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Re-energize your MIND with the #1 Rated West Coast Swing lessons out there. You’ve seen West Coast Swing, felt the beat, been infected with that oh-so-contagious FEVER sweeping the globe, but can’t get the hang of it…. RIGHT? What if you’re new to West Coast Swing altogether and just don’t know where to start? Below you’ll find this answer and many more…

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Live shots from the West Coast Swing 6 DVD set

West Coast Swing Popularity

West Coast Swing is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular social dances and it’s time for you to get in on the fun. Now, you, too, can Unlock YOUR Potential and leapfrog past all those who are struggling with their so-called ‘beginner lessons’.

If you’re looking to uncover West Coast Swing secrets and answer all the questions you’ve come up with, you’ve struck gold! Here, you’ll find everything you need relating to the nuts and bolts of one of the most sought-after dances of all time. And, you won’t find lessons where you’re just shown something once w/o any explanation – you’ll actually get it once you go through these WCS videos.

First, if you’re new to West Coast Swing, put yourself at ease! And don’t worry, you’ve found the right videos for making your life easy. Whether you are looking to get a bit of fun exercise or are looking for a new way to get out of the house and meet people, Shawn & Joanna will get you going quickly with fun easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on everything you need to know to West Coast Swing.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just wanting to figure out how to survive a basic step, spice up your moves a bit, or burn up the floor with never-before-seen advanced lead-and-follow combinations… or ALL OF THE ABOVE, you’ll find it all in the Trautman’s West Coast Swing video collection.

Shawn Trautman is a proven instructor with students around the world singing the praises of the Trautman Training Method. Shawn has a well-known knack for making the complexities of West Coast Swing (and yes, they are very real – West Coast Swing is by far the most complex of the social dances) simple enough that all of us can grasp them. Gathering knowledge and applied experience to more than 20 years of teaching West Coast Swing into 6 phenomenally successful West Coast Swing Videos, Shawn created the West Coast Swing Mastery System, the confident West Coast Swing Dancer’s Best Kept Secret.

Beginner WCS Classes

Have you noticed signs or an ad for a local class? Are some of your friends pressing earnest and enthusiastic invitations to go with them? If so, please learn to West Coast Swing – it is WAY too much fun to miss. However, BEWARE BEGINNER GROUP CLASSES if you are TRULY a beginner. Chances are, most of the dancers attending the class are not beginner. They are people who have been dancing for at least a month or two and attend the beginner class because it fits with their schedule, and it has become a part of their routine. Also, people attending group classes are human. They don’t want to dance with the new kid on the block…THEY ALREADY KNOW THE STEPS AND THE NAMES OF THE STEPS. Most likely, you will leave the class feeling completely inept, uncoordinated, and incapable of following a beat. NONE of these things are true: you just need FUN and STRUCTURE, and that’s what you get with the Trautman Training Method.

Rather than belly-flopping off the high dive into the shark-infested deep end of West Coast Swing lessons, start with Shawn Trautman’s West Coast Swing 101, the first DVD included in Shawn Trautman’s West Coast Swing Mastery System . This DVD is the go-to beginner dance lesson for you. Let Shawn Trautman and his PROVEN and GUARANTEED dance lessons help you find your dancing success. With your first lesson Shawn will have you dancing West Coast Swing in just minutes!

#1 Rated West Coast Swing Lessons on DVD (Multi-Packs)

West Coast Swing Mastery System
West Coast Swing Mastery System

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This all-inclusive West Coast Swing DVD package contains #1 rated beginner through exhilarating advanced lessons. This is the best way to learn how to West Coast Swing with an easy to follow & proven instruction format.

W. C. Swing Moves & Patterns 3-Pack
West Coast Swing 3-Pack

Easy to follow west coast swing instruction starting with entry level intermediate west coast swing dance lessons through exhilarating advanced-intermediate lessons. Perfect for those who understand the basics of West Coast Swing Dancing & ready to impress their friends with HOT West Coast Swing MOVES!. Takes your West Coast Swing dance lessons to the next level with real-life West Coast Swing dancing that works in all situations.

Top Rated
West Coast Swing Lessons on DVD (Single DVDs)

West Coast Swing 101
West Coast Swing 101

This is a must-have for anyone ready to step out to the smooth driving beat of WC swing music! A fun lesson on the beginner moves of West Coast Swing that gets you moving!

W.C. Swing Moves & Patterns V.1
West Coast Swing 101

How West Coast Swing Moves Work! West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns Vol.1 covers starter steps, sugar tuck, wraps, & a number of cool WCS variations & steps with great West Coast Swing music throughout.

W.C. Swing Moves & Patterns V.2
West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns 2

West Coast Swing Lessons w/more Moves! West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns Vol. 2 covers a number of whip variations & exits, has great West Coast Swing music, shows styling techniques & much more!

W.C. Swing Moves & Patterns V.3
West Coast Swing Instruction

West Coast Swing instruction: Step-by-Step! West Coast Swing Moves & Patterns Vol. 3 covers fake turns, side-to-side switches (peek-a-boo), prance walks, and many variations of moves essential for both the leaders & followers.

W.C. Swing Advanced Vol. 1
West Coast Swing Advanced Vol. 1

This is a video that covers a series of steps & moves that build on top of one another + some popular hand changes as well as some never-before-seen switches that are guaranteed to impress on the social/ competition dance floor.

W.C. Swing Advanced Vol. 2
West Coast Swing Advanced Vol. 2

West Coast Swing Dancing at it's best! West Coast Swing Advanced Vol.2 is a video that covers multiple steps & moves that build on top of one another with great WCS music.

Learn About West Coast Swing

The West coast swing is a challenging dance that has evolved from spin-off status into a separate dance with a fervent following and a thriving competition circuit. It is the most intricate of the partner taught in this text. The basic is a six count basic, but moves from elementary through a highly advanced range, from six to twelve or more counts per move. This is very unique to West Coast Swing, differentiating it even from the other swing dances. Another key attribute that differentiates West Coast Swing from Lindy and other versions of swing as well as most non-swing dances is the slot.

A slotted dance describes a dance that is danced along a line, often described as railroad tracks. The follower generally moves forward and back along the track with the leader stepping on and off the track as he changes her momentum and direction.

There are a few stories circulating regarding the reason for the slot. The first attributes the slot to Hollywood. Because the wide-angle camera lens had not been invented yet in the 1930s and 1940s, producers had the dancers line up in straight line to create the camera shots. The dancers began dancing in slots so the camera saw their profiles for the entire dance, rather than their backs as they rotated, allowing the audience to see a lot more dancing. This became such a common practice that the slots stuck. The second story attributes the slot to the crowded dance floors of Los Angeles, which forced the dancers into slotted-type movement to avoid hitting each other. The third story attributes the slotted style of West coast swing to the practice of dancing in the aisles at big-band music concerts in the concert halls of Los Angeles. Most likely the slots evolved through the influence of all three historical factors as West coast swing developed.

Though it is filled with challenging concepts, West Coast Swing is one of the most rewarding dance you will ever attempt. Let Shawn Trautman and the West Coast Swing Mastery System make this gem of a partner dance simple, fun, and easy for you!

West Coast Swing 6 Pack
Click here to get your West Coast Swing 6 Pack now
West Coast Swing 6 Pack
West Coast Swing 101
West Coast Swing 101Click here to get your West Coast Swing 6 Pack now

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