Customer Reviews on Shawn Trautman Instruction Videos (pg. 7)

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By: Matytilda
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: November 16, 2012
Basic and fun!

"Basic and fun! I work at a School for Children and Adults with Severe Disabilities. We are constantly looking for new dance steps for our PE class. I ordered the DVD for one of our staff. She is using it to learn and then teach the steps to the students. We feel the instruction is basic enough for our students and fun for the staff."

By: Gail Q.
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: February 23, 2010
Great for Seniors!

"I bought this video for my 83 yr. old mother who just started line dancing at the Senior Center. I was quite excited to do the video with her and I was impressed with the instruction and the review. I liked that Shawn turned his back to the camera so we could follow him like he was in the room with us. I don't know if my mother will continue line dancing, but I know I will!"

By: Joseph Niksich
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: October 19, 2005
quick easy and fun

"Excellent dance instruction for someone like me who is pretty much a novice. I had to learn some basic steps quickly for a wedding so this video was an outstanding tool for me. It was quick, easy and fun. Even my kids learned a few moves. I highly recommend this video and I will certainly check out Shawn's other products."

By: Judith A.
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: February 16, 2013
Really enjoyed it!

"We really enjoyed it! Our group of friends really enjoyed the lessons!"

By: Angela McKnight
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: December 18, 2011
Must Have for Weddings!

"Hey if you are going to a wedding this is a must. Don't just sit there when the line dances are played just because you didn't bring a date or your date doesn't dance. You can join in on the fun as a single with Line Dances. When you get out on the dance floor you will already know how to do the dances and not look like a fool. Recommend that you buy this!"

By: Terry Johnson
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: April 20, 2013
Love it!

"Love it! Excellent service. Bought from here two times and both times received product as promised. Love it! Also, received a nice thank you note from shipper who is THE Shawn Trautman who created the product!"

By: Melissa B.
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: February 5, 2010
Shawn is a great dance instructor.

"Shawn is a great dance instructor. I have problems with direction such as left, right. I go right when I'm supposed to go left. With this DVD, I don't have that problem and he shows you the dance steps from the front, the back, the side. Even the dances that seem difficult are easy to learn."

By: Patti
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: May 16, 2012
Shawns video's are GREAT

"Shawns video's are GREAT and Party Line Dances was no exception! It's one of three line dance video's that I have of his and I love them all. I also have his 101 video for couples dancing and I absolutely recommend him as an instructor. I'm having a great time with them and will spread the word and continue to purchase more!"

By: J Sheffer
DVD: Slow and Romantic Dance Sampler
On: December 5, 2006
Get this video!

"My wife and I are new to ballroom dancing in the last year. We've taken some lessons, but found that we needed the extra help of videos that we can use on our own schedule in our home and we've tried a bunch of them. This DVD and the whole series of new videos from Shawn Trautman have been a godsend and much more useful to us than the others we've tried. We are actually doing the dances within a short time and having fun, rather than getting aggravated with one another. Trautman's emphasis on the differing roles of leader and follower and the very clear demonstrations of those roles have helped us enormously.

These DVDs include much more music and time to practice the new steps than most videos, rather than just watching an instructor do a step and go to another step. We like this video a lot and strongly recommend it. On a side note, the logistics/timing of shipping and subsequent email communications with the company were, after many frustrations with other online outfits, the best we've seen."

By: Raymond Jones
DVD: Slow and Romantic Dance Sampler
On: January 25, 2007
Start Dancing with this DVD

"Do you want to dance? Start here. I guarantee you; this DVD is exceptionally well done. As instructional material goes Trautman and his wife are incredibly easy to learn from. I watched the "Slow and Romantic Dance Sampler" and was really impressed with the clarity of instruction and the helpful comments on dance etiquette. The camera angles shift between the male and female perspectives which is really interesting. You will learn enough of the basic dance moves to feel confident on the dance floor. I would eagerly recommend this to anyone who wants to get a jumpstart on their dance moves. Honestly, I believe you could watch this one night and be out dancing the next. It gives a man immediate skills he can use the same weekend. If you want to dance, start here."

By: A. Van Taylor
DVD: Slow and Romantic Dance Sampler
On: January 3, 2007
Great for beginners!

"Like all of Shawn's DVD's that we have purchased, this one is also terrific for beginners who want to learn to dance. This particular one is for slow dancing to many different types of music."

By: Peggy Woods
DVD: Slow and Romantic Dance Sampler
On: November 24, 2006


By: Tom Hino., Adelanto, CA
DVD: Slow Dancing for Beginners V.1
On: May 3, 2013
The breakdown of the steps is what I like the most!

