Latin Dance - Salsa Dance, Attire

What to wear when Latin & Salsa Dancing

The dress code might be dictated by where you are learning to dance and whether you will be staying out dancing to practice following your lesson. That being said, you should strive to be comfortable when learning the Latin dances; you will be getting an aerobic workout, especially with salsa. When learning, wear as comfortable of shoes as possible. Save your feet for when you go out dancing.

Where to Dance and Attire for Going out Dancing

Salsa clubs are the most popular place to go out Latin dancing. Prepare yourself for a high-energy evening followed by a day of very sore feet. When Latin dancers, particularly salsa dancers, show up to party, they get down to business and go until the wee hours of the morning. Be prepared to dress to the nines in your club wear ladies, this is the only dance subculture where strappy sandals are not only acceptable, but the norm for footwear. A few words of caution for the ladies regarding footwear: Try not to twist or break your ankles, and try to protect your toes from errant feet of other dancers. Gentlemen, dress sharply and wear polished shoes. Your clothing will most likely be dictated by your local climate and the season for both ladies and gentlemen.