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By: Jazuumba
DVD: Two-Step Moves & Patterns V6
On: April 5, 2013

"WOW! The material in Trautman's video is really good stuff. Trautman/Frye present a series of moves with inside and outside turns starting out of the promenade position, working through torques and open releases, and eventually incorporate a windmill maneuver. When Frye, a national champion, pauses, looks at the camera, and says of the windmill maneuver, "it looks really fancy", you know you can take that to the bank! In his usual style, Trautman patiently walks you through the leads for each move, giving specific instructions for body/hand/foot positioning, which ultimately means you CAN lead this (guys), and follow this (gals) very successfully. On the back end of the video there is bonus material to challenge you. This material gives you an opportunity to come back, once you have the basic leads and steps down, to refine the moves in the pattern to produce an even more fluid and polished look.

I'm not saying that my dance partner and I picked it all up the first time through, but we worked diligently through the material, used the moves at our next country dance night, and had immediate and positive feedback from people who were there. To me, that is the ultimate endorsement."

By: Jazuumba
DVD: Two-Step Moves & Patterns V7
On: April 6, 2013
Easy to master

"Moves and Patterns Vol 7--Trautman/Frye present a bounty of graceful and cool moves in this DVD. Guys will particularly enjoy the challenge they are given in this material with what my dance partner and I call the SHINY RED BALL move. Ever seen a little kid's reaction to some beautiful, bright, shiny object--big eyes, ooohhs and aaahhs? That is the look we get from people watching this move; and, quite frankly, sometimes it even wows us into staring and ooohhing!

As always, with Trautman's video instruction, the moves are presented in easy to master sections where the leads are broken down and presented in painstaking detail from multiple angles. You work the individual pieces at your own pace and then go back and add on the next section. And, the bonus section of this DVD is really packed. Trautman demonstrates how to link moves presented in earlier volumes of this DVD set onto the back end of SHINY RED BALL to create longer, more interesting, and customizable patterns. With the completion of this volume, my dance partner and I are beginning to really feel confident linking together our favorite moves. This is what we were looking for in an instructional package--the ability to create our own "art" within the dance."

By: Ben D., Omaha, NB
Prduct: Shawn's Country Two-Stepping Series
Great Production Value!!

"I wanted to say that I really like the DVDs. I have gone thru 4 of the moves and patterns DVDs and also done one of the Advanced moves and patterns discs. I think the videos are done well and have a great production value! There are a few places to country dance out here in Omaha. And they play a lot of two-step and triple-step songs as well has have some simple dance lessons early in the evening. They also do line dances and Stationary cha-cha is always fun. I purchased these DVDs because I figured I could learn a lot of different moves on my own time for a decent price. I have also looked at private lessons but they cost anywhere from 35-50 dollars. Overall I like these patterns and think they will add a lot to my dancing palate! I hope that you will come out with more Advanced Two-Step Patterns DVD’s. I would also be interested in a Cha-Cha Patterns set! Thanks again."

By: J. Apgar (Florida)
DVD: West Coast Swing 101
On: March 23, 2013
An excellent DVD if you are starting out

"I have been dancing West Coast Swing for a few years, but I still like to go back and review the basics before I go out dancing, or learn new moves. As a teacher I know the importance of having a good foundation, and this DVD provides that foundation. I feel more confident after reviewing the basics with Shawn and Joanna's DVD.

As with all of their DVD's (I own several), they clearly are having fun teaching, and their humor makes it more enjoyable to learn with them. This is an excellent DVD if you are starting out, or reviewing the basics. You can clearly see where your hand placement should be, and what your feet should be doing, and they review everything they taught."

By: D. Browne-Hunter (Austin Texas)
DVD: West Coast swing 101
On: April 2, 2013
Easy to learn from

"The video is easy to learn from, breaks the dance steps down for easy viewing before going on to more complicated steps."

By: Don S
DVD: West Coast Swing 101
On: August 31, 2012
First Rate

"I recently made a decision to learn West Coast Swing. I have taken a few basic lessons but was still having some problems with the basic steps and moves. This video solved that problem. Shawn and Joanna's presentation of the basics is very understandable and easy to follow. They very effectively demonstrate the steps and moves they are teaching and how it should look when you are on the dance floor. The video can be used as the sole source of instruction or as a way to review and reinforce what is covered in any lessons you may be taking. I recommend this video to anyone who either has made the decision to go for it and learn West Coast Swing or to anyone who may be thinking of giving it a try but wants to learn more about the dance before making the leap. This video will provide a great start."

By: Yorkie Mama
DVD: West Coast Swing 101

On: July 19, 2012
Super Duper!

