How to Triple Two-Step Dance Lessons on Video (DVD)

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Triple Two-Step w/Step-by-Step Instruction

Go from "I know nothing about Triple Two-Step" to "Wow, I love this dance!" in just 3 lessons.

"Your Triple Two-Step DVDs are JUST GREAT! You two make this dance fun and have made it simple enough for us to follow right along with you. We really appreciate what you've done for us.""
-Jenn T., Houston, TX

When you're ready, the Triple Two-Step Starter Pack is where you should start!

Triple Two-Step Dance Lessons

Dance lessons that show how to dance Triple Two-Step using fun & easy methods. You'll soon be in control on the dance floor & Triple Two-Step amp; ready to dance w/anyone!

Triple Two-Step (aka Double Two or Texas Shuffle) is about as natural to Texans as shiny oversized belt buckles and tight jeans. If you’re going out dancing in Texas, knowing the dance is a requisite skill and knowing that it’s also referred to as double-two step and the Texas Shuffle (and sometimes the Ft. Worth Shuffle) will keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to bar-talk.

'How to Triple Two-Step' Videos (DVDs)

Triple Two-Step 101
Triple Two-Step 101

Master the essential beginner moves of one of the most popular country dances with Shawn & Joanna Trautman & Triple Two-Step 101. This fun & easy dance is great exercise, is energizing, and can be done to the majority of today's hot country dance hits!

Triple Two-Step Moves & Patterns Vol. 1
Triple Two-Step Moves & Patterns Vol. 1

During Triple Two-Step Moves & Patterns V1, Inside Turns, Outside Turns, Torque Turns & a variety of leading & turn techniques come together with ease as Shawn & Joanna Trautman guide you through each section while dancing to a great mix of Triple Two-Step music.

Triple Two-Step Moves & Patterns Vol. 2
Triple Two-Step Moves & Patterns Vol. 2

In Triple Two-Step Moves & Patterns 2 your confidence will grown immensely as you and your partner master Triple Two-Step turns, reverse roations, creative hand changes, and several leading techniques. Shawn & Joanna Trautman waste no time on this one.

Country Dance 101
Country Dance 101

Country Dance 101 is a must-have survival guide for anyone who wants to kick up their heels and dance country-style! Shawn & Joanna Trautman put this easy to follow intro together for a fun lesson & overview of line dancing, two-step, swing, and more!

Triple Two-Step Starter Pack
***ALL NEW*** Triple Two-Step Basics Starter Pack

Triple Two-Step has never been easier & this video set on the basics proves it! Shawn & Joanna Trautman start from scratch in 101 & give beginners everything they need from rhythms to the connections & tons of fresh lead & follow dancing & Triple Two music.

Triple Two-Step

Perfect this “dance of the cowboys” with Shawn Trautman’s learn how to Triple Two-Step dance DVDs. There’s no question that it’s a great workout, and its strong following is evident in the number of triple two steppers you’ll see at almost any country nightclub.

Beginners, don’t despair that your instructor moves too quickly for you to grasp the concepts of the dance. Shawn Trautman specializes in beginning instruction, and though he’s coached numerous world champion dancers, his teaching style is straightforward and effective. Coupled with the verbal instructions, picture in picture technology showcases the dance from each angle, allowing for superior learning.

During your dance lesson, visualize yourself performing the triple two step. Feel the beat of the music. Practice the simple breakdown of each step. And try to keep yourself from choosing another DVD lesson before this one is finished; it’s easy to “get the dancing bug” and decide to learn all the country western dances available through Shawn Trautman DVDs.

How to Triple Two-Step & History

Believed to originate in the 1970's, the Triple Two Step has gone through many revisions to what we see in clubs today. You can find people dancing Triple Two Step in Country Night Clubs all over the nation. With Shawn Trautman's Dance Collection, you can join the ranks. Dancing is a great workout, it builds confidence, and the smiles on your friends' faces will put a smile on yours. Don't miss out on your chance to dance numerous songs every time you go to a country western club.

With these Triple Two-Step Videos/DVDs, you won't be left at the table! Learn Triple Two Step right here with the Shawn Trautman Dance Collection! We'll have you dancing quickly and with confidence! You can rest asured that you'll be successful. There's no risk, and the rewards are endless!! So, what are you waiting for? Order yours today, and Triple Two Step your way to a whole new you!

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