I Don’t Think..Or Do I?

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I don’t think there’s something going on we should worry about.

I don’t think there’s something to all these chemicals that are blocking out the sun and making it difficult to see blue skies, normal looking suns or moons, or to breathe.

I don’t think it’s strange that when I took these unedited pictures on Friday it was completely overcast, but not a single cloud showed up on any of 3 different radars.

I don’t think people will start having respiratory problems in the next couple of weeks at a much higher level because of what they are breathing outside.

I don’t think all those new cases will be the basis for a new lockdown that is, perhaps, more strict than the one we had last year.

I don’t think this timing will coincide with any numbers released from a state where the validity of the true and actual numbers and their timing matter.

I don’t think we wouldn’t be able to see the full report of those numbers nor the extent to which it matters.

I don’t think the power grid could be mysteriously hacked so all communications about those numbers goes away.

I don’t think there’s something to how much invisible toxicity there is in our airwaves from all the new towers across our land.

I don’t think toxicity from GGGGG can cause the same type of symptoms that are being reported in the hospitals right now.

I don’t think RF levels will be higher than they’ve ever been in the history of our world during this time now that the network is near completion.

I don’t think there’s something to the FACT there’s never been a single isolated particle with the same genetic material of this current virus being found in any fluid of anybody who’s sick using electron microscopy.

I don’t think there’s something to the fact that Spanish researchers identified graphene-oxide as an overwhelming ingredient and that it has an absorption band for GGGGG frequencies that may be the answer to the magnetic phenomenon that has catapulted viral videos.

I don’t think the flu went away last year for the first time since we’ve been keeping track because we changed our testing and what we were looking for.

I don’t think the flu is going to randomly come back with a vengeance stronger than it’s ever been this year.

I don’t think businesses and schools and travel will soon be shut down for an extended period of time.

I guess, in summary, I don’t think there’s something to what all’s going on.

* Interestingly, some people might read this WITH the word “don’t” and agree completely. Others of us might read each of these statements WITHOUT the word “don’t” and agree completely. Understand, we should all be on the same team as we try to figure it all out.

** Also interestingly, we all get to choose how we see it and how we read any, each or all of the above.

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