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By: Heather Gallagher
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V1
On: September 28, 2012
We really liked this dvd and want to get more of his DVDs

"My husband and I got this DVD to practice for his brother's wedding. We ended up having so much fun that we would just turn it on to have a date night. It was very helpful that we could back up and practice a step if we didn't get it the first time. They stand so all we had to do was mirror them. We really liked this dvd and want to get more of his DVDs."

By: Karen R
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V1
On: August 11, 2012
The DVD is superior to the in-person lesson

"Before buying, my husband and I signed up for four dance lessons and had taken two. The DVD is superior to the in-person lesson; I learned more and could understand the instructions as they were simple, repeated, and consistent. I like the verbal instructions that went with the steps over and over so I could get down the basics."

By: Michele M
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V1
On: March 11, 2012
Very Impressed!

"We wanted to learn how to swing dance but felt so self-conscious on the dance floor that we couldn't do the classes. This really helped get us started on our own turf. We bought Vol 2 and the Intermediate Vol1 and highly recommend all three. The quality is good and Shawn focuses on the lead role quite a bit, which is what we need the most help from."

"Very Impressed! I purchased this DVD to supplement class instruction and help practice. I loved how everything, from the steps, to holding to posture to leading and following, is broken down to the most basic level and gone over thoroughly and repeated."

By: James Callen
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V1
On: January 4, 2012
Excellent Introduction!

"This DVD provides a great introduction to both single time and east coast swing. Both Shawn and Joanna do an excellent job of breaking down each of the pieces into manageable parts that are fun to go through. We liked the pace and feel like we got much more than our money's worth on this one as we've taken private lessons for a whole lot more and gotten a whole lot less out of them. Wish we had found these DVDs sooner. Keep 'em coming!"

By: Jane B
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V1
On: December 5, 2011
I highly recommend it.

"I like the way Shawn and his wife show steps, slow and easy to follow... I like the DVDs, I am finally getting my husband to believe that he can learn to dance. The system is great and easy to follow. I highly recommend it."

By: Lynn Hardesty
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V1
On: June 24, 2011
ANYONE can easily understand and perform

"WOW! Having been born with two left feet I was thrilled to find "Swing Dancing for Beginners"! Shawn and Joanna break the dance down into easy steps that ANYONE can easily understand and perform. The way this video is filmed is unique and makes it simple to follow their lead. After years of wanting to be able to dance, my husband and I have finally found a teaching method that works! I can't wait to try Volume 2."

By: Celeste J
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V1
On: October 3, 2010
Great video lessons

"My husband and I have been married 38 years and never learned to dance. We didn't even have dancing at our wedding because we didn't know how. I liked that I was able to do as much as I wanted for as long or short as I wanted."

By: Donna Daugherty
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V1
On: November 23, 2010
All you need to learn the basic swing steps

"This DVD is all you need to learn the basic swing steps, fast swing as well as slow swing depending on the music being played. The instruction technics were simple to learn and easy to remember. As an example, using the Hula Hoop as an aid to demonstrate the swing move is superb and is imprinted in the viewer's mind. I strongly recommend it to beginners."

By: John K
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V2
On: November 23, 2012
As Easy as 1-2-Rock Step

"Buy this along with Beginners Volume 1 and you will be swinging by midnight. This is a fun couple dancing a fun dance. Just watching the DVD for entertainment purposes makes me smile. The Trautman's were born to teach dance, and they do it better than anyone else I have seen. They are not about showing you how good they are at dancing, instead they are about teaching you how to dance well and look good on the dance floor. The speed and repetition in this DVD is easy to follow. Miss a step? No need to stop, rewind, and replay; Shawn and Joanna are going to show it to you again and again, with verbal instructions each step of the way, and views from multiple angles. Learning all the new steps is addictive, and before you know it, it's midnight, and you have watched (and learned) the entire DVD. Load in the the Intermediate DVD, and keep going into the wee hours. Single-time and triple-time swing are included with enough steps, turns, belly-rubs, kick steps, and back touches to keep you and your dance partner amused all night at the next swing party."

By: Richard A
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V2
On: September 27, 2012
Easy for my wife and I to follow and practice

"It makes it easy. It covers both Triple and Single Step Swing. So many do triple step. I also like that it goes over the figure in detail and repeats it many times. It makes it easy for my wife and I to follow and practice."

