West Coast Swing Mastery System

"These Videos take you from Beginner to Advanced West Coast Swing!"

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The perfect set of WCS Videos to take you from first time beginner to an Impressive West Coast Swing dancer!

In this BRAND NEW set of West Coast Swing videos, Shawn & Joanna Trautman take you on a journey unlike anything you've done to date w/your current dance lessons. You'll go from absolute beginner knowing nothing about West Coast basics or sugar push to a confident lead & follow dancer that understands multiple rhythms & a slew of material that can be danced with anyone.

  • Fast & Easy West Coast Swing Lessons
  • Perfect for WCS Beginners
  • Great WCS Practice Music
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Tips for Staying on the Beat
  • Optimized WCS Lesson Format
  • Beginner to Advanced WCS Lessons

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The West Coast Swing Mastery System set is not only a great start, it's a true 'how to dance West Coast Swing' series that will take you from "I know nothing about West Coast Swing" to "I LOVE West Coast Swing!". You'll get everything from beginner to intermediate and advanced West Coast Swing lessons in one, convenient set of West Coast Swing (WCS) videos!

In this impressive set you'll start out with West Coast Swing 101 and go through the basics and all the intricacies of what makes West Coast Swing really tick.

From there, you'll go into the Moves & Patterns series (Volumes 1-3) and you'll get all the details of how to do things like sugar pushes, inside rolls, inside & outside turns, hand changes, whips (inside, outside, basket, extended, etc.) and much more!

Last, you'll dabble into the Advanced West Coast Swing lessons and you'll see just how complex WCS can get, but also how easy it can be if the instruction is broken down the right way.

In addition to all of the above, each West Coast Swing DVD will be chock full of blues and dance music (West Coast Swing music) that will allow you to practice along with as you get more & more comfortable with the instruction. Truly, if you really want to learn West Coast Swing, take a look at this brand new format and get yourself dancing, fast!

WCS Dance Lesson Videos Included in this Set
Customer Reviews
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5(based on 7 reviews)

By: J. Apgar (Florida)
DVD: West Coast Swing 101
On: March 23, 2013
An excellent DVD if you are starting out

"I have been dancing West Coast Swing for a few years, but I still like to go back and review the basics before I go out dancing, or learn new moves. As a teacher I know the importance of having a good foundation, and this DVD provides that foundation. I feel more confident after reviewing the basics with Shawn and Joanna's DVD."

As with all of their DVD's (I own several), they clearly are having fun teaching, and their humor makes it more enjoyable to learn with them. This is an excellent DVD if you are starting out, or reviewing the basics. You can clearly see where your hand placement should be, and what your feet should be doing, and they review everything they taught."

By: D. Browne-Hunter (Austin Texas)
DVD: West Coast swing 101
On: April 2, 2013
Easy to learn from

"The video is easy to learn from, breaks the dance steps down for easy viewing before going on to more complicated steps."

By: J. Apgar
DVD: West Coast Swing M&P 1
On: March 23, 2013
Great new moves!

"I am not new to West Coast Swing but I am certainly not an expert. I thoroughly enjoyed the light-hearted (they have FUN teaching) and informative DVD Moves and Patterns Vol. 1, and look forward to the rest of the series. If you have already gone through beginner DVD's or classes, this it a good next choice. One of my favorite parts was at the beginning where you learn how to start a dance without being arms-distance apart.

Shawn and Joanna Trautman explain the moves completely, and show close-ups of both hands and feet so you get a good snapshot of what you should look like doing the moves. I have also been lucky enough to attend more than one of his live classes, and even dance with Shawn Trautman personally. He is just as patient and fun to dance with in person as he is on the DVD!"

By: Shelley Chiong
DVD: West Coast Swing M&P 2
On: August 17, 2012
EXCELLENT! Very clear instructions & fun to watch

"I've watched a number of dance videos, from the DVDs I purchased online (I now own 12!) & a few loaned from the libraries. Got to say that the videos produced by Shawn Trautman Dance Instructions are by far The BEST!!! The instructions are very clear, & the arrangement & pace are just PERFECT for a beginner/intermediate dancer like me. Shawn & Joanna deliver the moves the simplest way so everybody gets it regardless of one's tyle of learning. Stay active & be entertained on your own or with a partner using S & J Trautman's videos. I guarantee you will be satisfied with the contents of all his videos as I truly am. WCS DVDs by S. Trautman - a great investment for health!

Further, I've taken so far 30 hrs of group lessons on WCS & 22 hours of Ballroom. I can now assert that 50% of my learning is attributed to my religious practice with Shawn Trautman's DVD instructions, 25% on group lessons & 25% over practice with other dancers. 'So lucky that I get to watch & practice with friends over again & anywhere using Trautman's videos. Dancing is a great form of exercise & entertainment to stay healthy. So, I strongly recommend to buy!"

By: J. Wilkins
DVD: West Coast Swing M&P Vol. 3
On: January 2, 2012
Beyond the basics

"I haven't seen the first two videos in this WCS Moves and Patterns series but I can say that I found this one very helpful and enjoyable. I've been doing WCS for a few years and have learned lots of patterns but I still have much room for improvement. This video will take you beyond the basic sugar pushes, side passes and whips, so if you haven't mastered the basics this will be too advanced for you. I would rate this video squarely between beginner and intermediate. There is a nice variation on the sugar push that I had never seen. The ladies I dance with seem to like it. There are a variety of side to side switches which look very nice. I had seen them before but now I understand them much better. There is also a simple timing change which raises the coolness factor a bit. The Review section is very useful and there are a couple of nice bonus moves at the end. If you are an upper level novice like me you will be pleased with this video. Shawn is good about answering questions if you have them."

By: Randy Kullop
DVD: West Coast Swing Adv Vol. 1
Love the moves!

"I just love the moves on west coast swing advanced vol1&2. I've only been dancing 8 months and got vole 1 for xmas. The way you break the complicated moves down even a 50 year old carpenter like myself can follow. I have a great opportunity in northern virginia to dance with some great people at places like cherry hill cloven run and mad jam. All together I've only been dancing about a year..."

By: Bob N., San Diego, CA
Series: STI: West Coast Swing
Excellent job

"We’ve gained a lot from your videos! We’ve been dancing West Coast Swing for 4 years and have never seen moves taught like what you did here. Excellent job of breaking down the leads and giving us moves that are challenging and look great on the floor."

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