Learn to Swing Dance to Country, Ballroom & Swing Music

Secrets of SWING Dancing revealed w/ Lessons that Simplify!

Swing Dance Starter Pack: A great way to get into Swing Dancing and really enjoy yourselves!

Mind-Blowing Lessons make Swing Easy

  • Complete beginner Swing Dance Lessons set

  • Carefully selected Swing Dance moves

  • Exclusive insight from the leader & follower

  • Swing music practice time w/the instructors

Master Swing w/these one-of-a-kind lessons that simplify your life. Not only are these Swing Dance lessons fun, they’re contagious! Ladies learn about following & the guys learn how to look good & mix things up while doing awesome Swing moves. Best of all, these swing DVDs show you how to make the most out of each night out with tons of swing moves!

How to Swing Dance: Swing Dancing (Lessons & Instruction)

Fast & Easy Swing Lessons w/o Crazy Aerials, Flips or Tricks

Swing Dancing is full of illusions and show-stopping tricks that everyone wants to learn. Problem is, few instructors know how to break it down and make it simple. What you’ll find in Trautman’s Swing DVDs is all the short-cuts and time-saving tips that take you from complete beginner to being a great swing dancer without years of expensive dance lessons or choreographed routines.

“We wanted to learn how to swing dance but felt so self-conscious on the dance floor that we couldn’t do the classes. This really helped get us started on our own turf. We bought the whole set and highly recommend it! The quality is good and Shawn focuses on the lead role quite a bit, which is what we need the most help from.”
-L. Baker, CA

Swing Dancing & Dance Lesson Videos

All of Trautman Training’s swing dance videos were made with the end user in mind – something that’s not common in the industry. Yes, every swing dance video out there starts with the goal of getting you to learn swing dance basics, but few ever even come close. Truly learning to swing dance is SO much bigger than just a few steps and some fancy moves!

Swing Dancing, in it’s truest form, has so many more components than just showing you the Swing dance basics then a bunch of swing moves. Anyone who knows how to swing dance can tell you that swing dancing can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life… if it’s done right.

If you learn to swing using Trautman’s Swing Dancing Lessons, you’ll learn the Swing dance basics (including both the men’s and lady’s footwork and the Swing dance connection points) PLUS you’ll learn the two (2) most popular types of swing dancing: single time swing and triple time swing, or jitterbug and East Coast Swing, respectively.

Knowing the basics of jitterbug and East Coast Swing allows you to easily adapt to Swing dancing in any environment. Swing dancing is the same whether it’s called ballroom swing, country swing, east coast swing or just swing itself.

Most Popular
Swing Dance Lesson DVD Multi-Pack

Swing Dance Starter Pack
Swing Dance Starter Pack

Complete lessons on swing with a wide variety of carefully selected moves. Fast & easy beginner thru intermediate lessons complete with guided practice time to music with the instructor

"We wanted to learn how to swing dance but felt so self-conscious on the dance floor that we couldn't do the classes. This really helped get us started on our own turf. We bought the whole set and highly recommend it! The quality is good and Shawn focuses on the lead role quite a bit, which is what we need the most help from."
L. Baker, CA
Swing Dance Lesson DVDs
Swing Dancing for Beginners V.1
Swing Dancing for Beginners Volume 1

Swing Dance Lessons! With incredible swing instruction, multiple camera views, and beginner-friendly curriculum, Shawn and Joanna Trautman build your confidence and get you Swing Dancing!

Swing Dancing for Beginners V.2
Swing Dancing for Beginners Volume 1

Swing Dance Instruction! This is truly the kind of stuff that makes Swing Dancing fun! It teaches the ladies what they need to know about following & shows the guys how to look good and mix things up while doing some awesome Swing moves.

Intermediate Swing Dancing
Swing Dancing: Swing Dance Lessons

This is Swing Dancing! A truly exciting Swing Dancing DVD if you want to look good dancing East Coast Swing. Not only does it build off of everything that's taught in previous swing dancing videos, but it brings it all together.

Swing Dancing 101
How to Swing Dance - Swing Dancing 101

How to Swing Dance! Swing Dancing 101 is a must-have for anyone ready to boogie to big band or country swing music! Shawn & Joanna Trautman put this easy to follow intro together for a fun lesson on single time and triple time swing that will get you bopping!

