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Live shots from the Shawn Trautman's Country Western Dances lesson DVDs

How to Country Dance: Lessons on Video (DVD)

How to Country Dance

Country Dancing FAST & EASY!

Check out this Hot New set of Country Dance Lesson DVDs packed with great music and proven instruction methods.

Featuring Shawn’s most sought after beginner country dance videos, this set is designed for anyone ready to truly enjoy the country dance floor. Including the most popular Country 2-Step, the hot new Double 2-Step, a country dance floor favorite; Country Swing Dancing plus you get the up and coming West Coast Swing and then we throw in some Line Dancing too boot!

This set is geared just for beginner country dancers and we will even guarantee you’ll love it with our One-of-a-Kind Money-Back Guarantee!

Every Country Dancer Must-Know's

You’ve got the boots, you found the perfect hat, you love country music, you even have a favorite country dance hot spot to show off the moves, but yet here you are, still watching from the sidelines:

Read below to discover the answer to "Where do I start?", "What's special about the way Shawn teaches?" & several other questions from Country Dancers just like you.

How to Country Dance: Beginner Info

New to country dancing lessons and don't know where to start? What is Country Dancing? Is there more than one? Which Country Dance Should I Learn First? What are the most popular Country Dances? Where is the best place to learn to country dance? What kind of attire (clothing) should I wear Country Dancing?

Country Dancing Lessons: Common Questions

What do I need so I don't look foolish in front of others? Can I really learn to dance using your DVDs? Shawn Trautman vs. learning to dance on YouTube How fast do you go through the steps? What is dance cueing? Why do people say Shawn is the best? What's different about the way you teach? Benefits of Learning to Dance using Shawn Trautman DVDs

Shawn Trautman's Learn to Dance Series

Why should I choose Shawn Trautman's Dance Collection? Who is Shawn Trautman & Why Should I Care? Where can I find Shawn Trautman Dance Lesson DVDs? When & how can I ask Shawn Trautman questions? What is Shawn Trautman Instruction?

Top Rated
Country Dance Lesson DVD Multi-Packs

Country Dance Starter Pack
How to Country Dance for Beginners

The most highly recommended set for country dance newcomers! This pack includes 6 highly rated beginner DVDs that will kick your country dancing lessons off the right way. This set of videos will create a solid foundation for anyone who's ready to hit the country dance floor!

Most Popular Line Dance Lessons on DVD

Line Dance Mastery System
How to Dance for Beginners

* Exclusive Offer!*
All-inclusive line dancing DVD package with #1 beginner lessons through exhilarating advanced dances. The most popular steps & line dances in the world packed with all the 'little things' needed for line dancing success!

Most Popular Double Two-Step Lessons on DVD

Double Two-Step Starter Pack
***ALL NEW*** Double 2-Step Starter Pack

Double Two-Step has never been easier & this video set on the basics proves it! Your instructors start you out in Double Two-Step 101 with the basics and build you up from there using stacked learning techniques you won't find anywhere else. In addition, you'll also get a great playlist of Double Two-Step songs throughout your DVDs to help you practice and get a feel for the music.

Most Popular Swing Dance (East Coast) Lessons on DVD

Swing Dance Starter Pack
Swing Dance Starter Pack

Complete lessons on swing with a wide variety of carefully selected moves. Fast & easy beginner thru intermediate lessons complete with guided practice time to music with the instructor

Most Popular Country Two-Step Lessons on DVD

Two Step Basics 3-Pack
***ALL NEW***  Two-Step Starter Pack

Learn how to dance Two-Step with Shawn Trautman's All New 3 DVD set with over 4 hrs of non-stop video lessons. Teamed with former champion Nicole Frye, Shawn unveils a new teaching format, tons of tips & tricks, bonus sections, practice music, & much more!

DVDs in this set:

  • Two-Step Basics Volume 1
  • Two-Step Basics Volume 2
  • Two-Step Basics Volume 3
  • (not availalbe individually)

Country Two-Step Mastery System
***ALL NEW***  Two-Step Master Collection

This is the ultimate set of 2-step videos in one easy to follow collection! You get Shawn Trautman's 3 Two-Step Basics DVDs, the 8 Two-Step Moves & Patterns DVDs, and the 2 Advanced Two-Step DVDs all at once and you'll be able to tear right through them.

Most Popular West Coast Swing Lessons on DVD

West Coast Swing Mastery System
West Coast Swing Mastery System

*Exclusive Offer Only Available on ShawnTrautman.com!*
This all-inclusive West Coast Swing DVD package contains #1 rated beginner through exhilarating advanced lessons. This is the best way to learn how to West Coast Swing with an easy to follow & proven instruction format.

