Two-Step Moves & Patterns V4

"Moves ALL 2-Steppers NEED! Takes Your Two-Step Skills to a Whole NEW Level!"

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Dance Instruction: Intermediate
Lesson Style: Country
Dance Video Focus: Two-Step
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One of eight intermediate country 2-step videos… You get 14 show-stopping Moves Guaranteed to ROCK the Dance Floor!

If you know the basics of how to country 2-step, you're going to love what's in store for you on this one! These non-stop intermediate country 2-step dance lessons are essential to your long-term development of the dance. You'll learn all about Presentations as Shawn takes them, puts them into major patterns, breaks them down, and reconstructs them with over 14 moves! You've probably seen front and back presentations, and if so, you'll at least know some of the starting points here. After building your foundation with the presentation patterns, you'll really spice things up with all the moves you can get out of them. In addition to the core country 2-step dance lessons on this one, you'll get Shawn Trautman's signature "twist" at the end where the bonus will leave you with some fun pieces to try on the dance floor.

  • 14 Impressive Country 2-Step Moves
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Great Exercise
  • Easy to Follow 2-Step Lessons
  • Bonus Moves
  • Full Review
  • High Quality DVD

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Two-Step Moves & Patterns Volume 4 presents Shawn Trautman and Nicole Frye in yet another non-stop lesson in Intermediate Two-Step essentials.

Presentation is the word of the day in this lesson where over the course of 3 patterns Shawn takes presentations, breaks them down, and reconstructs them with over 14 moves guaranteed to rock your dance floor. If you've seen a front and back presentation, you have the first inkling for what is in store on this installment of the Moves & Patterns series.

To sum it up, this video focuses on how to dance free spins, crossbows, several connected turns & more. And, of course, the main focus here will be on lead and follow Country 2-Step dancing that's perfect for the nightclubs.

Make sure your boots are polished, because once you've built your foundation with the 3 core presentation patterns, you are going to be cookin' on the dance floor as you amp up the heat with bonus moves that make creole jambalaya feel bland. Get ready to rock the classics along with the Shawn Trautman signature twist with Shawn Trautman's Moves & Patterns Volume 4!

Shawn's Take
Shawn's Exclusive!

This take is on the entire Two-Step Moves & Patterns series.

With a year on the market, we have heard the reviews on all of our new Texas Two-Step DVDs and the feedback is AWESOME! We are certain that these videos are the best way to learn how to Two-Step, or to take your Two-Steppin skills to the next level. Be sure to check out the Two-Step Moves & Patterns video collection (8 DVDs) before you buy just one!

We zeroed in on several facets of the two step from the leading perspective as well as the ins and outs of promenade position that are essential for any 2-stepper.

I guarantee you'll never look at Two-Step the same again and you'll be loving this dance!

In addition to the normal lesson plans, we've done something unique in these new Two-Step lessons. We've added in a bonus section that gives some challenging material to work on once you 'get' the other lessons. It's fun just to see the possibilities and if you're up for the challenges, you'll really enjoy these sections. In addition, we've included several complete two-step songs and put them in just for practicing what you learned. Now, it's not just an instruction video on how to dance the two-step, but it's a practice guide to help you build your muscle memory and ensure you're able to incorporate everything you learned into your next outing at a country nightclub or anywhere they're playing country music.

Seriously, folks, if you're in a rut with your dancing, bored with your current material, or just ready to start soaking up all the information you can on such a great social dance, the all-new Two-Step Moves & Patterns series will be the perfect choice for you. Either start with Moves & Patterns V1 or get the whole set - I guarantee you'll never look at Two-Step the same again and you'll be loving this dance!
Shawn Trautman's Learn How to Dance Instruction

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By: Lisbeth
DVD: Two-Step Moves & Patterns V4
On: July 26, 2011
Detailed instructions to help you accomplish the move

"Volume 4 shows presentations both front and back with open release and underarm turns. It shows moves that build to very graceful presentations. The combination turns and especially the back turn for the leader can really be challenging. This is where the stop and pause buttons on the DVD Player come in handy. Shawn really gives detailed instructions to help you accomplish the move the way it is intended to be done. This move really looks great and is well worth the extra effort it took us. Now it flows so smoothly, it seems like we have been doing it forever."

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