Swing: The All-American Answer to Dancing

Swing dancing is one of the best all-around dances you’ll ever learn because of how many people know it and the vast number of songs it’s danced to. If we had to pick one dance for everyone to learn, Swing is it! You’ll get more floor-time with this dance than any other and you’ll have fun doing it.

Will Swing Dancing ever go out of style? No way! It’s as American as Apple Pie and it has such a contagious feel to it – not to mention, everyone since the Big Band era (late 1930′s) has joined in (think about how many people you’ll be able to dance with).

Set the Stage

Now, picture this – your favorite Swing band is on stage and you’re dancing to the beat with your two-tone shoes in tow (pun intended). You and your dance parter are enjoying the atmosphere and are energized by the fast-tempo music that is Swing, by definition).

You’re settling into the strong, elastic connection characteristics of Swing dancing and you start smiling because you realize your night is just beginning. Your endorphins are going wild and your ‘need for speed’ increases as you start dancing. ”More, more!” you’re thinking and then you notice the ‘bored’ look on your partners face…

Reality Sets In

What you thought was fun and energizing, was. Your partner thought so too! Then, the sixth Swing dance in a row started to play and the same 3 moves you thought looked cool don’t seem so great anymore. She wants more and she’s getting frustrated.

If you’re like most guys, you’re going to quickly glance around the room and try to emulate what some other guy is doing and you’re going to fail miserably with the execution. That’s because you don’t “get it” yet. You didn’t spend the time learning how to Swing dance, you just learned enough to get by. Well, friend, let us assure you – this is not the right time to start trying new things.

There’s Hope!

Learning how to dance the Swing is relatively easy, with the right instruction. In just one hour of either Swing Dancing 101 or Swing for Beginners Volume 1, you’ll have enough material to last an entire night, and you’ll know how to mix and match moves so you can build your own and make each dance a little different so she won’t get bored!

The bullets below show some of what all you’ll find on the Swing Dance Lessons in the Swing Dancing Starter Pack. Keep in mind, each of these topics are covered in depth on the full-length DVDs themselves:
  • Swing Dancing overview (jitterbug, east coast swing, country swing & ballroom swing)
  • Six-Count Swing Dance Basics (slows, quicks, timing, and where to step)
  • What are quicks and slows as they relate to Swing Dancing ?
  • Swing dance mirroring (how to practice with your partner w/o worrying about connections)
  • How to swing dance as a couple (foot positions, connection points, etc.)
  • Tips for followers while swing dancing
  • Tips for leaders that are learning how to swing dance
  • Right Turns for the Swing (and how to lead them)
  • Left Turns for the Swing (and how they’re led)

What to do first?

Upon starting your first ( Swing Dancing for Beginners Volume 1 or Swing Dancing 101 ), it’s best if you watch the first section one time through without trying to do any of it. Just give your mind a chance to absorb the material so it’s somewhat familiar to you when you hit replay to start the section over again. Watch how the dancers move, think about the words that are used, and picture yourself dancing the swing.

The second time you go through the swing dance DVDs , it’s recommended you take notes. Jot down the important parts of swing dancing so you can engage other parts of the kinesthetic learning prior to getting up and dancing along. Write down what the connection points are, what the basic steps are called, how many counts are in a basic, how to align with your partner, and so on. Also, write down any questions that you might have about learning the swing. There’s a good chance you will find the answer later in the DVD, and if it’s something you’re already pondering, you’ll be sure to remember the answer.

What happens next?

You’ll find that by time you get ready to stand up and try swing dancing with the DVD, the dancing won’t be nearly as overwhelming. Writing down the key concepts will allow you to get a jumpstart on the rest of swing dance lessons in the series. You’ll find that after you get up and try it, you’ll probably have more questions (that’s good, by the way!).

As the DVD goes on, the steps will be broken out into separate views using picture-in-picture formatting, pointers will be given on where you should be during different parts of the dance, and frequently asked questions will be addressed that should satisfy most, if not all, of your questions and then some.

Then what?

The third time you view the swing dance DVD, you’ll probably be dancing along with it real time. Your goal to learn Swing Dancing is nearly complete! Now, see how far you can make it just by watching and trying. You’ll probably find that one of the two of you is able to pick up and understand the material more quickly than the other.

Then, picture yourself dancing the swing at upcoming events or at local venues where you and your partner can go. Where will you go out dancing after you learn the swing? Again, there are many possibilities, so start thinking of them.