"Always wished I could dance, never took the time to learn... missed a lot! Wish I'd started earlier, appreicate the quality and breakdown of your instruction. Was enjoying a dance class at our local college, but conflicted with my work schedule, and unlike your dvds I could not always say wait I need to see that again. I do wish you were local, you have an obvious love of dance, and it would be great to take a class from the two of you. Thanks. PS - The breakdown of the steps is what I liked most. Bought both the Slow Dancing for Beginners DVD and Dance Lessons 101."

By: Thomas K
DVD: Slow Dancing for Beginners V.1
On: February 17, 2008
We had a great time learning to Slow Dance!

"When my wife told me that we were taking Slow Dance lessons, I was a bit apprehensive. I've never really been that comfortable on the dance floor. However, my concerns started to go away when she showed me that we would be learning and practicing in the privacy of our home with the Shawn Trautman Slow Dancing for Beginners DVD Collection. We listened to the DVD lessons a few times. It is great that when she or I had questions, we could simply stop, rewind and practice at our own pace. Shawn Trautman explains slow dance steps and moves in an easy-to-understand, confident manner.

We actually ventured out to a public event last weekend -- a somewhat formal charity event. To everyone's surprise (especially my own), both my wife and I were awesome on the dance floor! Unlike the old days, where I would slink into the corner when the music started, I confidently asked my wife to dance all night long. Both of us even found ourselves asking others to dance -- and offered them little tips along the way (forgive us Shawn for borrowing some of those!). We are both actually looking forward to going to more events where we can "show our stuff" on the dance floor. For these reasons, I whole-heartedly recommend the Shawn Trautman Slow Dancing for Beginners and rate it Five Stars!"

By: T. Verboon
DVD: Slow Dancing Beginners V.2
On: October 27, 2011
Just right for us

"Just what we were looking for to prepare for our daughter's wedding. We haven't ever danced before. The style of the instruction works for us."

By: K. Smith
DVD: Slow Dancing Beginners V.2
On: May 8, 2008
Completely satisfied

"We were completely satisfied with Shawn's slow dance lessons and we'll definitely be back for more."

By: Rose J
DVD: Smokin Line Dances Vol. 1
On: October13, 2012
I can do this!

"Yes, I can do this!! These dances are indeed complicated. But as he does in other DVD's, Shawn presents the steps in segments that can be easily learned, and he encourages you to repeat them over and over to make sure you've mastered them."

By: Jennifer A
DVD: Smokin Line Dances Vol. 1
On: November 8, 2011
Finally Learned the Dance!

"Finally Learned the Dance!!! I have seen the Hip Hop Line Dance out in the clubs, and I attempted to learn it there. I finally broke down and purchased Shawn Trautman's Smokin' Line Dances, so I could learn the dance at home. Shawn does an excellent job with the Hip Hop Line Dance, and with all the other dances on the video. Shawn explains things so thoroughly that it makes them seem easy-which helps boost your confidence as you learn."

By: Molly B.
DVD: Smokin Line Dances Vol. 1
On: May 19, 2011
Easy to Follow, Lots of FUN!

"High Energy, Easy to Follow, Lots of FUN! I was not very familiar with line dancing before trying this tape, but with Shawn's easy to follow steps, I was able to pick up the dances pretty easily. The DVD gives you 2 views on the screen, one being the full body, and the other being just the feet, which allows you to be able to pick up the foot movements more easily. It was also very helpful how he does the whole dance with the music first, before breaking it down into the parts. This allowed me to see what parts I could pick up by just watching, and then also what parts I would need to spend more time concentrating on. It also allows you to get a general feel for most of the steps before getting into the technical breakdown of each one. The dances he teaches are also very fun and have gotten me excited to go out and try my foot on the dance floor. "

By: LeeAn
DVD: Smokin Line Dances Vol. 1
On: March 26, 2010
Newbies steer clear!

"No newbies! Newbies steer clear! These dances may be complicated enough to make you look like a pro on the dance floor, but they require some practice to master. Fortunately, these dances are fun, so practicing isn't a chore. I appreciate that Shawn likes to provide alternative steps where appropriate, so I can be creative and still be in time to the rhythm. Newbies, take a look at Shawn's Party Line Dances."

By: Maria F.
DVD: Smokin Line Dances Vol. 1
On: April 16, 2009
Excellent product and customer service.

"Excellent product and customer service. Shawn is a pretty good teacher I have to say. The way he has structured his instruction seems pretty good to me. Very easy to follow, the screen shows you the steps from different angles even. Repetition is very good, he repeats the steps and the he adds some and reapeat them again, it is not too difficult to start following the coreography. The only thing that I would like to see as improvement is background country music even if he cannot do the whole dance with a country music song. Ginger from customer service exaplained to me why they did not include music in their dvds. Makes sense but, personally I would still like some country music there. Even without the music, I would defenetely buy other dvds from Shawn again since they really allow you to learn the dance in an easy to understand fashion. If you are a beginner look at other dvds by Shawn that cater to beginners or first timers with line dancing."