"My husband and I picked up this video hoping to better learn West Coast Swing. Despite my husband's background in swing and receiving professional instruction, we never were able to get our our proper timing together. We would dance together and have fun but not without frustration! The methods and techniques shown in this video have brought the correct rhythm and steps into view for the both of us! The instruction starts at a very basic level so one can understand the fundamentals and true roots of West Coast and allows you to move on, step by step, at the pace you are comfortable with. It's very similar to math...if you don't understand the very first beginning steps, you will soon become very overwhelmed and LOST! Not here! Both Shawn and Joanna show the woman's and man's steps while you are moving though the steps with them creating lots of confidence for the both us. I definitely would recommend this video to anyone who is interested in learning how to West Coast or even brush up on the very basics of steps! Thanks guys..very well done and looking forward to seeing you both in the next video!"

By: Ms. Happy
DVD: West Coast Swing 101
On: April 28, 2012
"Great Way to Learn West Coast Swing!"

"The Shawn Trautman West Coast Swing 101 dance video really helped me to learn this dance from the very beginning. I've been trying to learn this dance for a long time. These instructors have a great method of teaching the steps by introducing the counting in a clear and easy way so that there is a good understanding of how the rhythm sequences are used later in the dance. I especially liked the transition from the basic walking steps to the step counting in more complex combinations. Before I even realized it, I was actually dancing these steps confidently through each section of the video. This is a great lesson and the best part is that it can be taken again and again just by playing the video for review and practice!"

By: Denise H
DVD: West Coast Swing 101
This is the West Coast Swing Dance video you're looking for

"Very complete instructions. Easy to follow and understand. Also very happy with the fact that it is an ALL Region DVD, so I'm able to play it on DVD here in New Zealand."

By: -Sam J
DVD: West Coast Swing 101

"This video is exceptional in that it provides both a great beginner lesson for West Coast Swing as well as a lot of detail that either my instructor never shared or didn't know. We wish we had started with this video before our lessons as it would have made for a much smoother entrance for us. The only trick to this is that you have to pay attention to the details the instructors go through as there are quite a few. The information is there and well presented, you just don't have an instructor watching your every move and helping you real time. Given the choice, we'd definitely go this route again."

By: Don G
DVD: West Coast Swing 101
I find the DVDs in particular have these three plusses:

"1) They are clear, showing and talking about the moves from different angles. There's opportunity for people with different learning styles to pick them up.

2) The progression of moves is sensible. Many group lessons and U tube videos are mostly independent of the previous week's lesson. These DVDs follow a logical progression, so the viewer feels a gradual but continual improvement.

3) Most of the curriculum is about groups of related moves: different whip variations, different exits, etc. This makes it easier for the beginner to feel that he or she is going on the floor with a decent number of alternatives."

By: J. Apgar
DVD: West Coast Swing Moves/Patterns 1
On: March 23, 2013
Great new moves!

"I am not new to West Coast Swing but I am certainly not an expert. I thoroughly enjoyed the light-hearted (they have FUN teaching) and informative DVD Moves and Patterns Vol. 1, and look forward to the rest of the series. If you have already gone through beginner DVD's or classes, this it a good next choice. One of my favorite parts was at the beginning where you learn how to start a dance without being arms-distance apart.

Shawn and Joanna Trautman explain the moves completely, and show close-ups of both hands and feet so you get a good snapshot of what you should look like doing the moves. I have also been lucky enough to attend more than one of his live classes, and even dance with Shawn Trautman personally. He is just as patient and fun to dance with in person as he is on the DVD!"

By: Shelley Chiong
DVD: West Coast Swing Moves/Patterns 2
On: August 17, 2012
EXCELLENT! Very clear instructions & fun to watch

"I've watched a number of dance videos, from the DVDs I purchased online (I now own 12!) & a few loaned from the libraries. Got to say that the videos produced by Shawn Trautman Dance Instructions are by far The BEST!!! The instructions are very clear, & the arrangement & pace are just PERFECT for a beginner/intermediate dancer like me. Shawn & Joanna deliver the moves the simplest way so everybody gets it regardless of one's tyle of learning. Stay active & be entertained on your own or with a partner using S & J Trautman's videos. I guarantee you will be satisfied with the contents of all his videos as I truly am. WCS DVDs by S. Trautman - a great investment for health!

Further, I've taken so far 30 hrs of group lessons on WCS & 22 hours of Ballroom. I can now assert that 50% of my learning is attributed to my religious practice with Shawn Trautman's DVD instructions, 25% on group lessons & 25% over practice with other dancers. 'So lucky that I get to watch & practice with friends over again & anywhere using Trautman's videos. Dancing is a great form of exercise & entertainment to stay healthy. So, I strongly recommend to buy!"

By: J. Wilkins
DVD: West Coast Swing M&P Vol. 3
On: January 2, 2012
Beyond the basics

"I haven't seen the first two videos in this WCS Moves and Patterns series but I can say that I found this one very helpful and enjoyable. I've been doing WCS for a few years and have learned lots of patterns but I still have much room for improvement. This video will take you beyond the basic sugar pushes, side passes and whips, so if you haven't mastered the basics this will be too advanced for you. I would rate this video squarely between beginner and intermediate. There is a nice variation on the sugar push that I had never seen. The ladies I dance with seem to like it. There are a variety of side to side switches which look very nice. I had seen them before but now I understand them much better. There is also a simple timing change which raises the coolness factor a bit. The Review section is very useful and there are a couple of nice bonus moves at the end. If you are an upper level novice like me you will be pleased with this video. Shawn is good about answering questions if you have them."

