Meet Shawn Trautman


Here's where you get to meet the 'Shawn' behind the Shawn Trautman. This is the 'who I am' when I'm not teaching dance so you can learn a bit about me since I can't tell you in person during the lesson.

I'm sharing this with you so you know what type of person you're learning from. If reading about my professional background and dance career is what you're looking for, click here - it's an objective summary of what I've done but not really about me; whereas below, you'll find out much more about who I am. Here goes;

Let's start with family

I'm the father of three wonderful little girls and a son that absolutely ROCKS! They are all under 13yrs old and they are a great bunch of kiddos. We love Trautman family Feb 08 going for walks, baseball, softball, volleyball, gymnastics, dancing, shopping, fishing, shooting, going to the park, watching movies, making noises, practicing funny faces, laughing, and getting in trouble from mom. I vote them the coolest kids ever!

I'm married (just hit the 16 yr mark) to a very talented and fun young lady. Joanna is not only my wife, but she's my dance partner, a top executive in our company, a speaker of 5 languages, the #1 chef in our house (by far), and an all-around wonderful mom.

What I Love to Do..

I'd be lying if I said I didn't love going out dancing. I love it all - line dancing, swing, two-step, hustle, west coast swing, triple two step... all of it. Not only do I love Shawn Trautman Bonita Fishing the dancing part, I love the social interaction, meeting new people, getting to dance with others, the laughing, the exercise, and the music. On a different note, hanging out with my little ones is something else I love. Watching them learn and being a part of their life, everyday, is by choice, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

What else? Well, let's see. I'm a huge Starbucks fan. Somehow, I even learned the lingo this last year (those of you who've been there know what I'm talking about). I also love (i.e., passions of mine) fishing (both freshwater and offshore), baseball, golf, and watching football on Sunday afternoons. If given the opportunity I'd most likely choose to take on a large gag grouper or a tarpon before doing the others, but I'd settle for any of them if given the opportunity (doesn't happen often enough).

I'm the kind of guy

I'm the kind of guy that works hard, plays hard, and really enjoys people. I listen to all kinds of music but prefer country (current favorites include Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker & Chris Janson). I drive a Chevy truck, prefer dancing at clubs over ballrooms (100 to 1), insist on opening every door I come to, and never ask for a handout. I'm all about manners and have little patience for people who are impolite or who make judgments of others before they know them. Fringe and loud accessories on the social dance floor make me smile, but I'd never be caught wearing either. To me, actions speak much louder than words. Don't just talk about doing something, do it & show the world what you're capable of. The statement "Make me know it!" was instilled into me long ago and speaks volumes about those that take the 'road less traveled.'

Speaking of Business..

I'm the type of guy that people like doing business with - if they're honest. I am a strong advocate of making sure customers are taken care of and that my team surpasses their expectations. Accountability is critical to my everyday dealings. I have no problem admitting failures and mistakes and am quick to take ownership to ensure they don't happen again. It's the quickest way for me to learn & I take total responsibility for it! I'm very logical, structured, and objective and have very little patience for things that are subjective (including dance competitions as there's never a clear 'first place' winner & it's a matter of opinion that can change based on the judge's mood, indigestion, or political viewpoint).

I'm a lucky guy

I truly enjoy what I do because of how many lives we touch. I get emails and letters on a daily basis from folks who share their stories with me and it's absolutely amazing. There's never a dull moment in our business and my team is constantly working on solutions aimed at making consumer experiences better than any they've ever experienced. For me, it's the best fit for a career as it aligns perfectly with what I like doing most: enriching lives and making them better.

In closing

A great ending always sums everything up, so here goes. If we were to meet inTrautman family Mar 08 person, everything above would hold true. I'm passionate about family, doing things right, doing right to people, and having fun. I'm hard-working and do everything in my power to create products that people truly value. Are they perfect? No, not yet, but hey - I'm just getting started! Thanks for getting to know a little more about me!

Shawn Trautman