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Country Dance Starter Pack – 6 Online Lessons + DVDs

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The Beginner Super Set is 11 lessons that include Country Dance 101, Couples Line Dancing 101, Cha-Cha 101, Double Two-Step 101, Nightclub Two-Step 101, Hustle 101, Salsa 101, Swing Dancing 101, Two-Step 101, Waltz 101, and West Coast Swing 101.

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This impressive collection of easy-to-follow country dance videos gets folks having fun & looking good quickly! Designed to give maximum results in minimum time, you’ll soon be a master of the steps, rhythms, and connections that give each country dance its signature look.

Not sure how to country dance or where to start? No problem! Start with Country Dance 101 to get an overview of all the country dances and to get your feet wet with skill-appropriate lessons made for beginners. You’ll get a little bit of line dancing, couples dancing, two-step and more! Then, with several more of Shawn’s well-structured 101 lessons, you’ll be dancing the Two-Step, Swing, West Coast Swing, Double Two-Step & several partner dances with a full understanding of true lead and follow dancing that’s perfect for every country dance floor. Benefit from the tips, tricks, and expert advice that Shawn specializes in, and this easy-to-follow pack pays for itself the very first time you go out dancing.

Key features of these how to country dance lesson videos include optimized viewpoints, great follow-along country music, easy to follow instruction, step-by-step lessons, and an extensive library of dances that will entertain and keep you having fun for days.

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