Top Rated
Country Dance Lesson DVDs

Country Dance 101
Country Dance 101

Country Dance 101 is a must-have survival guide for anyone who wants to kick up their heels and dance country-style! A fun lesson & overview of line dancing, two-step, swing, and more!

Couples Line Dancing 101
Couples Line Dancing 101

Couples Line Dancing 101 is a must-have for country & line dancers! Get ready to dance the Cactus Cha-Cha, Waltz Across Texas, 16 Step, Sweetheart Schottische, & the Barn Dance in minutes!

Country Western Dance Sampler
Country Dance 101

Beginner dance lessons from Shawn Trautman Instruction. On this one sampler, you'll learn how to dance the 2-Step, East Cost Swing, West Coast Swing, Double 2-Step & Polka.

Double Two-Step 101
Doulbe Two-Step 101

Master the essential beginner moves of one of the most popular country dances. This fun & easy dance is great exercise, is energizing, and can be done to the majority of today's hot country dance hits!

Line Dance 101
Country Western Dance Sampler

Line Dance 101 has the #1 rated Line Dancing Lessons & the easiest to follow line dancing DVD we offer. You'll learn over 30 line dance steps and 5 of the all-time most popular line dances.

Swing Dancing 101
How to Swing Dance - Swing Dancing 101

This is a must-have for anyone ready to boogie to big band or country swing music! Shawn & Joanna put this easy to follow intro together for a fun lesson on single time and triple time swing that will get you bopping!

Swing Dancing for Beginners V.1
Swing Dancing for Beginners Volume 1

Swing Dance Lessons! With incredible swing instruction, multiple camera views, and beginner-friendly curriculum, Shawn and Joanna Trautman build your confidence and get you Swing Dancing!

Two-Step 101
Two-Step 101

Two-Step 101 takes the best beginner two-step moves & gives a quick & fun overview that has you dancing just minutes into it. This quick guide will have to dancing the all-time classic Texas 2-Step in no time!

Waltz 101
Waltz 101

How to Waltz! Waltz 101 is the perfect starting point anyone wanting to learn a timeless romantic dance that is much more than a simple box step. Shawn & Joanna Trautman show you the right look & style to make this dance your own in either ballroom or country settings.

West Coast Swing 101
West Coast Swing 101

This is a must-have for anyone ready to step out to the smooth driving beat of WC swing music! A fun lesson on the beginner moves of West Coast Swing that gets you moving!

Answers to the most common questions regarding
- How to Country Dance -

New to Country Dancing Lessons and don’t know where to start?

You are in the right spot. Whether you are looking to get a bit of fun exercise or are looking for a new way to get out of the house and meet people, Shawn Trautman will get you going quickly with fun easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on everything you need to know to country dance, whether you want Two-Step, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Double Two, Cha-Cha… or ALL OF THE ABOVE . Shawn Trautman is a proven instructor with students around the world singing the praises of the Shawn Trautman Instruction Method. Shawn has a special affinity for country dance lessons and beginner country dancers in particular. Gathering knowledge and applied experience to more than 20 years of teaching country dancing into 1 phenomenally successful beginner country dance video, Shawn created Country Dance 101, the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Country Dancing.

Have you noticed signs or an ad for a local class? Are some of your friends pressing earnest and enthusiastic invitations to go with them? If so, please learn to country dance – it is WAY too much fun to miss. However, BEWARE of BEGINNER GROUP CLASSES if you are TRULY a beginner. Chances are, most of the dancers attending the class are not beginners. They are people who have been dancing for at least a month or two and attend the beginner class because it fits with their schedule, and it has become a part of their routine. Also, people attending group classes are human. They want to dance with the new kid on the block…THEY ALREADY KNOW THE STEPS AND THE NAMES OF THE STEPS. Most likely, you will leave the class feeling completely inept, uncoordinated, and incapable of following a beat. NONE of these things are true: you just need FUN and STRUCTURE, and that’s what you get with the Shawn Trautman Instruction Method.

Rather than belly-flopping off the high dive into the shark-infested deep end of group country dance lessons, start with Shawn Trautman’s Country dance 101. This DVD is the go-to dance lesson for you. Better yet, jump into with Shawn Trautman’s Country Dance Starter Pack, and set yourself up for complete country dancing success. With your first dance lesson Shawn will have you dancing in just minutes!

What is Country Dancing? Are there more than one?

