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“You’ve Got the Tunes, Now You Just Need the MOVES!”

 Discover Within A Series of Dance Lesson Videos Straight from Shawn Trautman’s Dance Collection That’ll Help You Quickly Learn Everything From The Best Beginner Dances Through The All-Time Most Popular Line Dances… So You Can Experience Incredible Dancing Success each time you hit the floor!

First off, thanks for taking the time to learn about Shawn Trautman’s line dance lessons.   I guarantee that once you get the hang of line dancing, and master the basic steps that every line dance is made of, you will be ready to enjoy a lifetime of movement, music, and line dancing fun!

These videos are guaranteed to change your line dancing within your first lesson – even if you’ve tried and failed at your local line dance class, you have no rhythm, or even if you’ve never even tried to line dance.

Whether you’re a newbie or you’ve tried and failed with regular group classes, my Line Dance Magic is for you!

Don’t sell yourself short.  You CAN line dance – you just need the Shawn Trautman Instruction method to jumpstart your line dancing and keep you moving to the beat.  Take yourself from novice to confident, capable dancer with 6 easy-to-follow, fun, step-by-step dance lessons that will boost your confidence on the dance floor with each new dance.

Line Dance Magic Is Your Ticket
to the Fast Lane of Line Dancing!

Are you left on the sidelines for the Electric Slide? Are your friends singing the praises of line dancing, leaving you wondering what all the fuss is about? Have you already thrown in the towel on your local line dance class as being just too hard? Do you want to dance with confidence, and without looking foolish? Do you want to learn the dances that everyone talks about, like Redneck Girl, the Hip Hop Line Dance, Ski Bumpis, and many others?

You don’t need to spend month after month feeling awkward, lost, and behind in beginner classes to learn to line dance. With Line Dance Magic you have the unique advantage of fun, easy-to-follow lessons that will open doors that you haven’t even thought of (yet)!

Discover Within A Series of Dance Lesson Videos Straight from Shawn Trautman’s Dance Collection That’ll Help You Quickly Learn Everything From The Best Beginner Dances Through The All-Time Most Popular Line Dances… So You Can Experience Incredible Dancing Success each time you hit the floor!

“Shawn’s Line Dance Magic was the best way to learn how to do many different line dances. The movements were broken down into simple easy-to-do steps that were easy to follow. There is practice time included after learning each dance. It starts out with a simple line dance and builds into the more difficult ones so you are building on what you learned in the previous dance. I did it in my own home so I didn’t feel awkward or self-conscious about people watching me. It was easy to go back over a dance step because each dance step is labeled before you learn it. Now I know I can go out and do the line dances that are being played!”

Sonny S.

The Best Way to Learn!

You get dancing right away with a series of just for beginners video lessons and learn ALL of the line dancing steps you will every need to know.  That’s right.  All of them.  Every step that you learn is part of a dance, so you are learning while you are dancing, and dancing what you are learning… layering steps and techniques with high quality coached practice segments and technique tips… and all the steps you’ll ever need!

And That’s Just the First Few Lessons...


You’ll gain immediate access to my tested and proven line dance lessons, instantly delivered in the order that you need them.  Each lesson is approximately 10 minutes each, just right for getting up and moving. Line Dance Magic is where the science of learning meets the magic of dance, with the result being you up and dancing in no time!

“I just finished learning the entire lesson of dances and variations and I must say throughout Shawn is an excellent instructor giving back and side views of the moves and dances so you don’t have to reverse what you’re doing but can move naturally with him. Also, you get to dance every dance to at least a 2 minute piece of music, not including the “prelude” before (doing it without music) and build up he does throughout the entire teaching linking recently learnt moves to the building dance. There is also a Full Review section for doing all the dances and moves in a more aerobic style session and the practice for the last dance “Slappin’ Leather” is included after that session rather than in the end of it’s section (unlike the rest). An excellent instructor and awesome country line dancing with easy and some impressive advanced variations and pieces. 5 stars!”
Justin Blade (Barbados)

One of the Best Instructors Ever!

Line Dance 101

Line Dancing

Party Line Dances

Line Dancing

Essential Line Dances Vol 1

Line Dancing

Essential Line Dances Vol 2

Line Dancing

Smokin’ Line Dances Vol 1

Line Dancing

Smokin’ Line Dances Vol 2

Line Dancing

Club Line Dances

Line Dancing

Here’s Just SOME Of What You’ll Get In Line Dance Magic That’ll Take Your Line Dancing Success Through the Roof:

The EASIEST and MOST POPULAR beginner, intermediate, and advanced line dance lessons on the market, especially designed to get you dancing along in minutes

  • More than 40 of the most popular line dances of all time, covering everything you need from the Electric Slide, Redneck Girl, and Ski-Bumpis to the Hip Hop Line Dance and Swamp Thang
  • More than 50 of the most common line dance steps that are used in every line dance, all taught individually to ensure long-term line dancing success!
  • Easy-to-Follow Line Dance Lessons that let you feel like you are right there with Shawn, with him making sure you get the best view of his feet every step along the way
  • “Just-right” practice time with music, with Shawn coaching you along the way to ensure your success
  • A wide variety of music and line dance styles that ensure you have line dance success every time, whether it is a polka-style dance that is executed around the circumference of the dance floor or a disciplined cha-cha done under the spotlight.  Shawn ensures you have what you need to LOOK GREAT EVERY TIME
  • The “little things”: the tips, tricks, and secrets that separate the dancers that look really good on the floor from the crowd that is just “hanging in there” until the end of the song
  • …and a whole LOT more!

Basically, the unique Shawn Trautman Instruction method will get you line dancing quickly, and give you everything you need to create LASTING DANCING SUCCESS every time.

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