Electric Slide: Line Dance Info Page and 'How-To' Electric Slide Video Lessons

Get in line with the Electric Slide!

Learn how to do the Elecrtic Slide Line Dance with the
'All-Time Top Selling' Line Dance 101!

Originating in the mid 1970's, at the height of the disco craze, the Electric Slide line dance did not climb to the top until the late 1980's. Now, the Electric Slide is one of the most widely known line dances in the world, with people from Australia to The United Kingdom knowing the steps. A favorite at weddings and many other special occasions, adding this dance to your repertoire will ensure that you won't be sitting all night. This dance spans all media from beginner books to movies to popular internet sites. With so many people having fun with this, you won't want to be left behind.

Now you can learn the Electric Slide at home with Shawn Trautman's Line Dance 101 DVD and Party Line Dances. This easy to follow instruction is designed for beginning dancers and is a great way to learn the dances for the first time or to refresh your memory on some of your favorite line dances. Line Dance 101 features line dance classics like the Electric Slide as well as Cotton Eyed Joe and Slappin' Leather and Shawn's own Ole' and Swing Time dances!

Line Dance 101 Line Dance 101 contains a variety of line dances that are essential for anyone who's just getting started. This DVD includes approximately 90 minutes worth of instruction of great line dances including:

-Electric Slide
-Cotton Eyed Joe
-Slappin' Leather
-Swing Time
- Bonus Material: Monterey Turns and 8-Count Applejacks Illusion

This DVD is filmed in HD and presented with multiple camera angles and Picture-In-Picture technology, you won't want to miss how easy these dances can be with the right instructor. Shawn Trautman has been a coach and mentor to numerous World Champions as well as countless social dancers since the early 1990's. Shawn welcomes people from all walks of life regardless of shape, size, or ability to his classes. If you're ready to learn and have fun, Shawn Trautman's Learn To Dance Series is the way to go. Order Essential Line Dances, and be ready for your next event!

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See how you CAN learn the Electric Slide line dance steps at home!

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