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Detailed Polka dance lessons that show how to Polka in a fun, upbeat way that's truly easy-to-follow... one lesson & you'll be ready to hit any floor with confidence!

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How to Polka: Top Rated DVD Instruction

Country Western Dance Sampler
Country Western Dance Sampler

Ready to learn how to Polka? How about a little Two-Step, Swing, West Coast Swing and Triple Two-Step while you're at it? The Country Western Dance SamplerDVD breaks down each step so beginners can learn how to dance with ease - No experience necessary!

Learn How to Polka

Do you have boundless energy? If so, the peppy Polka may be the dance for you. Originally from Bohemia, this fast-paced dance has spurred many variations throughout the world, with one consistent factor: it’s always fun and energetic!

Some people visualize Polka as an integral part of the German Oktoberfest, where lederhosen and Polka dancing go hand in hand. American polka is markedly different. Emanating a distinctly country flair, it’s performed at country bars, honky tonks, and yes, hoe-downs nationwide. Regardless of the different variations, as soon as the DJ announces a Polka, the mood on the dance floor instantly lightens.

Polka Dance Lessons on Video

Learn how to Polka… Trautman-style! Turn on Shawn Trautman’s Country Western Dance Sampler, and you’ll be dancing the Polka, Swing, 2-Step, West Coast Swing, or the Triple Two-Step in a matter of minutes. Shawn has taken his years as a world-renowned dance teacher and combined his experience with an instructional MBA. The result is top-notch Polka DVD instruction that’s as easy to follow as it is to schedule.

There’s no need to search for calendar space to confirm that Polka lesson. Trautman DVD instruction is there whenever you need it, teaching you to dance with confidence. Energetic dancer, don’t be a fly on the wall. Be ready to fly around the floor with Polka instruction from Shawn Trautman.

Originating in the mid 1800's, the Polka is initially from Bohemia. This fun, fast-paced dance shares it's name with the music genre, Polka; where Johann Strauss actually composed many of these fun dance tunes. There are many different styles throughout the world, and in the Americas it's no different, but one thing is for certain: it's fun and energetic no matter where you go!

Polka Dance Music

If you're looking for some great music to dance Polka, please check out our Polka Music Song List pages. You'll find recommended music for each dance featured on Shawn's polka dance lesson DVDs.

Now you can learn to Polka in the privacy of your own home with Polka instruction that is easy to follow, FUN and that will have you flying around the floor in no time!