Country is the all-American apple pie answer to social dancing. The music is country-western, the feel is casual and comfortable, and denim is acceptable on almost every occasion. Cowboy hats and boots come to mind when country social dancing is mentioned; although they are not required for casual social dancing, they are prevalent and appropriate. Depending on what part of the country you are in, you might need to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare off of the well-polished belt buckles.

When you go country dancing you are going to encounter a variety of dances, just as you encounter a variety of music styles within country music. Some of the dances overlap with ballroom and swing, but he two biggest country dances are unique to country dancing as much as the songs they match have a sound that is unique to country music. The two biggest country dances are related to each other, and are Two-Step and Double Two-Step. If these names aren’t familiar to you, I guarantee the dances are, and they are just simply called something different in your area.

Other dances that you’ll see when you go country dancing are Swing (also called East Coast Swing), West Coast Swing, Cha-Cha, Waltz, Polka, and even Nightclub Two. Not all these dances make the Need-To-Know Country Dance List, but you’ll hear a perfect song or two for each of them every time you go out. Shawn has assembled his best beginner dance lessons on the most popular country dances into a Country Dance Starter Pack that will have you looking great with just a few easy dance lessons.

When you go country dancing (outside of your living room lessons with Shawn Trautman), here are some wardrobe tips that will help you feel confident and comfortable on the dance floor. If you have cowboy boots, wear them—they help you get into the feel of the music and culture. Ladies, close-heeled shoes are appropriate when learning social dancing in any of the subcultures. Never wear flip-flops or open-heeled sandals or mules to a couples social dance lesson. If you forget this rule, chances are you will only forget it once. Close-toed shoes are also recommended for ladies, especially while your dance partner gets the hang of the basic steps and leading.

Country nightclubs and bars are the best places to go out dancing in the country social dance subculture. Most large country nightclubs make it a point to have a large, well maintained hardwood dance floor with convenient rails on which to set drinks and lean surrounding the floor. Ladies, if you want to wear a skirt or a dress you can, but chances are you will feel overdressed. A sparkly or fun top with jeans (at any age) and close-toed, close-heeled shoes are appropriate attire for a lady at a country nightclub. Likewise, gentlemen, don’t even bother with anything dry-clean only. Jeans and a clean-collared shirt are appropriate, with either cowboy boots or non-sneaker shoes. Casual is key.

Which Country Dance Should I Learn First?

You’ve been out to a country night club or spent a few minutes trolling the Internet, and your eyes are starting to glaze. Every time you turn around, or click a new link, there is a different dance move! No, it is not a trick of your imagination. When it comes time to choose which country dance to learn, let alone which dance moves to learn first, there are literally hundreds of thousands from which to select.

Where do you start???? Well, if you are ready to trust Shawn Trautman and his proven method, Country dance 101 and Shawn’s other beginner country dance lessons will make your life infinitely easier. On Country dance 101, or if you are ready to wade right into full length dance lessons with Shawn’s other beginner country dance products, Two-Step is a great starting point.

Better yet, let Shawn take the guesswork out of your starting point, save you hours of agonized frustration, and most likely, make dancing more fun and enjoyable than you ever imagined. Sound good?

With the Country Dance Starter Pack from Shawn Trautman’s Dance Collection, you are walked through the most popular country dances while you master the most essential steps and moves in each dance. If that’s not the Country Dance Power Hour, I don’t know what is. If you follow Shawn’s easy-to-follow step by step instructions, you will be dancing along in no time.

Great, now you know to start with Two-Step, right? Well, not so fast. Yes, Two-Step is a great beginner dance, but if you just look for move videos on that particular dance, you are missing the forest for the trees. On Two-Step 101 and the 3 DVD Two-Step Basics set, Shawn uses a variety of teaching methods, tips, and tools that gets you moving quickly.

If you are feeling skeptical of Shawn Trautman and the Shawn Trautman Instruction Method, check out what some of Shawn’s students have to say:

"I'm a teacher and I can tell you first-hand that Shawn is an excellent instructor. I'll tell you Shawn’s dance lessons are worth taking a look at. The way Shawn presents the material is extremely easy to follow and he does a great job of breaking the dances into manageable pieces that build on top of one another. I was surprised at how easy the dances were once they were completed." -Rex G.

Around the world country dancers young and old have trusted Shawn Trautman’s Instruction method and his Country Dance Starter Pack and let Shawn guide them through the basics and beyond of the country dancing world. When faced with the tough choice of which dance to start with, choose Shawn Trautman and the Country Dance Starter Pack now and don’t waste another moment lost in the wild west of dance video clips on YouTube!

Where is the best place to learn to country dance?