By: Randy Kullop
DVD: West Coast Swing Advanced Vol. 1
Love the moves!

"I just love the moves on west coast swing advanced vol1&2. I've only been dancing 8 months and got vole 1 for xmas. The way you break the complicated moves down even a 50 year old carpenter like myself can follow. I have a great opportunity in northern virginia to dance with some great people at places like cherry hill cloven run and mad jam. All together I've only been dancing about a year..."

By: James K., CA
DVD: Shawn Trautman Instruction (the brand)
Your instruction DVDs are the best!

"Your instruction DVDs are the best! As I am sure you know, much of what you can tell people "in real time" takes additional time to be absorbed and reflected in their performance and I am so thankful to have your DVDs to go back & practice to until we get it."

By: Bob N., San Diego, CA
Series: STI: West Coast Swing
Excellent job

"We’ve gained a lot from your videos! We’ve been dancing West Coast Swing for 4 years and have never seen moves taught like what you did here. Excellent job of breaking down the leads and giving us moves that are challenging and look great on the floor."

By: Amy Tuckman "Gap Girl"
DVD: Ballroom & Latin Dance Sampler
On: March 5, 2013
Affordable and convenient!

"We really enjoyed the dances taught in this one and would recommend this lesson to anyone! As we've recently taken private lessons from the Arthur Murray studio downtown, I'll say this option has many advantages and is a lot more affordable. We like that we can go back and practice as many times as we need to and it doesn't cost us more. It's a private lesson that you can take and repeat anytime. We'll defintely be back for more and we love what you do!"

By: June W
DVD: Ballroom & Latin Dance Sampler
On: September 6, 2011

Besides covering the dance steps in an easy-to-follow way, the instruction for beginners also covers leading and following. The dance videos I checked out of the library showed dance positions, but didn't explain how these positions are used to lead the lady and follow the man. The instructors seem like very nice people. Keep up the good work."

By: J. Sheffer
DVD: Ballroom & Latin Dance Sampler
On: December 5, 2006

"My wife and I are new to ballroom dancing in the last year. We've taken some lessons, but found that we needed the extra help of videos that we can use on our own schedule in our home and we've tried a bunch of them. This DVD and the whole series of new videos from Shawn Trautman have been a godsend and much more useful to us than the others we've tried. We are actually doing the dances within a short time and having fun, rather than getting aggravated with one another. Trautman's emphasis on the differing roles of leader and follower and the very clear demonstrations of those roles have helped us enormously. These DVDs include much more music and time to practice the new steps than most videos, rather than just watching an instructor do a step and go to another step. We like this video a lot and strongly recommend it. On a side note, the logistics/timing of shipping and subsequent email communications with the company were, after many frustrations with other online outfits, the best we've seen. "

By: Wayne
DVD: Ballroom & Latin Dance Sampler
On: November 26, 2006
Great Lesson!

"This lesson is definitely worth taking! It's a private lesson that you can take and repeat anytime. I really enjoyed the variety of dances taught in this Ballroom & Latin dance sampler. While all of the dances are fun to learn and practice, the Tango steps were particularly fun for me and my partner!"

By: Naomi M
DVD: Ballroom & Latin Dance Sampler
On: November 22, 2006
Turn a dance partner into a leader!

This DVD gives practical instruction to men on how to lead properly. We especially liked the "hustle" segment. We busted out our salsa skills at my high school reunion and really impressed my classmates!"

By: Dom V
DVD: Ballroom & Latin Dance Sampler
On: December 5, 2006


By: Rose J
DVD: Ballroom & Latin Dance Sampler
On: November 28, 2006
Basics you can use again and again

"Before this Ballroom Dancing DVD I didn't realize there are so many common elements in different dances. Little things like how to hold your hands and where to place your hands can be used in more than one dance. I had no idea how important those little things could be, or how easy they can be to master. This is a good starting point for any beginner."

By: Mindy C
DVD: Ballroom & Latin Dance Sampler
On: December 3, 2006
Excellent Instruction

"My favorite thing about Shawn Trautman's DVDs is the instruction provided individually for the leaders and the followers, so that each person learns what they should be doing. The camera angles are great too. This particular DVD has a lot of great variety (salsa, cha-cha, tango, etc)."

By: Megan N
DVD: Ballroom & Latin Dance Sampler
On: December 5, 2006
Good foundation with a nice pace

"This DVD creates a nice foundation. Shawn teaches the moves clearly and slowly, giving the lead just enough information without confusing him. Although, I would have liked to see more tips for the follow. The pace was also nice, not overwhelming but not boring. The variety of dances made for an interesting and diverse dance DVD."

By: Dawn Gruber
DVD: Country Western Dance Sampler
On: February 18, 2013
GREAT! Loved this DVD Shawn, thank you!

"Looking forward to your full DVD series on the triple two. Thanks again!"

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