautman's Learn How to Dance Instruction

Product Details

Dance Lessons 101 is the #1 rated all-in-one, how to dance DVD. After extensive planning, we've combined the starting points for Ballroom, Country, Swing and Latin Dancing into one easy-to-understand program. This DVD is proof that you can learn to dance without live instruction - and in a fraction of the time. You'll be dancing the Slow Dance, Waltz, Swing, Salsa, 2-Step, Cha-Cha, and the Hustle in a matter of minutes.

Dance Lessons 101 features just over two hours of an incredibly simplified dance instruction video with picture-in-picture technology, optimum clarity, and multiple camera angles to ensure that you, the student, get the best view and truly learn how to dance.

Each step and move is taught for both the leader and the follower as well as together, allowing you the option of learning with or without a dance partner. Already know how to dance the Cha-Cha and can't wait to learn the Swing, Salsa, or Hustle? DVD menu selections allow you the option of streamlining your lesson.

Owning this instruction video is the equivalent of having your own private dance instruction for a fraction of the cost, and it's ideal whether you want to learn to dance for a special event or simply achieve better fitness. Feel good about your new hobby, and take your skills ever-further...Dancing Success Starts with Dance Lessons 101!

Customer Reviews
Average Rating
4.8(based on 19 reviews)

By: Ann Batchelor
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: April 19, 2014
Dance lessons

Very well done and clearly gives the step pattern I got this as a refresher course being it has been some time since I had the pleasure of dancing. What more joy can you get in this life than some good music and great dance.

By: Threasa Drury
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: March 29, 2014
Exceeded my expectations!

For someone who needed even the very beginner steps, this video is awesome! Love the step-by-step instructions and the reasons why it is done a certain way.

By: B R S
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: February 21, 2014

Very good instructional CD for learning basic dancing, I wish I could dance as good as the instructors do. Maybe some day I will improve.

By: Mark Radel
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: February 12, 2014
I can learn to dance?

Bought this for an upcoming wedding, my son. My wife and I love the easy following on the DVD. Won't be embarrassed now.

By: Melissa
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: November 6, 2013
Dance basics for amatures

We bought this to learn to dance for our wedding. It was perfect! Our wedding dance was beautiful and romantic.

By: Dan G.
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: October 2, 2013

Nice that this has several dance basics and intermediate in it. What a great resource for my wife & me and for our kids, even friends.

By: Amy H
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: May 8, 2013
Better Than an In-Person Lesson

"This DVD isn't intimidating, and it basically puts a world-renowned dance teacher in your living room. I actually think it's better than an in-person lesson because you're able to see the steps from every angle. By the end of the lesson, I was so excited that I had learned the steps - it's almost as if I internalized them."

By: Jane A
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: March 11, 2013
Simply the Best!

"I'm so glad I ordered Dance Lessons 101 and am impressed by how simple it was to follow. Shawn Trautman lives up to his reputation in this one of being one of the best instructors. He and his wife are very patient and certainly know what it means to teach beginners. Overall, great instructions - we loved it and will continue ordering more. BRAVO!"

By: Britney
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: February 3, 2013
Very Fun & Informative!

"I am a high school dance teacher and I used this during our social dance unit. I found it to be very fun and informative! I think it would also be good for people who would like to begin dancing but are worried to go out before having some basic dance knowledge."

By: Dawn
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: December 20, 2012
Excellent overview and intro to several ballroom and social dance styles

"I highly recommend the Shawn Trautman instructional dance DVDs. Shawn and his wife Joanna are excellent teachers. Shawn does a good job of breaking down the footwork and also provides tips on style and leading. Joanna does a very good job of providing info on following and style- and she makes cute and funny comments along the way. They are very down to earth and personable and really care about feedback from dancers.

This DVD is a great place to start for an overview of many of the most popular ballroom and social dance styles. Each dance is covered briefly in one chapter. If you want more detail about a specific dance you could purchase a DVD from Shawn Trautman's collection devoted to that specific dance (which we decided to do with west coast swing- which is actually a series of several DVDs). However, even from this one DVD we were able to learn enough basics, footwork, and rhythm to do nightclub two step, cha cha cha, and hustle on the dance floor in public. This is also a great overview for an "advanced beginner"- someone who is already a dancer in one or more styles and wants to learn a new dance."

By: John J. Kirschman
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: November 5. 2012
It's About Time I Really Learned How To Dance!!!

"Ten and twenty years ago, my wife and I took a few months of weekly dancing lessons for around $600 each. After each lesson, I couldn't remember much of what we had learned in the previous lesson and my wife and I would disagree with our steps. Because each of the dance companies were preparing us to dance competitively, although we were there to learn to dance socially, my back was always hurting after each lesson from trying to conform my body to these exact positionings. My wife and I learned very little, and thus when we went out dancing we rarely used anything from our dance lessons but just danced like everyone else did, so we could have fun. When we saw others dancing ballroom style, they always danced the same basic moves counter-clockwise around the dance floor (i.e., forward, left turns, and lady turns), regardless of which dance they were performing.

