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Don't wait another day, Learn How to Foxtrot & more with the top-rated Ballroom & Latin Dance Sampler!

Perfect for beginners, the Ballroom & Latin Dance Sampler guides you to mastery with easy-to-follow lessons on a ballroom favorite, the Foxtrot! It's just a matter of getting you started...

This DVD Makes Learning How To Foxtrot EASY

These Foxtrot Dance Lessons on Video will not only teach you how to Foxtrot with grace and confidence, but you'll also learn how to dance the Salsa, Cha-Cha, Hustle and Tango. Shawn Trautman has over two decades of experience in teaching proper steps, technique and timing, and now you can quickly catch the craze. His lighthearted and fun, yet no-nonsense approach, inspires dancers worldwide to perfect their skills – no matter their level of expertise. And with DVD sets like the Ballroom Starter Kit, it’s possible to learn a myriad of dances within a short amount of time.

Why learn the Foxtrot?

It's a time-honored ballroom classic, and its elegant, graceful feel makes it a joy to perform. This dance is just as at home in today’s dance halls as it was fifty years ago.

Why choose Shawn's DVDs?

Shawn Trautman DVDs present the Foxtrot from every angle using picture-in-picture technology. Watch as Shawn and his dance partner demonstrate the steps. Listen to his instructions, and then take your turn. This instructional method is proven to be successful – Trautman DVDs all come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Learn at home?

Take your Foxtrot skills public or enjoy the dance in the comfort of your own home. It’s up to you whether or not to display your newfound skill. Thanks to the Trautman method, the choice is yours.

Most Popular How to Foxtrot & Ballroom Dance Deal

The Ballroom Starter Kit: Foxtrot Dance Lessons plus 13 others!

The Ballroom Starter Kit

This Ballroom Starter Kit is the perfect set for Beginners as it includes Foxtrot lessons as well as all the top the top social dances in one easy-to-use package! This set will give you a solid sense of "well-roundedness" as a dancer. In all, fourteen (14) dances are taught during several hrs of Shawn's fun and easy step-by-step lessons.

With split-screen technology and advanced teaching methods, you learn the best of Ballroom dancing with the Ballroom Starter Kit in the comfort of your living room.

The Ballroom Starter Kit includes the 3 best-selling DVDs: the Ballroom and Latin Dance Sampler (including the Foxtrot), the Slow and Romantic Dance Sampler (includes the Waltz), and the Country Western Dance Sampler (includes the Two-Step). Click the link to see a video preview of the set.

Most Popular How to Foxtrot DVD

Ballroom & Latin Dance Sampler: Foxtrot Lessons

The Ballroom & Latin Dance Sampler

The Ballroom & Latin Dance Lesson Sampler is a great way to learn to dance the Foxtrot as well as the Salsa, Hustle, Tango and Cha-Cha in a matter of minutes!

This DVD includes five incredible lessons in one easy-to-follow, step-by-step video. The Ballroom and Latin Dance Sampler is packed with instruction in a “what you see is what you dance” format.

Designed for beginners, Shawn delivers a compelling piece on lead and follow dancing and the basics so you'll "get it.". To further enhance the instruction, Shawn masterfully crafts the key points on connections, proper hand placements, creating leads, transitions & combining moves. Also, as a bonus, a full breakdown of footwork for each move is shown.

If you're looking for some great Foxtrot music to go with your favorite dance, please check out our Foxtrot Music Song List pages. You'll find recommended music for each dance featured on Shawn's ballroom dancing DVDs including the Foxtrot!

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