By: J. Apgar
DVD: Smokin Line Dances Vol. 2
On: March 11, 2012
I love this DVD

"I love this DVD, and the others I have also! Shawn Trautman shows a few steps and then reviews them to make sure you have plenty of chances to practice. I'm telling all my friends to buy this DVD so they can learn the more complicated line dances. This is more fun exercise than going to the gym!"

By: J.D.
DVD: Smokin Line Dances Vol. 2
On: January 17, 2011
Great video

"This is a great video for anyone to learn to line dance. It also helps you refresh some of the basic steps if you haven't been dancing recently. (Me) Don't be afraid to add to the dance that is what makes line dancing fun, do stay with the tried and true add a little flare to stand out in a crowd."

By: AK Hunter
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V1
On: July 8, 2012
You Can Swing Dance to any type of music!

"At the age of 28 I had never been taught any form of dance. At social gatherings whether it be a school dance, wedding/anniversary, country music bar, military ball, or even an underground punk rock show, I was always on the sideline watching other people have fun and never knowing that the one form of dance could have me completely covered every occasion until I got this video. By the time I finished the Swing Dancing Volume 1 video I had learned enough to go out and dance at virtually any venue from mild to wild. The video begins with teaching you not only the basic steps, but also how to use the steps to any variety of music styles and speeds in a way that's simple to understand, even if you happen to be one of those people who has a problem staying with the beat of music. In addition to the in depth step by step instruction, throughout the video Shawn adds many helpful hints along the way to help guys with the lead like keeping your partner's mind occupied by doing the left, right, and underarm turns he demonstrates. Joanna also chimes in with helpful tips for the ladies from the followers perspective and makes sure that the followers have just as in depth step by step demonstration as the leaders receive from Shawn. The only flaw this video had was that when the camera zoomed in on some parts of the instruction it used a digital zoom which causes a bit of clarity loss, but it does not the degrade the excellent quality of the lessons taught (which is what really matters), so I still give this video a 5 Star rating. I'd recommend at least getting the Beginners Volume 2 Swing as well because you'll learn all the basics in this video fairly quick and want to start trying the more fancy turns, spins, wraps, and other moves to come in Volume 2."

By: Lorrie Buschmann
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V1
On: March 20, 2013
Now We Aren't Afraid to get on the Dance Floor!!

"My husband and I have been in love with big band music for years. When we find a group that is playing locally, we are there. we enjoy the night out to watch the dancers and the music. We never knew where to begin with the dancing so we enviously watched. Too afraid to make fools of ourselves on the dance floor. Dance lessons at some of the facilities near us were out of our price range. I am so fortunate that I found this collection. I ordered the Swing Dance Volume I and II set. We had so much fun learning comfortably in our own home (and privacy) and it wasn't long before we got up and out on to the dance floor ourselves. AND, we noticed we were NOT the least experienced dancers out there. The fun we have had since being able to listen to the music as well as dance is amazing. and all of it so affordable. The instruction is so simple and easy to follow. We were amazed. We loved it so much we gave Volume I as a gift to our best friends. I can't wait to learn more. I highly recommend Shawn Trautman dance lessons to anyone considering learning to dance. We went from no skill at all to feeling comfortable and having so much fun with it. Shawn and Joanna's step-by-step demonstrations make it fun, easy and so not intimidating. Just do it!!! It's fun!"

By: Donna Jordan
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V1
On: February 2, 2013
2 Thumbs Up!

"I purchased the Complete Volume Set of Shawn Trautman's Swing Dance Collection and it was a solid investment. He breaks down steps very nicely with a great attention to detail and ease of instruction. I love the "laid back" style, yet professionalism to show that ANYONE can dance and enjoy the benefits of social dancing. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to invest in solid teaching in a nonthreatening, non-intimidating, yet, fun manner. You can use his as a technical tool to enhance dance training or independently to learn new steps. I've been teaching for years and am always looking for different DVDs and teaching materials to enhance my library. I will be purchasing some other of his videos (Slow Dancing, West Coast Swing and others) to continue my training. Great job Shawn and Joanna! Keep up the good work!"

By: Connette Blalock
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V1
On: October 18, 2012
A True Beginning Swing Dancers DVD!

"I have many swing dance DVD's at home but this one is by far the best. The instructor breaks down each step, arm position, and dance position into its most basic form allowing a person who has never danced before to master the basics. Each step is repeated many times so that there is no need to stop and replay each section. Split camera angles are used effectively to show the proper position of each partner. I highly recommend this DVD for anyone who has no prior experience in dance."

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