Party Line Dances

"This is a fun collection of the most popular line dances of all time!"

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Party Line Dances is the most highly recommended DVD for folks looking for crash-courses in line dancing

Party Line Dances definitely gives you the fun & exciting dances you're looking for. It transcends several beginner lessons in a manner that'll give you the dances themselves plus several options for making dances like the Electric Slide & Tush Push your own. Get this DVD if you're learning for an event or a one-time line dance outing!

  • Most popular party dances of all time
  • Moves that look great on the dance floor
  • How to Line Dance Video for Beginners
  • Guided practice time to music
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Perfect for ALL Beginners
  • Make the most of your next Night-Out
  • Shawn at his Best!
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Shawn's Take
Shawn's Exclusive!

How many times have you or one of your friends said "I wish I knew that line dance" only to sit and watch others dance and have fun? I put this line dance video together with two intents: 1) to teach some fun party line dances that you'll find all over the world and 2) to provide a 'crash course' of sorts for people who wanted to learn a few dances for a particular event so they could fit in and have fun with their friends.
Shawn Trautman's Learn How to Dance Instruction

Product Details

This Line Dance Video is the perfect choice for people who are going to a party, a wedding, a bar mitzvah, a New Year's celebration, or even a Country Dancing and need a crash course. It literally takes you from never having line danced before to looking good on the floor in just minutes. By teaching what you need to know to get out there and look good on these dances, this line dance video will quickly get you to where you want to be.

This DVD is perfect for bringing a world-class Line Dance class to your living room without all the hassles of going to group classes where it's hard to see and hear! In just minutes, you'll learn the Electric Slide, Cotton Eyed Joe, Slappin' Leather, the Tush Push, the Boot Scootin' Boogie, and more. Plus, as a Special Bonus, you'll learn several options for spicing these party line dances up a bit and adding in your own styles.

Shawn Trautman has been a coach and mentor to numerous World Champions as well as countless social dancers since the early 1990's. Shawn welcomes people from all walks of life regardless of shape, size, or ability to his classes. His broad experience in both dance and Advanced Learning Techniques makes his methods of instruction innovative, easy, and fun.

If you're ready to learn, Shawn Trautman's Line Dance Collection is the way to go. Order Party Line Dances, and be ready for your next Party!

Customer Reviews
Average Rating
5(based on 10 reviews)

By: E. Newkirk
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: March 17, 2013
Shawn is a great instructor!

"This is a wonderful DVD for learning how to line dance. Coming from a person that has never line danced before, I was thrilled to get instructions from a "real" dancer who can convey the steps and practice all in one DVD. Shawn Trautman is a great instructor and coach for a variety of line dances. In addition to wanting to learn more line dances, practicing with this particular DVD has made me want to own all of his dance videos."

By: Gail Q.
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: February 23, 2010
Great for Seniors!

"I bought this video for my 83 yr. old mother who just started line dancing at the Senior Center. I was quite excited to do the video with her and I was impressed with the instruction and the review. I liked that Shawn turned his back to the camera so we could follow him like he was in the room with us. I don't know if my mother will continue line dancing, but I know I will!"

By: Joseph Niksich
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: October 19, 2005
quick easy and fun

"Excellent dance instruction for someone like me who is pretty much a novice. I had to learn some basic steps quickly for a wedding so this video was an outstanding tool for me. It was quick, easy and fun. Even my kids learned a few moves. I highly recommend this video and I will certainly check out Shawn's other products."

By: Matytilda
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: November 16, 2012
Basic and fun!

"Basic and fun! I work at a School for Children and Adults with Severe Disabilities. We are constantly looking for new dance steps for our PE class. I ordered the DVD for one of our staff. She is using it to learn and then teach the steps to the students. We feel the instruction is basic enough for our students and fun for the staff."

By: Judith A.
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: February 16, 2013
Really enjoyed it!

"We really enjoyed it! Our group of friends really enjoyed the lessons!"

By: Angela McKnight
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: December 18, 2011
Must Have for Weddings!

"Hey if you are going to a wedding this is a must. Don't just sit there when the line dances are played just because you didn't bring a date or your date doesn't dance. You can join in on the fun as a single with Line Dances. When you get out on the dance floor you will already know how to do the dances and not look like a fool. Recommend that you buy this!"

By: Terry Johnson
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: April 20, 2013
Love it!

"Love it! Excellent service. Bought from here two times and both times received product as promised. Love it! Also, received a nice thank you note from shipper who is THE Shawn Trautman who created the product!"

By: Melissa B.
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: February 5, 2010
Shawn is a great dance instructor.

"Shawn is a great dance instructor. I have problems with direction such as left, right. I go right when I'm supposed to go left. With this DVD, I don't have that problem and he shows you the dance steps from the front, the back, the side. Even the dances that seem difficult are easy to learn."

By: Patti
DVD: Party Line Dances
On: May 16, 2012
Shawns video's are GREAT

"Shawns video's are GREAT and Party Line Dances was no exception! It's one of three line dance video's that I have of his and I love them all. I also have his 101 video for couples dancing and I absolutely recommend him as an instructor. I'm having a great time with them and will spread the word and continue to purchase more!"

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