Double 2-Step Starter Pack (3 DVDs)

"From the Basics to 'Show-Off' Worthy Moves in 3 Easy-to-Follow DVDs"

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Double Two-Step Videos are now in full session and your lessons are about to begin! Forget country dance lessons at the club, these videos guarantee success at a much faster rate...

Double Two-Step is quickly becoming one of America's favorite dances when it comes to country music, and it's no surprise as probably half of all of today's country music fits the dance. It's got a great tempo, a refreshing 'easy to keep up' feel, a catchy rhythm line, and a pretty darned good set of steps that will double as a true cardio workout once you really get into it.

New to country dancing but not sure where to begin? Trust us, this is the set you're going to want and need as it will pay for itself a hundred times over. These country dance lessons transform those who truly want to learn how to Double Two-Step. If you're someone who just wants to stand around and wish you were out there having fun, these videos may not work so well. However, if you want to make the best of your nights and really impress others on the dance floor, these Double Two-Step videos are the hands down best option for you!

  • Double Two-Step Videos for Beginners
  • Energizing Country Music Throughout
  • Learn How to Double Two-Step
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • More effective than traditional country dance lessons
  • Great Supply of Double Two-Step Moves
  • The Trautman's at their best!

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No longer do you have to wonder what it's like to dance to all that great country music. This 3 DVD set of Double Two-Step Videos will take you from 'what are they doing out there?' to 'man, I love this dance!' in just a few short lessons.

You'll start your country dance lessons off with Double 2-Step 101 where you'll quickly get immersed in the music and learn about the rhythms that make this dance work. You'll then learn all about the connections for you and your partner and get exclusive style points you won't find anywhere else (this will help you to NOT look like it's your first time doing it). From there, you'll start seeing the cool lead & follow moves that make Double 2-Step the fastest growing dance on the country music scene.

After learning how to dance the Double 2-Step in the "101", you'll move into the Moves & Patterns series where you'll see the true nuts & bolts of how Double Two-Step works and you'll find yourself building connections you never thought possible. The way Shawn & Joanna Trautman put curriculum together is unlike anything you'll find with local country dance lessons and you'll be amazed at how quickly it all comes together. You won't get random groupings of moves or a ton of fancy turns that are all completely different, you'll get foundational moves that you'll be able to stack moves onto and change up at will and you'll be completely set for dancing with anyone as you'll understand 'why' things work and not just be told what to do.

If you want to look like you know what you're doing and have others talking about how they love dancing with you, then you have no choice but to get this set of Double Two-Step videos. You'll have enough material to dance confidently with anyone on the social dance floor and more importantly, it won't just be a 'learned routine'. Get started today and start enjoying country dancing the way it was intended to be.

Double Two-Step Videos Included in this Set
Customer Reviews
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5.0(based on 3 reviews)

By: Savanna K
DVD: Double 2-Step 101
On: December 14, 2012
Shawn and Joanna Trautman made this video fun

"We are getting the hang of these dances and we are loving every minute of it. We still have a lot of learning to do but we are sure having fun trying. This video gave us a lot of new options on our dancing and has given us new challenges. Last weekend we learned the two-step so we thought this would be the logical next step and we were right. The dances definitely have their similarities, but they are more different than they are the same. The triple steps gave us a bit of trouble at first and we are working towards keeping our bodies smooth while we practice (it's not as easy as it sounds). Once again, Shawn and Joanna Trautman made this video fun while breaking the dance into small pieces that we could understand and follow along with. We like that it followed the same structure as Two-Step 101 regarding the foundational pieces (rhythm and timing then style and connection then lead and follow). Once we get all these dances down our next challenge will be knowing which one we use when we are out dancing. Nonetheless, we are really enjoying the lessons and think highly of the 101 videos."

By: Haley Kale
DVD: Double Two-Step M&P Vol. 1
On: October 24, 2012
Great Double Two-Step DVD

"We wanted you to know how much fun we had with this DVD. Double Two-Step was the dance we wanted to learn more of after completing your Beginner Series (took us 3 months) and we're hooked! My husband still counts out loud and we occasionally mess up still but like the pace of this dance more than the others. We have gone through Volume 2 already and love the instruction but we haven't mastered it by any means. Please let us know when you have other volumes out as we'd love to keep going."

By: Angela M
DVD: Double Two-Step M&P Vol. 2
On: April 3, 2013
We had no idea

"We just finished the second Double Two-Step video on moves and we're very impressed. We had no idea there were so many little tricks that make this dance so easy. We especially liked how it flowed with the music and that we were able to dance along with you."

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