After 33 years of marriage and dancing in our own styles, I thought I'd try learning ballroom dancing for my wife again but decided to try something different. I bought 6 of Shawn's dancing DVD's and took them with us on our vacation, watching one dance lesson each day, taking my time analyzing them and making detailed notes of each move (my wife would watch them after I had studied them, as she could learn faster and remember better than I did). In each lesson, we learned more than several lessons with either of the dance companies I mentioned above. Then my wife and I took our time to slowly work on each dance together. We moved the chairs and table out of the kitchens and set up speakers that were hooked up to my computer to play music, and would dance for an hour each night to different songs. Just for fun, we even tried new moves that Shawn hadn't taught and probably doesn't exist. Learning to dance was enjoyable and dancing with my wife turned out to be a wonderful experience - I finally understood the joy of dancing with one I love. After three weeks traveling through the U.S. and dancing almost every day, my wife and I knew how to perform 10 different dances well. We next went on a cruise, where we danced these dances every night and received compliments that we appeared to have been dancing for years.

Since our cruise, we were unable to dance for a few weeks, so I forgot many of our dance moves. Unlike taking lessons from the dance companies, we didn't have to pay to relearn the dances - I went back to my notes and went back to Shawn's lessons and were quickly able to relearn the dances.

We have since purchased additional dance videos from Shawn and will purchase additional ones in a few months. He takes his time instructing us and gives various angles to his lessons. I'm sure you will see how great he and his wife do from the other reviewers, so there's no need to cover that here. I just want you to see the benefits of purchasing his DVD's over taking dance lessons from the dance companies (even if you want to compete, I suggest you learn the dance lessons from him first, as he was a dance teacher at one of those companies long ago according to his statements on his DVD's and in his book)."

By: Fraser M
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: October 14, 2012
Great product

"Good clear unintimidating instruction from a regular guy. Great product."

By: Darrell B
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: October 1, 2012
Very happy

"I bought this to make the wife very happy. With this instruction video we had the ability to repeat a part very quickly. I loved the ease of observing everything I needed to do at a slower pace."

By: Jana M
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: July 18, 2012
Easy to follow

"I bought this for exercise. I loved that it was easy to follow with good songs."

By: Debra O
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: February 6, 2012
Clear instruction and demonstration

"I'm a beginner dancer, and received these as gifts. I like the clear instruction and demonstration. Thanks for a quality instructional tool."

By: Jim and Katy E
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: November 18, 2011
good preview presentation of dances

"We love to dance. We enjoyed the good preview presentation of dances."

By: Chris G
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: August 30, 2011
Good job!

"Very clear instruction - good quality video. Articulate explanation. Good job! I'm a reasonably experienced ballroom dancer, east and west coast swing dancer (1.5 year Fred Astaire followed by independent WCS classes and lessons). I appreciat the clarity of your video and instruction."

By: Ron K
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: July 8, 2011
Very good DVD

"Very good DVD. I like the style and we learned a lot from the DVD. We really like the way the steps were broken down."

By: Robert T
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: January 21. 2011
Great DVD

"Simple explanation and break down of dance steps."

By: Linda W
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: October 17, 2010
Easy to understand

"Easy to understand, simple, I can replay it as many times as I need."

By: Christopher M
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: March 18, 2010
easy to follow

"Very detailed and easy to follow instructions with two different perspective views of the dance instructors."

By: Hak-Yam
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: April 9, 2010
Clear instruction

"Simple clear instruction for a beginner like me. This is my first DVD from Shawn Trautman, and I am going to buy a second one."

By: Debra H
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: November 4, 2009
Great Video

"Easy to follow instructions. Generally plenty of repetition to get the steps down."

By: LeShelle W
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: March 27, 2009
Overall, I really like the DVD

"Liked Most: Logical arrangement: sample of dance then step by step instruction then fuller demonstration. The time taken to explain lead/follow, touch points, etc. was also very helpful. Overall, I really like the DVD; it meets my goal of practicing between actual dance classes. It has also given me a preview of other dances that I might like to learn."

By: L. Jackson
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: October 8, 2008
Great for Beginners!

"I bought Dance Lessons 101 and Line Dance 101 on because of their reviews and totally agree. My husband and I could not be happier with our purchase and we will definitely be back for more of the other titles. We love how you break down the steps for beginners and make it simple and non-intimidating. Many thanks Shawn!"

By: bob_allison
DVD: Dance Lessons 101
On: August 19, 2008
Clear and Simple

"Just wanted to pass a quick note along to say how much we enjoyed your 101 dvd. It was just as clear and simple as you stated and we're glad we started with it. It's made for fun practicing and we've certainly learned a lot!"

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