The best place to learn to country dance is wherever you are comfortable, as long as you are learning with Shawn Trautman Instruction, preferably starting with Country dance 101 and the Country Dance Starter Pack. Remove the barriers to learning, the distractions, the excuses, and get up and dance with Shawn Trautman. You CAN learn to dance at home, from DVD, and Shawn Trautman’s Dance Collection is the only way to go. If you are ready to leave behind awkwardness and bad rhythm, and start your dancing success, get your Country Dance Starter Pack now!

The fastest and most economical way to learn country dancing is through the recommended dance instruction DVDs found on this page. If you're ready to learn country dancing via live lessons, you can do so at your local dance studio, but your best bets are dance lessons at your local country bars and nightclubs. Here you can learn the basics of the various country dances and meet the instructors. Most of the instructors on the country circuit are freelance teachers who teach at the nightclubs in the early evenings and teach private lessons during the week and on weekends.

Regarding the dance lesson videos found here, each one captures the essence of country dancing, the best tips and tricks for dancing with anyone to any music, and clear instruction for the dances as seen in clubs. The DVDs are best used as a supplement to your dance lessons or as a standalone tool if you simply don't have the time or would rather not learn to dance in front of others. Finding a beginner dance class that fits your schedule, is the dance(s) that you want, and that has an instructor you're comfortable with is not always easy. Take a look at the DVDs below to find out more of what you can learn at home, on your own schedule, and at your own pace.

What kind of attire (clothing) should I wear Country Dancing?

Be comfortable and wear jeans when learning country dancing. You would most likely feel slightly overdressed if you wore the same outfit you selected for a ballroom lesson to a country bar for a beginner two-step lesson. If you have cowboy boots, wear them - they help you get into the feel of the music and culture. Ladies, close-heeled shoes are appropriate and recommended for ladies, especially while your dance partner gets the hang of the basic steps and leading. Never wear flip-flops or open-heeled sandals or mules to a lesson. If you forget this rule, chances are you will only forget it once.

Country nightclubs and bars are the best places to go country dancing. Most large country nightclubs make it a point to have a large, well-maintained hardwood dance floor with convenient rails on which to set drinks and lean surrounding the floor. Ladies, if you want to wear a skirt or a dress you can, but chances are you will feel overdressed. A sparkly or fun top with jeans (at any age) and close-toed, close-heeled shoes are appropriate attire for a lady at a country nightclub. Likewise, gentlemen, don't even bother with anything dry-clean only. Jeans and a clean-collared shirt are appropriate, with either cowboy boots or non-sneaker shoes. Casual is key.

As you prepare for your foray into the wilds of your local honky tonk or country bar, remember the following:

  • There's no need for excessive sequins. Country dancing is extremely casual; think of it as the opposite of ballroom dancing. Instead of form-fitting costumes that sparkle, choose a comfortable pair of jeans and a shirt.
  • Pay attention to your feet. You've mastered the two-step and countless line dances under Shawn Trautman's tutelage and he wants you to enjoy your newfound skill. That means no high heels or ill-fitting shoes. You may look great, but you'll end up perched atop a barstool, trying to elevate your pinched toes. Consider purchasing cowboy boots developed specifically for dancers, which are flexible and soft-soled. Regular cowboy boots are meant for riding your horse and their slick soles can be dangerous.
  • A cowboy hat is not mandatory. As an addition to your outfit, it's fine - just make sure that it fits well and allows you to see under the brim.
  • Loud plaids are usually not seen on the cowboy dance circuit. If you'd like to wear a tartan, save that for Scottish dancing.

Before you leave for the country bar, consider what you've seen others wear for a night of dancing. Texans dress much different than California natives, for example. There's really a different look for each region, but when in doubt, wear jeans.

What are the most popular Country Dances?

You might be surprised at the variety of dances you will see at a country nightclub. On any given evening you can see and dance with people doing the two-step, triple two-step, waltz, cha-cha, slow dance, swing, West coast swing, polka, and even occasionally the hustle. In addition to the couples dancing, there is also a lot of attention to line dancing, which is done by individuals. You might also want to give a few dances a try and then head to a lesson or get started with the dance below that you want to learn most:

  • Two-Step (the ALL-TIME classic for country dancing)
  • Swing (aka East Coast Swing - a dance for all occasions)
  • Double Two-Step (Triple 2-Step) (the new favorite among dancers of today's country music)
  • Line Dances (Electric Slide, Cotton Eyed Joe, Watermelon Crawl & more)
  • West Coast Swing (a challenging but fun dance - also for all occasions)
  • Waltz (a classic in any form of dance)
  • Polka (a fun and upbeat dance that's great for country dancing)

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