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People are Like Golf Balls

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People are like golf balls.

Different colors. Different styles. Different brands. Different strengths. Different flaws.

The more you learn to work with a particular color/style/brand of golf ball, the more likely you’ll end up with preferences.

Some people gravitate towards particular golf balls that best suit their game, or they use multiple types of golf balls for different situations or jobs.

If you learn to only work with one type and style of golf ball, you’ll avoid other colors or styles or brands of golf balls at all costs and will do your best to share stories about why the others will never be as good as the ones you prefer.

Whereas, if you learn to work with and appreciate all types of golf balls, you’ll never be limited by what surrounds you.

All colors and styles and types of golf balls matter. How we treat all golf balls matters. Learning to work with and understand all types of golf balls matters. Choosing the right golf ball for the given job at hand matters. Utilizing golf balls for their given strengths matters. Knowing that each golf ball has its own flaws that must be considered matters.

This all assumes the person in control (in charge) of the club has any idea what they’re doing or how to best use said golf balls.

Now, re-read this post and substitute people (or person) for golf balls (ball).

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