Ballroom Dance Lessons

Learn Ballroom Dancing w/o Crazy Expensive Dance Lessons & Choreography

Ballroom Dancing

Start your ballroom dancing off with dance lessons that should be REQUIRED for all beginners!

Forget everything you’ve been told about how it can take years to learn ballroom dancing (the ballrooms want you to believe this!). If it’s taught right, you can be up and dancing in just minutes and enjoying every moment and step along the way.

We have a number of Ballroom DVDs that deliver the lessons you need in a way that will make learning fun & easy. One of the sets, the Ballroom Dancing 6-Pack teaches you what you need to get started as it’s a complete beginner course for learning how to ballroom dance.

Ballroom Dancing 6-Pack

“Just what I was looking for! This DVD set showed me how to dance with my wife… Thanks for an excellent system that I can learn in the privacy of my own home.” – Mark C. NY, NY

Ballroom Dance Lesson Shortcuts!

Ballroom dancing has never been more mainstream than it is right now! Luckily, learning how to ballroom dance has never been easier either. There are many shortcuts you can take to dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes to learn to dance and the good news is that Shawn & his team have already done the work for you.

Not only is Shawn Trautman is an accomplished dancer and instructor but he’s a very meticulous student when it comes to dancing and the details needed for success. Each of his beginner dance lesson DVDs assume you’re brand new to dancing and he makes sure you get everything you need, quickly, and in the right order so you can be dancing just minutes into your lessons. See the Ballroom Dancing 6-Pack here!

What is Ballroom Dancing?

Ballroom dancing encompasses the traditional world of couples dance instruction and practice. Dance legends Arthur Murray and Fred Astaire are the champions and shapers of this subculture. “Traditional” is the word that defines ballroom subculture. The music is traditional, the dances are traditional, and the instruction is highly structured and standardized across the country and around the world.

Money also comes to mind in the ballroom culture as private lessons, group lessons, exhibitions, and competitions are very costly. Most private lessons in a dance studio range from about $50/hour up to about $250/hour and the hour is normally either a 50 or 55 minute lesson.

Where should I learn to Ballroom Dance?

If you’re just getting started or you’re about to start ballroom lessons, you have a few options: private lessons, group lessons, ballroom dance videos or trying to pick it up as you go.

Shawn Trautman has taught ballroom lessons in every forum imaginable. From expensive private lessons to the mass confusion of group lessons, Shawn eventually steered into a new and innovative direction. With the help of technology Shawn & his team created a way to bring professional Ballroom Dance Lessons to anyone and everyone for a fraction of what the same lessons would cost with a private instructor. Sure, anyone can point a camera at themselves and attempt to teach you how to dance, but only Shawn’s approach to video lessons can give you everything you need to know in a way that will keep you entertained while easily transforming YOU into an amazing ballroom dancer.

Benefits of Trautman's Ballroom Dance Lesson DVDs
  • Learn ballroom dancing in the comfort of your own home or in a private setting
  • Saves you considerable amounts of time learning due to advanced teaching techniques
  • Eliminates social anxiety relating to impressing instructors or classmates
  • Saves money (costs considerably less than private ballroom dancing lessons)
  • Improved visibility of instruction by having picture-in-picture formatting and multiple camera angles
  • No memberships or gimmicks, just permanent access to the instruction and a consistent reminder of steps and moves
  • Structured learning plan from the beginning
  • No embarrassing moments in public
  • No travel time or travel expenses
  • You can wear whatever you want to your lesson
  • No one judges your abilities (or inabilities)
  • You can’t be late to your class
  • Learn at your own pace
  • You’ll never miss the most important parts of the class
  • Shawn Trautman
  • You don’t have to learn ballroom dancing all at once; or in a single lesson
  • Easy to follow format that breaks down each and every step
  • Can learn/dance on your own schedule rather than a set time
  • There are no personality conflicts with instructors or classmates
  • Instruction is presented in an easy to follow “What You See is What You Dance” format
  • No time constraints for your lesson time – take as long as you want or go as fast as you need to
  • Shawn Trautman’s dance lessons are guaranteed, or your money back!

Click on the ballroom starter kit image below to learn more about how to ballroom dance and the best way to start your ballroom dancing lessons. Below the image are several other dance lesson videos you should look into & ultimately purchase when learning how to ballroom dance.

Top Rated Ballroom Dance Lesson DVD Multi-Packs

Ballroom Dancing 6-Pack
Ballroom Dancing 6-Pack

The Best Beginner Ballroom Dance Lessons Available Today! Designed just for the beginner dances with easy to follow lessons. Contains & teaches all the most popular ballroom dances. Easy to follow, proven instruction method.

The Beginner Starter Pack
 The Beginner Starter Pack, great for Ballroom Dancing

How to Ballroom Dance for Beginners! With five great Ballroom Dancing Lessons, this set is perfect for adults, couples & kids that want a great starting point for their dancing future. These dances are the minimum requirements for all couples and the set is priced in a manner no beginner should pass up. This showcase of DVDs will allow you to focus on the foundation while having fun with several types of dance in a step-by-step manner that's super easy.

