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“All my life, I sort of shuffled around and called it slow dancing. Now my wife and I stand out on the dance floor and feel great about our dancing. I have other Trautman CDs (West Coast Swing) and recommend them all highly.”

Dr. Earl W. Boatwright

70 years old and learning to dance

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Shawn will lead you EVERY step of the way with his “ready for you” step-by-step lessons, whether it is dance, sports, coaching, or business consulting.

The focus is on how good YOU look, how YOU feel, and whether or not YOU truly get it, not how he looks.

Same Dances. New & Improved Instruction.

Discover the key to unlocking your talent and building skills

Explore hundreds of full dance lesson videos, coaching courses, and more, all optimized for success

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Let’s not waste time. You’re here because you want to do something. It may be dancing, or coaching a tennis team, running a business better, or even implementing EVMS in your organization. I created this product line becaus I do all these things well AND I know how to TEACH you how to do each of these skills. I’ve produced over 60 of the best instructional videos broken down into easy to follow chunks that build on top of each other.

Truth be told, I could share over 10K success stories with you from people all over the world who’ve used my products, but that won’t make you dance any better. If you want, I could tell you all about my background and training and methods I use & have developed, but that won’t give you the first iota of what it feels like to take your first step and see for yourself what it’s like.

Talking about dancing isn’t the same as dancing. Talking about or teaching business isn”t the same as running one. Playing a sport is certainly not the same as coaching the same sport. Telling you I can teach you doesn’t mean squat if you haven’t listened to and tried learning with me yet. Telling you about Line Dancing, Two-Step, Swing, West Coast Swing or the Waltz isn’t the same as letting you be a part of the action.

I don’t want to bore you with sales copy or try to impress you with flashiness. I want you to say “I won’t know if you can help me until I try.” The reality is, I want to know that your time is not wasted and you receive more for your money than what you expect.

I trust that you won’t purchase my Signature Collection without truly wanting to put the necessary time in. I trust that your expectations aren’t that you’ll be a pro by the end of the day (that’d be cool though, huh?). I trust that you trust me enough to not lead you down the wrong path because, frankly, my name & reputation depend on it.

That said, you need to know if this is right for you and the only way to know is to try it. No risk. No high-pressure anything. Just you & me, working together with no one else watching. That’s it. Try it for a month and if you have success, let’s look to partner up. No recurring memberships or fees. Really, that’s it.

And, if you decide you want to continue with your lessons, I’ll even credit you your first month and subtract it from the full collection’s price. In other words, you get to test drive it all and see just how effective the lessons are if you’re up for the challenge. If you choose to continue I’ll even throw in a free private lesson via Zoom or your choice of video-to-video apps (valued at $150/hr).

The only real trick here is that you really do have to WANT to learn. Someone else telling you they WANT you to learn isn’t good enough. I have what you need, but you have to bring the desire part, else it won’t work.

Now, let’s get started so we can see how far you can get in your first 30 days.

What Others Are Saying…

No more watching other people's feet

“It was so much fun knowing how to do the dances.  In the past I didn't know what I was doing so I was watching everybody else and trying to keep up, but this time, ha, I was out there doing the Electric Slide like a pro. No more watching other people's feet.”

These videos were exactly as expected

“As for the instruction on the dances, these videos were exactly as expected. The instructors are professional, clear and easy to follow. I love all the tips that Joanna throws in for the ladies. No complaints and i'd definitely recommend.”

I can finally dance

“If you know the dance you want to learn, go straight to that video.
If you are like me and just wanted to dance but didn't know where to start, this is a great system to get you started. I am glad I bought it as my husband and I are trying dances I erroneously believed we wouldn't be interested in.

Shawn and Joanna do an excellent job of teaching both lead and follow to every dance. this was so much easier to follow and learn than other products I have seen.

Do a little research into this product line and you will not be disappointed.”

Want to brush up on a Line Dance, 2-Step or a West Coast Swing move on the go?

No problem! Shawn Trautman’s Signature Collection is available on DVD as well as your phone, tablet or computer with video streaming that gets you what you need when you need it.

“These lessons are so much better than in-person classes. So glad I found Shawn’s videos.” – Jessica Yulee

Line Dance

Beginner ⋅ Intermediate ⋅ Advanced

Nightclub Two-Step



Beginner ⋅ Intermediate


Beginner ⋅ Intermediate ⋅ Advanced



Double Two-Step

Beginner ⋅ Intermediate



Triple Two-Step

Beginner ⋅ Intermediate



West Coast Swing

Beginner ⋅ Intermediate ⋅ Advanced



Slow Dancing

Absolute Beginner

Access your lessons from any device!

I’ll help you learn the dance that allows you and your EXPERTISE to SHINE …

Line Dance Lessons

The ultimate collection of must-know line dances w/full breakdowns and step-by-step instructions that make learning each line dance a snap! Main focus is on building confidence and muscle memory for the next time you go line dancing, to a club, event, a cruise or an upcoming wedding. Includes Electric Slide, the Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Tush Push, Cotton Eyed Joe and more…

Beginner Dance Lessons

Consider this your toolbox as it’s filled w/a ton of dances organized into our easy learning system for beginners with quick access and tutorials. Each dance lesson can be learned and danced the same night. Includes Two-Step, Swing, Cha-Cha, Salsa, Hustle, West Coast Swing, Waltz, Nightclub, Double 2-Step and more…

Wedding Dance Lessons / Slow Dancing

Slow dance videos that can be used for almost any occasion, but are especially helpful for weddings and date nights! Here you’ll discover just how much goes into making a slow dance look ‘smooth’ and how quickly it can be attained. Here, you’ll get rid of your old “stand and sway” and replace it with a beautiful and elegant slow dance that others won’t soon forget…

2022 Amazon Best Sellers

Club Line Dances 1&2

“Hands down the BEST starting point for anyone getting into dancing, period. I love this set as there’s so much here that helps rhythm, timing & balance.”
– Shawn


“My favorite dance with a wicked lesson plan for absolute beginners. This is 4+ hours of solid foundations that’ll transform your Two-Step.”
– Shawn

Dance Lessons 101

“The DVD that launched so many others as it provides a great starting point & lesson plan for 8 different dances. Highly recommended!”
– Shawn

The Road To Successful Coaching

The Road To Successful Coaching

Coaching is much more than just winning. Here you’ll learn 20 of the top strategies for successful coaches and have your own playbook for truly making an impact as a coach.

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Volcanic Interruption?

Volcanic Interruption?

What would happen if a large chunk of the Canary Islands did, in fact, break off? How much water would there be? How large would the tsunami be? Who would it impact and when? I explore all these thoughts and more, here.

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Goodbye to the Net

Goodbye to the Net

#BlackOut #SolarFlare #Stress #EyesOpen #Awareness #Options #Choices #Lesson #Learn #AreYouReady   by SHAWN TRAUTMAN Have you ever stopped and thought about what runs on the Internet nowadays? (this is important). I mean, really, if there happened to be an unexpected...

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