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You are it. You’re the one that can make it happen. Not me. Not them. Not some stranger. Not us. You.

A team of one.

Sometimes, we’re all we’ve got. We have to find our way. We have to re-balance. We have to breathe whatever’s in the air. We have to paddle when we no longer want to. We have to change course. We have to fight the elements.

Or we just drift off.

Today, more than ever, our lives resemble being on a kayak. We can work together or be on teams or even be on the same lake, but we all have to be accountable to ourselves first.

Take care of ourselves, then we can help others. If you’re struggling with your own kayak, you’re dead in the water. So might be those who depend on you.

Believe in yourself & help others. We all need each other, but we have to be taking care of some of these things on our own as well.

Saddle up, paddle up, & set your course.

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