Ballroom Starter Kit: 14 Ballroom Dancing Lessons
 The Ballroom Starter Pack

What is ballroom dancing? Discover how to ballroom dance here as this set includes dance lesson videos on the Tango, Foxtrot, Salsa & Rumba as well as all the top social dances in one easy-to-use package! This set gives you a solid sense of "well-roundedness" as a dancer. In all, 14 dances are taught during several hrs of Shawn's step-by-step ballroom dancing lessons.

Latin 2-Pack
Latin Combo 2-Pack

Learn How to Salsa & Cha-Cha with Latin Dancing Lessons that make you look fantastic on the dance floor! Packed with Beginner Instruction on the best Latin Dances & Guided practice time to music with instructors

DVDs in this set:

Wedding Starter Pack
Wedding Starter Pack

Fast & easy ballroom dancing lessons that fit any schedule with everything you need to look fantastic on the dance floor! Complete with a wide variety of dances & moves for weddings & tips & tricks to help prepare for the big day.

Top Rated
Ballroom Dance Lesson DVDs
Ballroom and Latin Dance Sampler
Ballroom and Latin Dance Sampler

How to Ballroom Dance! The Ballroom & Latin Dance Lesson Sampler is a great way to learn to dance the Salsa, Foxtrot, Hustle, Tango and Cha Cha in a matter of minutes!

Cha-Cha 101
How to Cha-Cha 101

How to Cha-Cha! Learn to dance the Cha-Cha w/Shawn & Joanna Trautman's Cha-Cha 101. Cha-Cha is fun, easy & can be danced to Ballroom, Latin, or Country music.

Hustle 101
How to Huslte Dance

How to Hustle! Hustle 101 brings the best disco-style dancing to your living room in a fun & easy fashion. The best place to start hustle dancing today!

Nightclub Two-Step 101
Nightclub 2-Step 101

How to Nightclub 2-Step! This DVD makes a graceful and romantic slow dance a reality for beginners of all ages! Easy to follow and fun lessons on the moves of Nightclub Two-Step will have you dancing in no time!

Salsa 101
Salsa 101

How to Salsa! This dance lesson video is the best way to get into a fun dance that everyone loves! Easiest to follow methods for true lead & follow Salsa dancing!

Slow and Romantic Dance Sampler
Slow and Romantic Dance Sampler

How to Slow Dance! A smooth collection of 4 popular slow dances & our only DVD that includes Rumba! This is the perfect DVD for anyone ready for the basics of Slow and Romantic dancing.

Slow Dancing for Beginners V.1
Learn how to slow dance with easy to follow dance lesson videos on dvd by Shawn Trautman!

Define your moves and learn to Slow Dance with Style! Learn today… dance tonight! Easy & Fun Slow Dance Lessons on DVD!

Slow Dancing for Beginners V.2
Learn how to slow dance with easy to follow dance lesson videos on dvd by Shawn Trautman!

Learn to dance even more of those graceful, charming Slow Dance Moves. Learn today… dance tonight! Easy & Fun Slow Dance Lessons on DVD from the authors of Picture Yourself Dancing!

Swing Dancing 101
How to Swing Dance - Swing Dancing 101

How to Swing Dance! Swing Dancing 101 is a must-have for anyone ready to boogie to big band or country swing music! Shawn & Joanna Trautman put this easy to follow intro together for a fun lesson on single time and triple time swing that will get you bopping!

Waltz 101
Waltz 101

How to Waltz! Waltz 101 is the perfect starting point anyone wanting to learn a timeless romantic dance that is much more than a simple box step. Shawn & Joanna Trautman show you the right look & style to make this dance your own in either ballroom or country settings.

How to Ballroom Dance: Shawn Trautman Instruction

Once you get started with Shawn Trautman Instruction, you'll see a wide arrangement of dances you can learn. Not only ballroom dancing, but also swing, country, latin, and even line dancing. Here' s a brief listing and some links to go with them.

  • Waltz – Classical music spurs the romantic feel of this ultimate formal dance, long regarded as the picture of grace. Learn the waltz, and you’ve perfected one of the oldest social dances.
  • Slow dancing – Slow dancing is the ultimate escape from the romantic mundane. Learn how to deviate from the typical “cling and sway” form, turning any slow dance into the stuff of romantic memory.
  • Swing – Join so many others having a great time with classic swing dance instruction.
  • West Coast Swing – The “dancer’s dance” for many reasons and always a top social dance.
  • Salsa – Sensuous, sizzling, and surprisingly easy to learn.
  • Hustle – The disco dance of the 70's that's been making a comeback.
  • FoxTrot - The classic of the ballroom dances that everyone should know.
  • Nightclub Two-Step - a fairly new and challenging slow dance that has now joined the ranks as a dance staple
  • Cha-Cha - the dance made famous many decades ago and featured in such movies as Dirty Dancing. One that every dancer should know.
  • Two-Step - the staple for country dancers around the globe. Made famous by the movie Urban Cowboy, this dance is fun to the core.
  • Line Dancing - One of the best forms of exercise one can do without a partner while having a blast with others. Take a look at this collection to get started.
  • Polka - who hasn't wanted to dance the polka at different events? It's fun and easy to do.
  • Triple Two-Step - the latest in country fashion. This dance has quickly become one of the favorites and fits most of today's country music.

Dancing success starts with Shawn Trautman, who brings the ballroom to you. Learn to dance today with any one of more than 50 Shawn Trautman Dance Lesson DVDs.

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