Smokin Line Dances Vol. 2

"Line Dance Lessons on Regular Joe, Cadillac Ranch, Swamp Thang & more!"

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The ONE line dance lessons DVD you need when you're ready to put it all together and really excel with your line dancing!

Smokin' Line Dances 2 really puts the focus back in the dancer's court. You're now used to the steps & your ability to learn new line dances is much quicker than when you started. You're now enjoying these tough, "keep my mind active" dances that also give a great workout!

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Shawn's Take

I hand-picked these line dances as they're some of the more challenging, yet consistently played dances that I've come across over many, many years of teaching. One of the dances,

Line Dance LessonsVolume 2 will give you more versatility and and show you first hand how...Line Dance Lessons DVDs

"Can't Get Enuff" danced to Tim McGraw's I Like It, I Love It, that I choreographed has had tremendous recognition over the years and continues to be taught in both the US, Canada, and throughout the UK.

Other dances such as Swamp Thang are extremely popular by younger crowds everywhere they're played. Volume 2 will give you more versatility and and show you first hand how complicated dances will become simple and attainable.Advanced Line Dances

Product Details
  • Several advanced line dance combinations & styles
  • Step-by-step line dance lessons on video
  • Line dances that are user-friendly, fun, & challenging
  • Simplified review of all line dances taught
  • Instructor-led practice time with music

Keep the fire extinguisher handy, because you will burn holes in your floor with the rockin steps taught on Smokin Line Dances Volume 2. Because As one of the best Line Dance Lessons DVDs out there, Smokin Line Dances Volume 2 was added to Shawn's collection to share more of his favorite Advanced line dances with his students. You will be challenged and your feet will be moving with these intermediate and advanced line dance lessons.

This line dance DVD contains several line dances that are a combination of fun, challenging, and sometimes even fast. Here is a listing of the dances that are taught: Regular Joe - 40 counts; Can't Get Enuff (I Like It, I Love It) - 48 counts; Walk The Line (Cadillac Ranch) - 26 counts; Swamp Thang (Swamp Thing) - 40 counts; Laredo (Suicide Blonde) - 64 counts; and other tips and techniques to really give your dancing the edge.

Filmed in HD and presented with multiple camera angles and Picture-In-Picture technology, you won't want to miss how easy these line dances can be with the right instructor. If you've never danced before, Line Dance 101: A Quick Start Guide to Line Dancing is a great place to start and will set you up for success with this DVD. If you're quick on your feet and ready for the challenge, this line dance lessons DVD is best complemented by Smokin' Line Dances Volume 1.

Many people consider this to be the best Advanced Line Dance Lessons DVD on the market… so take action and add these popular line dances to your repertoire!

Customer Reviews
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4.5(based on 9 reviews)

By: J. Apgar
DVD: Smokin Line Dances Vol. 2
On: March 11, 2012
I love this DVD

"I love this DVD, and the others I have also! Shawn Trautman shows a few steps and then reviews them to make sure you have plenty of chances to practice. I'm telling all my friends to buy this DVD so they can learn the more complicated line dances. This is more fun exercise than going to the gym!"

By: J.D.
DVD: Smokin Line Dances Vol. 2
On: January 17, 2011
Great video

"This is a great video for anyone to learn to line dance. It also helps you refresh some of the basic steps if you haven't been dancing recently. (Me) Don't be afraid to add to the dance that is what makes line dancing fun, do stay with the tried and true add a little flare to stand out in a crowd."

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