Latin Club 2-Pack (2 DVDs)

"Hot & Spicy Latin Dancing is now easy for anyone to learn!"

DVD Specs
Dance Instruction: 1st Time, Beginner
Lesson Style: Ballroom, Latin
Dance Video Focus: Cha Cha, Salsa
MSRP: $79.98
Monster Savings: $63.99

Product Overview

The way to go for scoring the best Latin Dance Lessons out there!

These Latin Dance Lessons deliver the basics plus a number of moves that'll ramp you up quicker than you ever imagined! These two Latin dance videos will give you so much material that you won't recognize yourself the next time you're out. These are top-rated dance lessons by Shawn Trautman on two of the most sought after Latin dances, Salsa & Cha-Cha. Believe us, you'll want to know what's in these videos (how to Latin dance) before hitting the clubs again...

  • Fast & Easy Salsa & Cha-Cha Lessons
  • Latin Dance Lessons for Beginners
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Exclusive Style Tips
  • Great Practice Music
  • Tips for Staying on the Beat
  • Dance Salsa & Cha-Cha w/ or w/o your partner
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Latin Dance Lessons for beginners! We guarantee you will be set and ready to go out Latin dancing the next time the opportunity presents itself.

The Latin Club 2-Pack includes both how-to dance videos, Salsa 101 and Cha-Cha 101.

Learn the basics of lead and follow dancing from a complete beginner’s perspective. Key features of the DVDs include multiple camera angles and a complete dance-along format full of practice music alongside the instructors for each step taught. Order this collection of Latin dance lessons as a set and save.

Or, if you're looking for more than just Latin Dance Lessons, you can add both Salsa and Cha-Cha into your own custom 6-Pack and save even more. See the link here: How to Dance Videos: Build Your Own 6-Pack and get your Latin Dance Videos sent out right away.

Latin Dance Lessons in this set
  • Cha-Cha 101
  • Salsa 101
Customer Reviews
Average Rating
4.75(based on 6 reviews)

By: Vadim Khaldey
DVD: Cha-Cha 101
On: April 25, 2013
Exceedingly Well Done!

"Shawn Trautman's instructions go much further than showing how to dance - he teaches how to get there confidently and without any stress. From the very first moment he makes it clear that one will make it 100%. The instruction pace is perfectly coordinated with one's growing level of apprehension: very detailed and "patient" at the beginning and with apparently growing confidence in student as it goes. Amazing is the sensation of, while student watches the instructions, Shawn also sees the student during the class, as his help arrives right at the time the questions come up.

Learning with Shawn is a great fun, he has a great sense of humor. We practiced over two hours a day during a week, we just could not stop. By the end of the course we could confidently perform every move in any combination. And most importantly, Shawn teaches people relate to each other. His emphasis on the roles of leader and follower is very sharp. We could not imagine that in just one week we learn to clearly and unmistakably communicate.

The only thing to worry about is that learning with Shawn is highly addictive. We already have bought a 3CD set of West Coast Swing and can't wait for the coming release of more Cha-Cha instructions."

By: John
DVD: Cha-Cha 101
On: January 5, 2013
Took our Cha-Cha to the Next Level!

"Like the other DVD's in Shawn Trautman's collection, this video was just like taking live personal Cha-Cha lessons, except real lessons cost $60 per hour. The level of repetition and pace of the teaching allows you to dance right along with the video without having to constantly stop, rewind and replay. If you didn't get a step right the first time it is OK, because Shawn and Joanna are going to show you again in just a minute. For each new step, you first see the couple together in dance frame. This is important, because many other videos start with the leader walking through the steps alone "air-dancing", and it is impossible to figure out what in the world he is trying to do. Shawn and Joanna show you the steps first together in dance frame so you can see how you and your partner are suppose to look. Then Shawn teaches the leader's part (with lots of helpful hints including do's and don'ts), then Joanna does the same for just the followers.

Finally they are back in dance frame showing the steps with music. At the end of the video they put the 7 or so new steps together in combinations and dance at full speed to music which allows you to see how each new step would fit into combinations and ultimate coreography. There are lots of fine points on leading and following. One, in particular that hit home with us, is a subtle change in hand hold on a maneuver called the sliding door. Until I saw this, I could never find my wife's hands when doing this step. Using Shawn's "slip-knot" hold, I now find her hands every time. Shawn and Joanne keep things cool and casual and they are certainly likeable and fun.

I have purchased several of Shawn Trautman's How to Dance Videos/DVDs. They are all this good. When you are done with are not done with them...ours keep coming back off the shelf for a refresher and practice time. For us, once the lesson is over, the DVD becomes a reference tool and practice tool. I highly recommend using this DVD to learn the Cha-Cha as a beginner and to hone your skills as an experienced dancer. Hey Shawn...that sliding door move gets us lots of good comments at the dance club! Thanks for sharing it with us."

By: Alicen Hardy
DVD: Cha-Cha 101
On: November 15, 2012
very helpful

"This was my first DVD with Shawn Trautman and it was very helpful. I like to think about what I am learning and Shawn Trautman encourages that thinking process in his dance lessons. I have recommended this DVD to many of my friends."

By: Teresa E
DVD: Salsa 101
On: August 29, 2012
easy to follow instructions

"Waiting for Volume 2! I loved the easy to follow instructions, that several steps were taught, and the moves were easy to perform on a crowded dance floor and still looked good."

By: Rigoberto C
DVD: Salsa 101
On: June 18, 2012
excellent for beginners

"Being possibly the only Cuban guy in the world who can't dance Salsa, I found this video to be excellent for beginners. The moves are taught very slowly to start off with and then repeated over and over again to give you a chance to learn them as you participate along with the video. Although I was already taking introductory Salsa lessons prior to purchasing the video, I found the video to be a great supplement because, let's face it, once you leave the dance studio and go back to your regular life you pretty much forget everything you learned."

By: John C
DVD: Salsa 101
On: April 5, 2012
they understand how to teach

"I really enjoyed this DVD by Shawn and Joanna. I was new to Salsa and the steps are demonstrated slowly. Then the man's steps and the woman's steps are broken down and explained. I really appreciated the fact that they tried to demonstrate the various steps slowly. One aspect that is often lost in dance DVDs is that moves are explained too quickly. Unfortunately if one cannot do something slow, one cannot do it fast. In tennis, if one cannot hit forehands slow consistently, one will not be able to hit the ball fast consistently. The Salsa DVD explains dance moves in the slower fashion. Only later are the dances done in real time to illustrate what they would look like on the dance floor. I have enjoyed a number of their DVDs because I believe they understand how to teach. Thanks."