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Country Dancing is an iconic part of Americana, an integral feature of country western music and nightlife that is enjoyed by enthusiasts around the world, from casual social dancers to professional competitors. Untold numbers of dancers have graced dance floors around the world, two-stepping and country dancing the night away. Once you know how, in most parts of the US, and many places around the world, you don’t have to look far to find a place to go dancing.

The trick is learning how to Country Dance in the first place – especially if you want to look good dancing.

Some of us have known the thrill of stumbling across a truly inspirational lesson, one where the class just “got it”, moving in synch with their partners and the music, making the songs come alive at a new level as boots scuffed across the floor, hats bobbed, and skirts swirled in a riot of color. Nowadays, that rarely happens. Today, the few places where you can find country lessons, you find one of two things: dance lessons without the country or country without decent dance lessons.

Here, with Shawn Trautman Instruction, Country and Dance Lessons meet in perfect step to get you moving fast and looking great!

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