Nightclub 2-Step 101

"A beautiful dance great for a wide variety of slow songs!"

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It's time to romance your dance partner with the Nightclub Two-Step!

Get swept away in the music and the moment with Shawn and Joanna Trautman and Nightclub Two-Step 101. Pulling from more than 20 years experience, your instructors make this dance memorable by combining the essential Nightclub Two-Step steps with layman's terms that simplify it beyond belief. Their practical advice for making sense of this dance and ways of making it simple are truly worth their weight in gold.

  • Fun Nightclub Two-Step Video
  • Perfect Beginner Dance Lessons
  • Exclusive Style Tips
  • Packed w/ Great Music
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Easy to follow Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Better than Private Dance Lessons
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Shawn's Take
Shawn's Exclusive!
Nightclub Two-Step 101 is a great introduction into the fun, challenging, and addictive world of Nightclub Two-Step Dancing

Nightclub Two-Step 101 is our first full-length video on this dance and our second video on it in general. It's been a dance we dance more at special events than at a typical night out at the clubs, but that's mostly because there's not many slow songs played at the clubs.

Nightclub Two-Step is a great dance, but only when it's taught right. I've seen it more often than not taught in a stuffy, formal, and very big & floaty way - and because of that, we took a different approach to the instruction. Our approach to Nightclub Two-Step (NC2S) is very similar to what the original creator, Buddy Schwimmer, designed - it's so much more fun now, and something the guys (especially) can feel good doing!

We go through a broad range of music on this video and also explain the difference between the two different starting points for this dance and when to use them (partner & music cues). We also show the dance with a couple of different variations of style so you can easily adapt and dance with others who may not be from your 'home town'.
Shawn Trautman's Learn How to Dance Instruction

Product Details

Be prepared to be swept away with the music and proverbially off your feet with Shawn & Joanna Trautman and Nightclub Two-Step 101. Nightclub Two-Step, a relatively new partner dance, was created specifically for crowded dance floors and slow romantic dance songs. Pulling from decades of experience, Shawn and Joanna combine technical training, practical advice, healthy senses of humor, and a little bit of dance floor magic to have you moving to the beat, mastering the beginner moves of Nightclub Two-Step.

Nightclub Two-Step 101 is the perfect DVD for dancing to romantic ballads as it's easy going, step-by-step, and features both the country and disco/rhythm versions of the dance! This DVD was designed for beginners, it starts with the basics, and it's the best way to learn how to "Nightclub!" The video starts out with you seeing & experiencing the dance to get a good feel for how it's danced. From there, the Nightclub Two-Step is broken down into simple, yet manageable lessons that make it easy to follow along with. You'll soon be dancing 'NC2S' by working through several rhythm & timing drills to ensure you understand and feel it the way you should.

Next, you'll get 'hands-on' as you work your way through the specific Nightclub Two-Step connection points & style tips that help make you look the part! It's easy to overlook a lot of the detail, so pay attention to the "little things" as you go. When you're ready, you'll learn & test your skills with several elegant moves using underarm turns & reverses that you can use with anyone & take to the floor immediately. Plus, you'll have a full soundtrack of a great mix of country & pop Nightclub Two-Step music playing through the entire lesson that doubles as a practice tool each time you use the DVD afterwards - just turn it on and practice your Nightclub Two-Step until you're ready to go out.

Customer Reviews
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5(based on 3 reviews)

By: Melinda B
DVD: NIghtclub Two-Step 101
On: February 14, 2013
Really liked this one - never knew a slow dance could be this fun

"My husband and I are on a quest to become good dancers, and Shawn and Joanna Trautman are superb guides. I've decided to work through the DVDs on my own before my husband I practice them - my husband is doing the same as he can, but I'm really impatient. I can't believe what good exercise Nightclub Two-Step is! This DVD was a whim - I was really going for Salsa with Salsa 101 and Swing Dancing with Swing Dancing 101 but I'm so glad we did this one to. Not only do I have a fun workout with slower tempo music, but I now can dance Nightclub Two-Step!"

By: Jane
DVD: NIghtclub Two-Step 101
On: December 4, 2012
Shawn and Joanna teach the steps in an amazingly simplistic way

"Nightclub Two-Step dance is a great alternative to the slow dance "belly rub". Shawn Trautman teaches the leader's part; his wife Joanna teaches the follower's part. Shawn and Joanna teach the steps in an amazingly simplistic way...very easy to follow. You can practice this DVD today and be out dancing the Nightclub Two-Step tonight! Such a beautiful slow dance! Now, thanks for Shawn Trautman DVD, Nightclub Two-Step is one of my favorite dances!"

By: D. Danner
DVD: NIghtclub Two-Step 101
On: October 9, 2012
Shawn's lead on instruction is very clear

"Shawn and Joanna do an excellent job of covering all the basics of the Nightclub Two-Step in their 101 DVD. We bought it just after completing a local, 6 week beginners NC2S class. The Trautmans covered everything we learned in our 6 week class plus a lot of additional tips and drill suggestions. Their DVD only cost us the equivalent of one night of private instruction and we now have it to refer to as often as we like. Either the private class or the Trautman's DVD alone would have been sufficient for learning the basic NC2S, but in combination they were fantastic. We have since ordered more of their 101 DVDs (Cha Cha & Salsa) and are confident that the Dvd's alone will be all we need to get us started with a new step. (Plus, we will not have to wait until our local instructor offers the particular dance step class we want next.)

Shawn's lead on instruction is very clear and obviously well practiced from teaching experience. Joanna offers many helpful comments that pertain to what the ladies need to be aware of while executing their partner's leads. Together, they make a great instructive team. The DVD is well organized and permits easy revisiting of the sections you wish to focus on, and I really appreciated that they give you a quick preview of what you will be learning as an introduction to the DVD, rather than immediately jumping into the mechanics of the steps. They also did a good job of helping me to understand the rhythm/beat of those tunes where you would use the NC2S. Excellent video and audio quality. My wife and I can easily recommend this DVD to anyone wanting to learn the NC2S. Well done Shawn and Joanna, and thanks for helping us get started on a wonderful activity together as we begin our retirements."

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