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Help McKenzie Play at the National High School Golf Invitational

McKenzie has earned to opportunity to compete at the national level, but now needs your help!

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What’s the Deal?

HUGE news for one of the Trautman golfers.

For those that remember, McKenzie won the KY State 2A Championship here a couple of months back. She shot a personal record of 68 and was -4 for the day.

As a result of that, she was contacted by the head of the NHSGA and invited to something really BIG.

An event worth talking about. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. An event with 225 or so of the top high school girls in the nation. A 54-hole tournament where she gets to represent KY as well as Russell County High School. An invite that sent chills down her spine in even thinking about it.

And, it’s at none other than Pinehurst. THE Pinehurst. Pinehurst Resort, in NC. 3 different courses over 3 days. A mere 7 1/2 hours away.

Specifically, it’s the High School Golf National Invitational at the Pinehurst Resort, June 27-29th.

How cool is THAT? What an opportunity!?!?

A chance to shine and be a part of something great. A chance to represent and showcase skills. A chance at making something happen for herself. A chance to meet people. A chance to talk to college coaches. A chance to enjoy the fruits of her labor. A chance at greatness.

Way to go, Kenz! I’m super excited for you and can’t wait to see you tee off.

And, now, it’s just figuring out how she’ll fund her trip (tournament fees, travel, & lodging) as her school, Russell County High School, can not legally fund her in any way due to KHSAA rules relating to the Summer Dead Period.

With that, we’d like to ask for your a small donation as we have a short time-frame to work with. Any contribution you can make gets her a little closer to being able to compete at the 2022 high school finals and all funds will be used & tracked in accordance with the USGA rules regarding amateur status & fundraising.

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