By: PDierks86
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V2
On: March 11, 2012
Absolutely Great as Well

"We have been having a blast with Swing over the last week or so and love Shawn's DVDs. The instruction quality is first rate as Shawn and Joanna Trautman truly know how to teach. We liked how the moves in volume 2 built on top of everything in Volume 1 as we went seamlessly from one to the other. We're looking forward to the Intermediate DVD once we perfect what we have. We highly recommend these DVDs for anyone wanting to learn either single time or east coast swing."

By: M. Todd
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V2
On: September 9, 2010
Excellent Instruction

"I highly recommend this instructional video to anyone wishing to learn swing dancing. I bought this video as a gift for my son and his wife who are interested in learning to swing dance. My wife and I like to think we are good swing dancers but we learned a few things from this beginners set and plan to purchase the more advanced videos for ourselves. I have purchased other dance videos; however I think Shawn Trautman's method of teaching is superior to any of the other videos that I have purchased."

By: Dancin' Queenie
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V2
On: March 26, 2010
Excellent Swing Dancing Instruction

"Swing Volume 2 is just as good as a standalone as it is to a supplement to volume 1. If you've been swing dancing a couple times already and have the basic steps down from a couple free lessons at the clubs, then this is the DVD you will be using the most. I had someone try to teach me the tuck turns and wraps, but the instruction wasn't nearly as good as how I found it on this DVD. It's almost 90 minutes of quality lessons which typically cost 4-5 times as much in a live environment. This is definitely a wise purchase for someone wanting to learn in the privacy of their own home. My personal favorite part was being able to do all the moves in synch with Shawn & Joanna at the end of each lesson."

By: Connette Blalock
DVD: Swing Dancing for Beginners V2
On: October 15, 2009
Learn Great New Moves

"I really loved this DVD. As I currently know how to do basic swing dance moves, this tape helped me add "color" to my swing dancing ability. This tape begins by a short review of the basic swing dance steps and then moves quickly into more advanced dance steps. Each new move is shown first, then broken down into parts, allowing the viewer to perfect each dance step before moving onto the next one. Get this DVD if you want to shine on the dance floor!"

By: AK Hunter
DVD: Swing Dancing Intermediate V1
On: December 9, 2012
Faster, Fancier Moves to Add to your routine

"Shawn Trautman's Swing Dancing Intermediate Volume 1 is a definite must have. What I found most useful were the moves taught from hand change positions like the shoulder roll and pretzel which enable me to keep dancing with style in between hand changes instead of just going back and forth from one hand change to the next. Other moves like the inside turn and outside turn he/she added further complexity to what I could do by showing how to execute simultaneous moves by the leader and follower. I believe this DVD is appropriately labeled Intermediate because you'll need a bit more experience and balance to be able to do some of the moves, so if you have little or no experience swing dancing make sure you can handle the material in the Swing Dancing Beginners Volume 2 before you dive into this lesson. The moves are still laid out nicely, step by step, as in the Beginner DVDs with tips for both leaders and followers throughout. Since I bought the 3 disc Swing Dancing set I've learned in a relatively short period of about a month all the material from Beginners Volume 1 to the Intermediate Volume 1 and I've gone from barely being able to do the basic steps of swing dancing to dancing to blues, country, and rock and roll in bars and big band music at ballroom events. From a guys perspective take my word for it, if you make it through this DVD you won't be spending any songs sitting down by a dance floor once the ladies see what you can do."

DVD: Swing Dancing Intermediate V1
On: March 15, 2012
Well produced and easy to follow

"We have many of Shawn Trautman's DVD on various dances. They are well produced and easy to follow. I recommend without hesitation. We are high intermediate level dancers."

By: T. Michel
DVD: Swing Dancing Intermediate V1
On: October 12, 2011
Fun and easy to follow

"This is a fun DVD with instruction that is repeated and easy to follow. The dancers repeat the steps several times from different views so that you can practice the steps with them, rather than having to stop the DVD constantly to "watch it again." My husband and I took dance lessons and were looking to learn some new figures with this DVD. We learned 3 or 4 new moves that we do use when we dance."

By: Connette Blaloch
DVD: Swing Dancing Intermediate V1
On: May 19, 2010
Great Exercise, High Energy and Fun

"This DVD goes all out with new moves to use on the dance floor. The swing dance instructions for Touchbacks, Kick steps, and Pretzels were easy to follow and the steps are fun. This is a great exercise tape, high energy, easy to master and fun to learn. A perfect companion tape to Swing Dancing for Beginners 1 and 2."

By: C. Lynch
DVD: Two-Step for Beginners Volume 1
Best 2-Step Video!

