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Masks and Critical Thinking

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Wait, what??

I spent the last 6 hours today at a college campus. I observed students, by the hundreds, and watched as they walked to and from the student union.

One by one, students walked by with their masks on (I’d guess it to be about 80%). Alone. Outdoors. As though they were doing the “right” thing.

What’s “right” anymore? Or, better yet… who’s “right”?

What were they fed that I wasn’t? Were you there that night? What do you know that I don’t?

Are people now accepting that fresh air now might be harmful?

Like, really, what?!?

Well, come to think of it, air quality is not as good as it used to be, but I digress.

But, is it better to wear a mask while alone and walking, running or riding a bike? CDC says so, so it must be (blindly accept this “truth” if you so choose).

At a place once considered prestigious and prized for developing critical thinking skills, I can’t help but wonder what’s next?

Do as I say and you won’t get in trouble.

Speak out against anything and you’ll be censored.

Look for anyone not thinking like you and do your best to get them silenced.


How is.

How is this.

How is this helpful?

If all these kids ever learn is to be compliant, then yes, all they’ll look for is others who aren’t.


This cannot.

This cannot end.

This cannot end well!

If everyone’s taught to look, act & speak the same, then anyone not doing those things is considered an “outsider” or “foreign” or “the other kind” or ostracized in some fashion.

Hold up… Just. Wait!

Wasn’t America like this years ago with race, cultures, nationalities, etc.?? Aren’t there other places like that now? Have we not learned anything? It sure seems like we’re being driven in a direction where we go back to the way it was when it wasn’t good.


Because mass groups are easier to control. Hatred, when everyone who looks or acts like you feels the same, doesn’t feel like hatred, it just feels right… until it doesn’t.

Group think is terribly convenient (for those who control it).

Mask wearing, outdoors, alone, is the epitome of non-understanding (I wonder if they also wear them in the car, alone, or at home, alone? Never mind, I just asked a group of 3 girls this very question and 2 of the 3 said they wear them at all times, including at home, alone. I’m now sitting here with a truly perplexed look on my face as I think about what I just heard). Luckily, I didn’t see a single person double masking outside.

Or wait, would they have been more protected if they had?

This scares me & has to be addressed before it gets really out of hand.

Or are we years and years too late?

Unfortunately, I feel like this ‘problem’ is a direct result of trusting leaders who’ve learned to manipulate & take advantage of the powers bestowed on them.

Leaders in all walks of life (business, schools, media, government, etc).

Nobody wants to ask the right kind of “why?”

Everyone’s (not quite everyone in the literal sense) so afraid of non-compliance that they simply do as they’re told without thinking (again, not quite everyone).

You know what lack of oxygen does to your ability to think? It diminishes it.

You know what wearing a mask all the time does to your oxygen levels? It diminishes it.

Now reverse those two statements above and re-read them in order.

It’s perfect!

Or, is it?

I’m not suggesting anyone intentionally defy systems. I am, however, suggesting, that we all have a personal responsibility to best operate within a given system and speak up when something doesn’t seem right. Speaking up ONLY after researching and finding information contrary to what’s being sold as “truth”.

And oh how I wish these students, and all students for that matter, would take the time to learn about some major topics of interest. Power structures. Money flow. Reasons for mandates. Stimulus checks. Oxygen levels. Personal hygiene. Viruses in general. 5G (that’s a big one). Immune systems. Nutrition. How to be assertive. Mindfulness. Exercise. Resolving conflict. Active listening. Self-esteem.

Oh, and when I say “students”, please understand we’re ALL students out here in the real world.

I’d like to believe what I’m being told. I’d like to believe the government has my best interest in mind. I’d like to believe that eating a bat caused the world to shutdown and that it’s not been planned out for years. I’d like to believe that my speech is protected and that I can pose questions like these without someone getting their panties in a wad. I’d like to believe it when they say “follow the science.” I’d like to believe all scientists are working for the good of humanity.

Is that all? Nah. Plenty more.

I’d like to believe no one should ever have to apologize for their race. I’d like to believe social distancing isn’t just to keep us all from talking about things like this. I’d like to believe we’re not all being tracked and the data’s not being used against us. I’d like to believe the vaccine will protect us all and we should trust it just because. I’d like to believe religions can coexist without complications. I’d like to believe Wall St. isn’t corrupt and that it’s a free market. I’d like to believe big corporations aren’t killing innovation and creativity. I’d like to believe we can trust the election results or that we ever could. I’d like to believe we’re not all going to be forced to take the vaccine “or else.” I’d like to believe people go into politics to truly serve people and not for the money, power or perks. I’d like to believe we’re not all being led down a dangerous path.

Heck, I’d like to believe a single candle can light the world. I’d like to believe the good guy wins in the end.

What would you “like to believe”?

Show me an educated (wise to the world, not necessarily in school) human who doesn’t have a vested interest in something about me (money, attention, status, fame, clicks, likes, “ad revenue”, etc.) and you’ll find me tuning in and contributing. The minute I feel like I’m being “sold” on something or that there’s a hidden agenda of some type, I’m out.

For everyone out there worried about the “wool being pulled over your eyes”, understand that many of the faces out here are already mostly covered and the eyes are next.

Plot twist… what if it’s actually better to wear masks everywhere, at all times?

Oy vey!

Maybe, just maybe, this post isn’t about masks at all.

Be well, friends. Keep your eyes open. Look for truths, not just information. Have dialogue that engages & changes. Find trusted sources and dig deep.

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