"I have watched several videos on learning the two-step. Almost all of them focus on the foot work and completely leave out the signals to your partner. This video covers that important topic."

By: Bobby Sloan
DVD: Two-Step for Beginners Volume 1

"Having miserably failed our first dance class and firmly yet politely asked not to return for another my wife and I assumed that we must be among the no rhythm or balance with two left feet dancing wannabes. We were doomed to zombie like dancing forever. You know the style; swaying back and forth with lifeless energy. Just like the living dead! However, our optimism and resourcefulness has paid off. Hooray! We discovered the Shawn Trautman dance lesson DVDs with only six to eight hours of practice we have found our natural rhythm, balance and our right feet! Wow! What a discovery! We are now confidently dancing the two step and a wonderful slow dance. We are also working on the more advanced two step and a waltz. The instructional DVDs allow us to review steps as much as we need to. Shawn's dance steps and instructions are easy to follow. We are now truly dancing and could not be happier using these DVDs. You, too, can dance with dignity and style. Next dance floor is our 40th class reunion. Thanks, Shawn!"

By: Tommy T
DVD: Two-Step for Beginners Volume 1
Absolutely Fantastic!

"I'm a first time customer and now completely sold on Shawn's instruction. My girlfriend and I have been taking weekly two-step classes for the last 3 months and I wanted to go back and work on the basics. In the first 15 minutes alone I picked up several things that I wish I'd known months ago. What I really like is that Shawn spends the time teaching what it means to lead a woman and that his wife goes through what following is about. We really enjoyed the lessons and look forward to going through the next DVD. We've decided it's much easier to learn from your DVDs than our class and we'll be spending more time at home practicing. Thanks!"

By: Gary R. Wolcott Sr.
DVD: Two-Step for Beginners Volume 1
best instructional video we have

"We find this the best instructional video we have. Shawn teaches in a way that you can follow without being confused by too much too fast as many other instructors do. We found it easy to follow and with great tips on style."

By: Olive (Canada)
DVD: Two-Step for Beginners Volume 1
This dance video is for you

"If you have two left feet and have a difficult time remembering instructions, especially when it comes to dance lessons, then believe me, this dance video is for you. Trust me, Shawn and his wife make the lessons so unbelievably easy that I'm now slightly embarrassed when I realize how easy it is to two-step. I always got mixed up on the dance floor and wasn't really sure I was two-stepping correctly, but now I know exactly how to do it! I am going to order more of his videos."

By: Damon Tankersley
DVD: Two-Step for Beginners Volume 1
Thank you Shawn! I'm dancing!

"I am shocked! I have to admit I didn't think I'd really learn anything from this DVD. After all I had tried several other companies DVD's and still couldn't dance. But I thought I'd try one more. Thank you Shawn! I'm dancing! Very easy to understand. If Shawn can teach me to dance... he can dang sure teach you!"

By: Alan S., Austin, TX
DVD: Two-Step for Beginners Volume 1
Eaiser to follow than I had expected

"It was eaiser to follow than I had expected - maybe better to say easier than I had feared!"

By: J. Sheffer
DVD: Two-Step for Beginners Volume 2
Can't beat it

"My wife and I are new to ballroom dancing in the last year. We've taken some lessons, but found that we needed the extra help of videos that we can use on our own schedule in our home and we've tried a bunch of them.

This DVD and the whole series of new videos from Shawn Trautman have been a godsend and much more useful to us than the others we've tried. We are actually doing the dances within a short time and having fun, rather than getting aggravated with one another.

Trautman's emphasis on the differing roles of leader and follower and the very clear demonstrations of those roles have helped us enormously. These DVDs include much more music and time to practice the new steps than most videos, rather than just watching an instructor do a step and go to another step. We like this video a lot and strongly recommend it. On a side note, the logistics/timing of shipping and subsequent email communications with the company were, after many frustrations with other online outfits, the best we've seen."

By: Rick H
DVD: Two-Step Intermediate Vol. 1
These country 2-step DVDs are the best on the market!

"I recommend these country 2-step DVDs to anyone because the teaching method used by Shawn Trautman are done in a way that are easy to understand and makes it easy for any beginner to understand but at the same time someone who already has experience can learn from the DVDs also. The DVDs are taught so well that I feel if a beginner looked at one of Shawn's more advanced videos they could even learn from that.

Hopefully this review will help someone not waste hundreds of dollars like I did buying bad DVDs. I wish I would have had this information and I would have bought Shawn's videos first and I would not have wasted all that money on bad videos."

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